Help with Fibromyalgia and adjustable beds

This forum has helped me considerably narrow my search for a new bed. I will be going with a LP S-capeTwin XL adjustable bed with an AC motor (up to 600 lbs weight vs DC motor for 450 lbs weight). I’m leaning toward a Latex mattress with custom inter-changable latex layers. I’m on disability with Fibromyalgia and other health issues. Some days I will be in bed up to 2/3rds of the day. I’m planning on visiting OKMATTRESS in Oklahoma City sometime this week. We live in Tulsa. I’m 5’3" and 185lbs. What do you think would work best for my fibro, weight, and use of an adjustable bed? Any other places local or internet I should be considering.

We currently have a king SAT bed. My side is sagging, but Hubby’s side is still comfortable for him. I think we can dismantle his side and change to a twin XL. He has no interest in an adjustable bed.

Hi oklahomalou,

Because of the particular challenges of fibromyalgia, and the other difficult issues that are often connected to it, you have a greater chance of being outside of the “norm” for most other people and my suggestions would be less “spec” oriented than others and more general in nature.

With most people … alignment and support are the most important factor with pressure relief, microclimate, and preferences being important but secondary issues. In your case however … pressure relief and microclimate take on a more important role … not to the exclusion of the others … but with added importance.

Because what “works” for others may be very different from what “works” for you … your own experience and careful testing also takes on a much more important role than theory.

In addition to this … because the symptoms of fibromyalgia can often be very cyclical, I would tend to do some mattress testing on “bad” days as well as “good” days because you may feel differently on different days.

The general guidelines I will suggest … without the specifics about layer thickness and ILD that I normally add … would be that you will need layer softness and thickness on top of the mattress that relieves pressure on different parts of the body and also relieves pressure on the joints that are particularly troublesome for you. Zoning may be a good option here.

Because certain types of discomfort or pain can often be associated with other sensitivities or discomfort, I would also focus as much as possible on the use of more natural materials or at least materials that are known to have little offgassing and are less likely to “trigger” any chemical sensitivities.

In addition to this … the use of thicker layers of natural fibers … and in particular wool, can also help with joint issues and with the sleeping microclimate/temperature control which can be important. These can be added as a topper rather than as a layer of the mattress itself so if they compress over time and get too firm … they can be changed without buying a new mattress.

Of course with an adjustable bed … it is also important to make sure that the mattress is suitable for this which involves the use of foam layers rather than an innerspring. While there are some innersprings that are made to be used on an adjustable bed … foam and in particular latex (which is more elastic and durable) is usually the best choice for this.

So to recap … increased emphasis on pressure relief and microclimate. A focus on “healthier materials” and natural fibers vs synthetic fibers. Finally, using your own experience on both better and worse days as the most important factor rather than following more “typical” or “theoretical” suggestions.

One final suggestion if it’s needed is that a doctors prescription can allow you to buy a mattress without fire retardant layers if that is a concern to you although wool, and rayon/silica fire retardants are very good more “healthy” choices.

Oklahoma mattress is a great factory direct manufacturer. They make a wide range of great quality/value mattresses and Jim is knowledgeable and experienced and I know they will work with you within the limitations of what is possible. I have a very high regard for Jim and the quality and value of his mattresses and they compete well with the best in the industry which is why they were invited to become a member here.

Besides Oklahoma mattress which would IMO be one of the first places I would visit in the Oklahoma or Tulsa area, some other options include … Local manufacturer in Tulsa. Makes mostly innerspring and poly but will make a latex mattress for someone who is willing to wait as he would need to order the materials. Would be worth a phone call to discuss what you are looking for and to get a quote on what it would cost.

home_foamcolors – Allied Foam Fabricators Oklahoma City. They are a foam fabricator but they also sell foam mattresses locally. I talked with Earl and he and his son Kenneth have been making mattresses for about 22 years. They sell foam mattresses using 5.3 lb memory foam, Talalay latex from Latex International, and good quality polyfoam (typically 2.5 lbs). They have about 6 - 10 mattresses on their floor at any one time and will work with their customers to choose the design that works best for them. Knowledgeable and transparent and “good people”.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Regional manufacturer with outlets in Tulsa, Fayetteville, and Little Rock… Makes a wide range of mattresses including latex models with some good quality/value. Local manufacturer in Fayetteville and Rogers. Talked with her and they’ve been making mattresses for 68 years. Makes mostly 2 sided polyfoam but can make latex and memory foam as well. Said she has a 40 year old piece of latex that people can try if they want but nothing on the floor because its too expensive. No web presence and the location in Rogers is the head office. Factory direct manufacturer which has a factory outlet where you can test their mattresses in Oklahoma city. Uses all CertiPur foams and have several options available. Higher prices than most smaller manufacturers but may be worth including in your research as they make mattress with a variety of different layerings. They want to do things right and are a newer manufacturer who hopes to grow. Factory direct manufacturer in Edmond. They make a range of innerspring mattresses and also carry a line of mattresses made by Sleeptronics. Wholesale manufacturer but their mattresses are available through a couple of family run stores in the Oklahoma city area. “Good people” and may also be worth including in your research. Tulsa, Oklahoma City, OK. Lady Americana including their Eco comfort line which have an Omalon (polyfoam) base and various foams on top including latex hybrids. They are also usually transparent about the materials in their mattresses. I would avoid the other brands they also carry and make some careful value comparisons here.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions along the way that I may be able to help with … feel free to post them.


Phoenix…:I have ordered a latex mattress from OKMATTRESS with a S-CAPE adjustable bed. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I get my mattress in about a week. I can hardly wait! We went with 4" firm, 4" medium, 2" soft with a bamboo cover. Your & Jim’s advice really makes me comfortable with my choice. We can adjust/exchange the layers if needed for softer or firmer. I was able to test drive a mattress when my fibro was in a medium flair. After we find the right layers, we plan on purchasing a latex topper for our travel trailer mattress from Jim.

I will update my comfort findings after we receive our mattress. When you need pressure point relief, back ache relief, but yet firm support for lumbar and hips, it is really important not to compromise because of lack of knowledge.

Thanks for your help!

Hi oklahomalou,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I know how important the right mattress can be when you are facing the challenges you are and I’m happy that you were able to deal with someone like Jim and also that you were able to do some testing on a “medium” day.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had the mattress delivered and have had a chance to sleep on it for a few days.

Thanks for the update.


Hey, Congrats on your new bed. This is only my opinion and I am just trying to help you with my knowledge of selling adjustable beds to people.

I have been in the adjustable bed business for over 30 years plus. If you are really going to be in the bed for plus 18 hours and possibly more every day, sometimes it is best to try and get a firmer latex mattress.

The problem is that the firmer the latex mattress gets it tends to not bend as well with the adjustable base. In addition, if you get certain parts of your latex core “soft” or “possible regular firm” over time with your continue use of the latex mattress can effect the durability of the latex core. The latex core needs time to recover from continued use.

If you use the mattress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the latex core is not made for that type of abuse. The problem with Fibromyalgia is that you may hurt all across your body and sometimes by changing the firmness in latex throughout the bed you are creating a much bigger problem when it comes to helping with your Fibromyalgia.

This is just my opinion and experience but I would recommended you try to stay with one type of firmness throughout the latex. This will allow your body to stay at the same pressure depth and angles whenever you change positions with the adjustable bed. Sometimes you do not want to mentally think that one area is to soft or to hard because you are bed ridden and are in pain. The same firmness throughout can make a major difference if you are constantly changing positions in the adjustable bed compared to having different firmness in your mattress.

Good choice I ended up getting the Pure Bliss Latexform the mattress Sleep Center They have a location in Edmond OK and Norman OK both about ten minutes from Oklahoma City There prices are pretty good. jim place was about a 1000.00 but i like the purebliss product better and warranty.