Mattress in Michigan

Thank you for this site. I’ve been reading through all the overview material; what a wealth of knowledge! I’m about to embark in shopping for a new mattress. Was wondering if you know of or recommend any mattress shops in the Kalamazoo/Portage area. Zip Code is 49002.

Thank you!

Hi McNelly,

In case you haven’t read it already … post #1 here is the best place to start your research and has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choice.

Kalamazoo / Portage, MI is one of the few areas where there isn’t a forum list already so I spent a few hours looking around the area and making a few calls to help you narrow down your choices. I’ve also included the brands carried by the retailers on the list that I would focus on that have the best chance of providing you with the information you will need about the type and quality of the materials in their mattresses. In most cases they will also sell other brands that don’t tend to disclose the quality specs of their mattresses and unless they can provide you with the information you will need about the type and quality of the materials (so you can make informed choices and meaningful comparisons with other mattresses) I would tend to pass them by.

The list is the result of looking at about 20 different retailers and manufacturers within about a 50 mile radius (or so).

buismattress Holland, MI They are a local factory direct manufacturer that is a member of this site (meaning I think highly of both them and their mattresses) and I highly recommend paying them a visit. They make a wide range of mattresses using high quality components and materials and have great quality and value. Marc Dozeman the owner is truly “mattress people”. Portage, Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Muskegon, Wyoming, Holland, MI. They are a factory direct manufacturer that makes a wide range of latex hybrids, memory foam (including gel), and traditional innerspring mattresses that would also be well worth including in your research. Holland, MI. They make a range of latex/innerspring hybrids, one and two sided innersprings, and some memory foam mattresses as well. They specialize in custom manufacturing, often from chiropractor recommendations or for more challenging circumstances, but also have standard models on their floor as well for “regular” consumers to test. They are knowledgeable and helpful and have some good quality and value available. Kalamazoo, MI. Retail store that carries Restonic. The saleslady I talked with here said that they would be happy to call the factory to find out any specs you need. I would avoid the Simmons and Serta mattresses that they also carry. Portage, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, MI. Therapedic (including Latex and their MediCoil HD models that use higher quality foams) and Pure Talalay Bliss Talalay latex mattresses. They are knowledgeable about mattresses and materials and even include some of the specs of their mattresses on their site. See this thread for some feedback.

That’s it for the local options I would consider.

Further away the South Bend, Fort Wayne list is in post #4 here, the Grand Rapids list is in post #273 here, and the list for a wide area around the Detroit region in is post #2 here.