Sleep Ez Mattresses

How are people liking their mattress after having it for a while (6 months or more)? Is there anyone who has had one for several years?

Hi littleme2046,

Hopefully some members who have had their mattresses for a longer period of time will see your post and respond but since a mattress is only as good as it’s construction and the quality of the materials inside it, any mattress you read about that uses similar materials will give you a good indication of how their mattress will perform over time … regardless of who puts the same materials inside the cover. good quality latex is the longest lasting of all the foam materials.

I also know that SleepEz considers their customers to be long term customers and I know of examples where many years later they have gone above and beyond to deal with any issues that may come up … even when they weren’t an issue with the quality or durability of the mattress itself and didn’t need to do anything at all :slight_smile:


We’ve been sleeping on our Sleep EZ mattress for about 8 months and we love it! My husband is over 250 lbs and I am about 135, so quite a difference in body mass. :slight_smile: It took some getting used to, but after a couple of weeks my husband said he loves his new bed! We had to change sides in January because I had surgery and needed to be closer to the bathroom. We opened the bed up, switched out the top layers and zipped it back up–easy peasy. The bed is very comfy and we feel we made the right decision.
I’m doing alot of tossing and turning lately and I am wondering if I need a bit more softness on my shoulders and hips??
Overall, we are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend them–in fact, did just that last week.

Hi jaqfrst,

Thanks for sharing your longer term feedback :slight_smile:

This could be something temporary or something connected to the surgery or even something else completely. It’s also possible that your needs or preferences have changed and depending on whether your longer term experience confirms your experience it’s great that you have the kind of mattress that you can adjust over time if you need to.

What layers do you have on your side?


Bought from SleepEZ in January. Can honestly say I have loved every night of sleep since then. I did a layer exchange at one point - be aware the packing up process is a bit of a pain. But the bed itself is beyond anything I could have ever hoped…still only 8 months in but love it and can honestly say I would never even consider another bed at this point.

Can’t say how I will feel in 10 years…but amazed how comfortable the bed still is.

My side is med/med/soft. I had a knee replacement in January and it’s up and running fine. I am wondering if I need another softer layer? I seem to be moving around to get off of a shoulder or hip. Otherwise the support of the bed is really great. Do you think another layer might help?

Hi Jaqfrst,

Narrowing down the cause of “tossing and turning” can be difficult at best but I wouldn’t make any changes until you have clarity about any changes that may be helpful.

In some cases it can be because a top layer is too thin or firm and you need some extra pressure relief and you are turning to relieve pressure. The symptoms connected with this tend to be numbness or tingling or some form of discomfort related to pressure points in specific areas of the body. This could be helped either with a softer top layer or a little extra thickness in the form of a mattress pad or topper to relieve pressure points. This seems less likely in your case because you already have a 3" soft top layer and your overall design is certainly “in the range” of someone of your weight but your body type and sleeping positions could also play a role. It would be worth checking on the effect of your mattress protector or any mattress pad or even the tightness of your sheets because all of these can to some degree affect how far you sink into the latex and affect pressure points. It may also be worth unzipping the cover of your mattress and sleeping with the cover unzipped which will soften up the surface a bit to see if this has any effect.

In some cases tossing and turning can be from alignment issues as your muscles work to keep your spine or joints in alignment and your body signals a change in position to relieve stress and soreness or discomfort. This is possible because your bottom two layers are slightly softer than the “standard” S/M/F but still inside the range of “normal” for your weight although again your body type and sleeping positions can play a role. Checking on your foundation to make sure that it is firm and not flexing would be worthwhile here to make sure you can rule this out as contributing to any potential alignment issues. Sleeping with your mattress on the floor to see if this makes any difference can also be a way to test this (the floor would be similar to a firm non flexing foundation with even support).

Finally … tossing and turning can have many other causes including your sleeping environment and surroundings, your health or physiology, any type of emotional or physical stress, stimulants such as coffee or tea or eating too close to bedtime, medications, bedtime routine, and many other causes that have nothing to do with the mattress. I would also look carefully at any other changes in your circumstances that coincide with the changes in your sleeping habits and the time you have been tossing and turning.

Once you can narrow down the potential causes a little more accurately (or even if you can’t) it would also be well worthwhile talking to SleepEz because they are always there to share their experience and knowledge with their customers and a more detailed conversation on the phone that can provide more back and forth information and more details of your experience may help you isolate the underlying cause or causes behind the tossing and turning. They are very good this way and will help in any way they can and then if there are any changes or fine tuning needed for your mattress your odds will be much better of making the kind of changes or additions that can effectively help with the underlying cause. Making the wrong change or changing things for the wrong reasons (such as changing comfort layers when the deeper layers are the issue or vice versa) can lead to frustration and in some cases can even make things worse.

So the goal is to track down whether you need to adjust the pressure relief, the alignment, or make “other” changes that may have nothing to do with the mattress.


Wow! Thank you, Phoenix. I have a lot of investigation to get underway. I’ll let you know the results. I imagine it’s probably a combination of a few of these things. I am going to start by unzipping the mattress cover.
And I was incorrect in the makeup of the bed-- it is firm/med/soft.
Thanks for taking the time to give advise. You are a blessing!

Hi Jaqfrst,

That would be more of a “standard” layering than the soft/medium/medium.

I’d be interested in the results of your “detective work” and anything that Shawn suggests as well and if you have comments, feedback, or questions along the way don’t hesitate to post them.


We’ve unzipped the cover and I’m sleeping better, but not “there” yet. Still tossing and turning, but improved. I may take the cover all the way down to the end of the bed and try a week of right on the latex (with a mattress cover over it, of course). I will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi Jaqfrst,

I think that’s a good idea and should make a difference vs even the loose cover. I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Update: We took the mattress cover all the way down and, oh my! My body was happy closer to the latex. My hubby on the other hand doesn’t seem to like being so close to the latex. Talked with Jeremy at Sleep EZ and he suggested seperate mattress covers but that’s financially out of the question. He also suggested giving my husband my firm and taking one of his mediums. We did that, and I think he’s happier with that, but I’m a bit too soft now. We are stumped! I am sleeping better than I was with the mattress cover on and I sure don’t want to go back there if I can help it! :slight_smile: Got any ideas?

Hi Jaqfrst,

I only know the layering on your side of the mattress (S/M/F) and the “symptoms” you were experiencing. If you could post the specifics of each side of the mattress and the symptoms each of you are experiencing (in terms of pressure relief or alignment) I’d certainly be happy to share any thoughts or possibilities that come to mind.


Bill’s side was F/M/M, and mine was F/M/S. We are currently Bill: F/F/M and me:M/M/S. I was quite happy under the original set up, F/M/S,without the cover, and the tossing and turning was nearly eliminated. Bill–not so much, he perfers the firmness of the cover. The way we are now, Bill’s happy (as happy as he can be without the cover) and I am too soft. We are going to try to bring the cover back up, zip it, and see how that works with the layers in current configuration. Stay tuned…

Hi Jaqfrst,

If you are too soft and he also likes a little firmer than it seems to me that your current configuration with the cover on top may move both of you in a firmer direction which hopefully will work for both of you. It’s certainly a logical configuration to test.

I’m looking forward to your feedback about how it works.