St Louis Latex Beds

The Bedroom Store in the St Louis Area, the old Waterbed Store. They selling a few Boyd mattresses and I was wondering about a few of them. I tried theses at their store and liked the feel, A blended latex called the Sleep Metric Sliver #2, a talalay latex Natural Flex Ultra 960. I also seen the regular Natural Flex 940 online and it’s fairly inexpensive. Thanks in advance.

Hi AcGolfer,

Like all mattresses … it’s important to know the details of every layer in order to make a meaningful assessment or comparison of a mattress. If you look here you can see that the Ultra Flex 960 only has 4" of latex and the rest is polyurethane. Their “engineered” latex for example isn’t latex at all and I think is one of the most misleading forms of marketing I have seen. It’s an “engineered” polyfoam that is made to “feel” like latex but is not latex at all. As in all cases … knowing the density of the polyfoam is part of the information I would need to consider them as a choice.

The 940 has 3" of latex and the rest is polyfoam (including ther engineered latex).

I don’t know the specific details of the Silver #2 but as you can see here it is also a layer of latex (thickness isn’t specified on their site) and the rest is polyfoam (including more "engineered latex).

In addition to the density of all the polyfoam they use I would also want to know the type and blend of latex in each mattress.

They may be reasonable value (depending on the price and on whether the retailer can provide the specific specs) but they sure are misleading in their descriptions !


Thanks Phoenix, I started at the department store and worked my way up to the Bedroom Store, which I believed was far superior and it is a local chain. I will be going over to STL Bed today and look at there Savvy Rest line.

Hi AcGolfer,

You’ve probably already seen this but just in case (or for the benefit of others who may read this thread) … some of the better options in the St Louis area are listed in post #6 here.


Thanks Phoenix, well I make it to STL Bed and was only able to try Dunlop latex mattress. Today I went to Verlo mattress company and they not so must into latex but we found a twin mattress in back and it was an all Talalay latex with 2" 19 ILD, 2" 24 IDL and 5" 36 IDL, it felt pretty good.
They did have some HR foam core mattress on their web site which am interested in or HD foam, I think I would rather use 3" top latex rather than their 2" latex per a conversation recently between you and another member and shoulders being able to sink.
So I leaning toward Brooklyn Bedding and their Amazon site Dreamfoam Bedding.
We are looking for a queen and I weigh 175# and 5’ 9" tall and the little lady is 140# and 5’ 2". I like this one for the price Dreamfoam Bedding- Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress and this one a little more money Dreamfoam Bedding- Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress
These two from Brooklyn Bedding site 10" Cotton Camilla and 12" Bamboo Bliss
The last 3 are zippered for the latex layer only and the first I believe is not zippered. Now I think I would be happy with 3" 19 IDL for top layer and was wondering about the 2.35# convoluted foam, I think from looking on this site that it a decent pound foam and good quality but I wanted to be sure. I believe the core foam can be either 32 or 36 IDL. I would appreciate you opinion on the route I headed and if not get me back on the right track. Thank Phoenix in advance.

Hi AcGolfer,

Well you’ve certainly eliminated all the “worst” choices and are looking at better ones both locally and online. It’s fortunate that you are able to test some latex locally to see how it “works” for you and the layering of the Verlo can certainly give you a reference point for what you like.

These are both great value but the Eurotop does have some advantages that goes with it’s higher price. You can see a comparison between them in post #2 here.

They have been working on their Brooklyn bedding site for a long time and it’s great to see that it has now been updated and new mattresses are now appearing on the site. Like their Amazon offerings … the quality/value of their mattresses there are also great. You are correct that the Ultimate Dreams is not zippered and the others are.

I think that you are certainly looking at some excellent options. I would of course talk with them to help you decide between them and on the comfort choices that may be best for you (I leave that up to your conversations with each manufacturer because they know their mattresses better than I do) but if your personal value equation leans towards a latex hybrid then any of these would make great quality/value choices IMO


Thanks Phoenix, I have a call into Brooklyn Bedding . As you stated “your personal value equation leans towards a latex hybrid then any of these would make great quality/value choices IMO”
Before I pull the trigger, I just wanted to make sure that you are agreeing with me that a 2.35# convoluted foam would be sufficient without going into the extra expense of all latex for my weight of 175# at 5’9" and little lady is 140# and 5’2". Just to let you know I been sleeping on a waterbed since 1984. Thanks

Hi AcGolfer,

Post #2 here has some of my thoughts about the differences between a latex hybrid and an all latex mattress.

2.35 lb polyfoam is a high quality material and because the upper layers are the most subject to wear and softening … the durability difference between them would not be a major factor … especially with your lower weight. The main difference between the two would be in feel and performance. Latex would be more conforming and adaptable as a support core layer and for most people would be closer to a waterbed in feel and performance than polyfoam (which is “stiffer” and less “point elastic”).

Because the upper layers contribute more to how a mattress feels for most (but not all) people than the deeper layers … a latex polyfoam hybrid with good quality polyfoam in the support layers is a good budget compromise. In your case I think that performance and feel would be the biggest difference between them and durability would be a secondary and lesser factor.


Thanks for all the info, I talked to Chuck at Brooklyn Bedding, He was very helpful and a friendly person. I still reading old post and learning more but this also created more questions. I looking a little harder at Arizona Mattress Company as they have a few more options than Brooklyn Bedding.
One of my concerns I only realize after I got this far is the mattress cover. Bamboo seems better than Cotton, but to what degree? Chuck seem to play it down but I was wondering your thought? In the quilting, wool almost seem like a must if you hot sleeper where as foam is used in some of them to keep price down (maybe).
Hopefully not too many more question, a little knowledge can be dangerous. But really I learned a lot from this web site, the missus thinks I going nuts
. :slight_smile:
PS: how will the wool play into the comfort zone?

Well I searched and found more info. [quote]In the quilting, wool almost seem like a must if you hot sleeper where as foam is used in some of them to keep price down (maybe). [/quote] Wool is good for breathablity and temperature control. This might be my solution a St. Dormeir Wool Mattress Pad on top of a foamed cotton mattress cover.

[quote]how will the wool play into the comfort zone?[/quote] Well according to other post it will make it firmer, which I don’t know if I want but may have to for the temperature factor.

Hi AcGolfer,

Wool is a great temperature regulator (partly because it controls humidity so well and stores moisture away from the body). You can read a little more about the sleeping microclimate including the effects of wool in post #29 here.

As you mentioned though … wool is a fiber and will compress to some degree which can slightly reduce the amount you sink into the latex and if the latex is softer can slightly reduce the softness of the surface layers (depending on the amount of wool and the stretchiness of the cover it’s quilted to).

Soft quilting foam is also used because it’s very breathable (relative to other types of polyfoam) and also changes the surface feel of the mattress. You can read more about quilting layers in this article and in post #2 here and in along with post #2 here.

There are a couple of posts on the forum which link to much more information about bamboo and how it compares to cotton so I’ll amalgamate them here to save some clicking :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.