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Areas of Expertise: Latex & Pocket Coil Mattresses, Adjustable Bases, Mattress Components
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Our extensive expertise comes from 50 + years of experience in building and customizing any mattress. Through our online/retail store and this forum, we assist with designing and building customized mattresses and systems that fit any personal needs and preferences from side-by-side split systems to zoned… including custom sizes for RVs, travel trailers, etc. Our innovative designs have been copied over and over again simply because they work.

Areas of Expertise:


  - Latex & Pocket Coil Mattresses.
  - Adjustable Bases
  - Mattress components

As our mattress manufacturing facility has been working extensively with virtually any type of mattress and mattress components, not only that we can build and design any mattress but we can provide guidance, troubleshoot, and answer consumer’s questions on mattress construction and design and help consumers with mattress matching and replicating the desired mattress feel.