Brooklyn Bedding

Anyone know what happened to Brooklyn Bedding? I bought a $2000 Purecool Symphony there about a month ago. Now they just have three options of mattresses and they’re all over 1/2 the price of the mattress I purchased.

They just downsize and start selling the Dreamfoam brand stuff?

Hi Flowzarus,

Brooklyn Bedding has been working on a new mattress and a new website for some time that they have just introduced (along with moving to a new much larger factory) that is designed to compete with some of the other “one choice fits all” mattresses (see post #3 here).

The previous mattresses that they sold on the Brooklyn Bedding site are still available and will eventually be listed elsewhere but for the time being you can still order them from Brooklyn Bedding directly by calling them on the phone (see post #6 here).