Can anyone tell me about these two mattresses?

My wife and I have been mattress shopping for about two months now. Several of our friends have the Serta icomfort and they love them. We have laid in some of their beds and we really like them as well. I was searching online and came across these two mattresses on amazon. Can anyone tell me your opinion on these two? Any help is appreciated.

This one says serta gel foam mattress, but is also says “by sleep innovations”. It looks very similar to the icomfort from serta and is a pretty good price I believe. The customer reviews are good on it also:

This one is a dynasty mattress which I’ve never heard of, but customer reviews are good on it too:

Hi mer8735,

A mattress is only as good as the quality of the layers that are in it and without knowing the specific quality of all the layers in the Serta … there is no way to provide any meaningful thoughts about it. As you can see in the guidelines here … I would also avoid the major brands. While it may be better value than the iComfort (and also may not depending on the materials that are in it) … this is not a great comparison because neither of them are mattresses I would consider anyway. Sleep Innovations makes the gel memory foam that Serta uses in their mattresses (although there are different versions and qualities of the gel memory foam).

A forum search on “Dynasty” (you can just click this) and post #5 here in particular will bring up several posts with my thoughts about them including that what they are shipping is probably not the same as the foam densities that they list. I would suggest avoiding them as well and if you do decide to go in this direction I would call them “buyer beware”.

Post #12 here has a list of some of the better online memory foam options available that I’m aware of including several members of this site which I would personally feel much more comfortable dealing with, who have good quality and value, who disclose the quality of all the materials in their mattresses, and who meet the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses (listed in post #10 here).


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Thanks Phoenix for the response. I was about convinced to purchase the serta that I included in earlier post. So u think the one is this link is a better mattress? I have no problem paying the extra $200 if its a better mattress. I guess I should give a little history. I am 5’10", 210lbs and I like to sleep on my side and my back. My wife is 5’6" 135lbs an likes to sleep on her side. She also has lower back problems. We’re currently sleeping on a queen serta perfect sleeper Ardmore quilted with pillo-fill(that’s what the tag says). We also have a down mattress topper on it. We are wanting to upgrade to a king size and think memory foam is the way to go. Please feel free to tell me if u think otherwise. And I’d definitely want one with the gel layer to hopefully keep cool because I tend to sweat when I sleep. Again thanks for your help.

Here is te link to the ultimate dreams mattress I’m referring to. I think it’s the same one u referred to:

I think the Serta in your first link is almost the same as the one from Costco.®-Gel-Memory-Foam-King-Mattress.product.11621551.html Costco even has it on sale for exactly the same price from time to time.

The problem with gel foam is that it’s very sensitive to temperature. If you like firm mattress, this one feels great when you first lie down, firm, slowly sinks in and forms a perfect cradle to support you. But as the night goes on, your body warms up the entire area, and warm gel foam has almost zero support. So you wake up in the morning laying directly on the support foam below, usually very hard and uncomfortable.

Another issue is unless you keep room temperature perfectly level all year round, this mattress change its character entirely. It becomes a completely different mattress as the room temperature change from 60F to 80F.

Hope this helps you decide.

Hi mer8735,

Whoever’s advice is very good IMO and his comments are part of the nature of most memory foam mattresses (to different degrees depending on the type of memory foams that are used).

When you are buying a mattress … there are several elements that are important to consider.

The first two are related to the the suitability of the mattress for your comfort and support needs. This is all about how well the mattress relieves pressure and keeps your spine and joints in neutral alignment in all your sleeping positions.

Comfort/Pressure relief is what you tend to feel when you first lie on a mattress and has to do mostly with the softness and thickness of the upper layers of the mattress and how well they match your weight and sleeping positions. Softer and thicker comfort layers will “allow” you to sink in more re-distribute your weight away from the pressure points and generally provide more pressure relief.

Support/alignment is what you feel when you wake up in the morning either with or without the type of pain and discomfort that comes from sleeping out of alignment. This has to do more with the firmness of the deeper support layers of the mattress which “stop” your heavier parts from sinking down too far. Thinner, firmer comfort layers also keep you closer to the firmer support layers of the mattress so you don’t sink in so far before your heavier areas are “stopped” by the firmer support layers below.

Next is your preferences which are all about things like temperature regulation and humidity control, motion isolation, motion restriction, the “liveliness” of the mattress, and the “feel” of different types of materials that are part of individual choice. There is more about the many preferences involved in a mattress choice in post #46 here.

Each person may have very different needs and preferences depending on their body type, sleeping positions, and the individual preferences they have that may be very different from others (which is why other people’s experiences on a mattress may have little to no relationship to your own). “Best ever” for one person can be “worst ever” for another.

Next is the quality and value of the mattress itself. This is determined by the quality of the materials in the mattress, their durability and resistance to softening and changes, and on how they compare in price to other mattresses that use similar materials and layering. The quality of the materials will determine how the mattress feels and performs a year or more down the road compared to how it felt and performed when it was new. Lower quality materials will soften and degrade faster than higher quality materials no matter what type of materials are used (all materials have lower and higher quality versions) even though both of them may feel the same in a showroom or when they are new. You can’t “feel” the quality of the materials … you can only determine this by knowing the quality/durability of the materials in the mattress and how they change over time. In the same way that a piece of furniture that is made of particle board with a nice veneer may perform exactly the same functions as an all wood piece of furniture but won’t last as long … a poor quality mattress can perform the same functions and feel similar at first to a mattress that uses better quality materials … it just won’t last as long.

Even the highest quality and best value mattress may be completely unsuitable for your needs and preferences while the lowest quality mattress may feel good in the beginning (if it is a suitable design for you) until foam softening or other changes in lower quality or less durable mattress components takes its toll and the mattress loses its comfort and/or support (and this is not covered by any warranty) and needs to be replaced.

Finally … perhaps the most important part of buying a mattress (especially if you are buying online which is more risky because you can’t test the mattress first) is to deal with manufacturers or retailers that can help you determine the suitability of a mattress for your particular needs and preferences and are knowledgeable and transparent about the quality and relative durability of the materials they use. Knowing the type and quality of all the materials and components in a mattress is the only way to make meaningful quality, value, and durability comparisons with other mattresses. Having confidence that a mattress you are considering is both suitable for you and has the quality and value you want is important and dealing with a manufacturer or retailer like this in combination with the service and other options they offer (such as exchange or refund policies or other benefits that are connected with dealing with a particular merchant) can be one of the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase and your own personal value equation.

Knowing all of this will involve a more detailed conversation with any online manufacturers you are considering that can help you choose between the different models they offer. The results of any local testing you have done on similar mattress can also help them to help you more effectively. In many cases …they may have some idea to how their mattresses compare to other mattresses that may be available locally which you can test. This can give you a reference point to how their mattresses may feel to you. Without this … they would use “averages” based on their customer database and on their knowledge of how “average” people may respond to a particular mattress. You may or may not be in the “average” range or have “average” preferences compared to other people of your body type and sleeping positions.

If you end up with a mattress that is not suitable for you … then no matter how much or how little you paid for it … it is money wasted unless they have a good exchange or refund policy that can help make up for any mistakes you make in your choices.

It is also important to know which types of materials you prefer because materials like memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and different types of support cores and other components in the mattress are all important parts of how they will feel and perform and your personal testing on local mattresses is the only way to know how different materials feel for you.

When you are heavier than average … it becomes even more important to use higher quality materials no matter which types of material you prefer. In the case of memory foam … I would be hesitant to use thicker layers of lower density memory foam (under 5 lbs) for someone who was over 200 lbs because they can can soften and degrade faster under the stress of heavier weights. Of course lower durability can be a worthwhile tradeoff for a mattress that has a lower cost.

Brooklyn Bedding which makes the Ultimate Dreams is one of the members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best value in the country which is why they are a recommended manufacturer. This also means that they provide a bonus (in their case a shredded latex pillow) or a discount (with mattresses on their own site or in the case of some of the other members) to the members of this forum.

EDIT: To receive the forum discount on their Brooklyn Bedding line make sure you either call, email, or use their chat to get the discount information before your purchase.

Having great quality or value though doesn’t mean a mattress will be suitable for your needs and preferences so it’s important to talk to any retailer or manufacturer you are considering so that you can make suitable choices for your body type and sleeping positions. They are the “experts” when it comes to the mattresses they sell and if they are good at what they do will give you good guidance so you can make better choices. The better ones will have the knowledge and experience to be able to tell you which of their mattresses may be suitable for different weight/body type/ sleeping position combinations based on the averages of other people … and which would be more or less durable based on the materials that are in them.

I would make your choices based on the quality of materials in the mattress … price and value comparisons made with other similar mattresses … and on your confidence that a mattress you are considering will be suitable for your needs and preferences


Hey Phoenix. The wife and I have decided to venture out to some manufacturers in our area if there are any. We live in Oxford,MS zip 38655. Can u give me any good manufacturers in our area that would be worth visiting? Tupelo, MS area and Memphis, TN area would be okay as well as both of those are only an hour from us. I guess anywhere within 100 miles of 38655 is okay. We will also be in Birmingham, AL next week so could go to a manufacturer in that area as well. Thanks!!

Hi mer8735,

While I don’t have a list for the Oxford area … post #4 here includes the better options I know of in the Tupelo, MS area, post #2 here has the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Memphis area and post #57 here has the better options in the Birmingham area I know of. If you do go to Birmingham, I would particularly suggest a visit to Royal bedding because I think very highly of Tom the owner there and the mattresses he builds.

I have had some site maintenance and host provider issues issues today (for some reason there has been excess CPU usage and spikes that resulted in the site being shut down for a few hours earlier today) that may keep me busy for a day or two but if I have a chance I’ll also take a look in the Oxford area to see what may be available closer to where you are.

Hope this helps.


ADDED: I took a look around the Oxford area and the only store I could see that I would consider in the immediate area is … Oxford, MS. They carry Jamison mattresses which make a range of mattresses including latex and memory foam that would likely be better quality/value than the mattresses made by the major manufacturers that are available in the area.

Hey Phoenix. We test drive some mattresses yesterday and the ones we liked were the tempurpedic cloud luxe, serta icomfort well-being, sealy optimum elation, and Jameson Pacifica. The cloud luxe and well being were a little too soft but still liked them. I think we’ve decided to order the ultimate dreams 13" gel foam from dreamfoam since it is supposedly slightly firmer than cloud luxe. Do u encourage or suggest any kind of cover for it? If so, what kind?

Again thanks for all your help and I’ll let you know how the mattress works out for us!!


Hi mer8735,

The only mattress I would even remotely consider out of the ones you looked at locally would be the Jamison.

Of course the Cloud Luxe at least gives you an approximate reference point for the Dreamfoam gel foam mattress so from that perspective your testing was useful :).

There are a few tradeoffs involved in choosing a mattress protector but post #89 here should help you decide which type would be best for you.

Congratulations on your new mattress and I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it :slight_smile: