I’m sorry as I am sure you have answered this question a thousand times already but I almost bought an Icomfort genius with adjustable base yesterday for around $3,000 total. It seemed like a decent deal compared to tempurpedics and I fell in love with the adjustable base. I am 6" 180 and wife 5"2 115 and we both work out daily rigorously. We both like the feel of a memory foam mattress but I don’t have the time to screw around with returns or being ripped-off. We live near High Point NC and are surrounded by national mattress manufacturers but I have no idea who a small local owned mattress manufacturer would be except the original mattress factory. As everyone else I want a quality memory foam mattress and a fair price. Any suggestions on a good memory foam mattress on the firm side? A local manufacture? Price.
This site is a real eye-opener, I had no idea the mattress business is like this.
Thanks so much!

Hi Hillandale 1911,

While its true that there are many larger manufacturers in and near High Point, there is also a great selection of smaller factory direct manufacturers as well. They include …

www.lakemattress.biz/ Factory direct manufacturer in Conover. I have talked with Todd (one of the owners) on several occasions and they are transparent, knowledgeable and helpful. They make a range of memory foam, latex, and innersprings and have some very good quality and value options. They can also layer the materials they use in any of their mattresses at their factory so you can get a good sense of how they feel as well.

http://www.bandlbedding.net/ Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point who is making high quality mattresses using high quality material with very good value. Will make memory foam on request but prefers to focus on materials that won’t soften or degrade as quickly like latex or higher quality polyfoam. Owned by the father of Walker Bedding.

www.walkerbeddingcompany.com/Products.html Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point. Makes some very good value innerspring mattresses using higher quality polyfoam than most. Run by the son of BandL Bedding.

High Point Bedding Local factory direct manufacturer in High Point. Makes mainly lower budget and good value innerspring/polyfoam mattresses. No website.http://reliablebeddingcompany.com/ Another factory direct manufacturer in High Point that has been making a range of two sided innerspring mattresses for over 40 years.

http://dilworthmattressfactory.com/Products.html Local factory direct manufacturer in Charlotte that also makes a wide range of mattresses with quality materials and good value but focuses on latex. Has memory foam mattresses for those that want it but made by another manufacturer.

Custom|Specialty|Boat|RV|Camper|Hotel|Rest Home Mattresses|Royale Komfort Bedding|Taylorsville,NC Local factory direct manufacturer in Taylorsville. Makes a range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, and memory foam.

Dreamland Mattress & Furniture - Asheboro, NC 27203 86 year old manufacturer in Asheboro, NC. They make traditional two sided mattresses with polyfoam and/or cotton and polyfoam mattresses as well that use good quality materials. They can also make custom sizes and customize innersprings for use with an adjustable bed.

http://www.originalmattress.com/ Regional factory direct manufacturer with stores in Chapel Hill, Durham, Charlotte, and others in the area. Makes some good quality and value mattresses including latex, innersprings, and memory foam.

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Charlotte. Regional factory direct manufacturer which makes a range of mattresses including traditional innerspring/polyfoam that are good quality/value. Their iChoice is available as a “mostly latex” or a latex memory foam combination. I would avoid the major brand mattresses they also carry and focus on their own brands.

You are quite fortunate such a great selection of quality factory directs within reasonable driving distance, most of whom offer better value, better choices, and higher quality materials in the budget range you are looking at.

Hope this helps