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Can you give me some names for Toledo Ohio?

Hi youngal32,

These are the factory direct and better retail outlets in the general area (within 100 miles). Shelby Township, MI. Retail outlet. Owned by Jeff Scheuer who is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and has put together a series of videos that are widely used to help educate people about mattresses. Carries Therapedic brands which include latex and gel memory foam made by a local licensee which typically uses higher quality materials in their mattresses. They also carry Pure Latex Bliss which are a line of high quality Talalay latex mattresses. They have great service and help educate their customers about the quality of what they are buying and are also a member of this site. Toledo. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make a range of traditional, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses including two sided.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Toledo. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Makes a wide range of mattresses including two “mostly latex” models and memory foam and traditional mattresses. I would tend to focus on their own brands as they also carry some major brands. Elyria. Regional factory direct manufacturer. They also make a wide range of one and two mattresses that are mostly traditional but have 2 latex models and a high quality memory foam model as wel with good value. Farmington Hills, MI. A retail outlet that carries some high quality Dunlop Latex mattresses, latex/innerspring hybrids, as well as “no foam” mattresses and vegan models that have no fire retardent (not even wool) and are available with a prescription. Their prices are very reasonable (similar to factory directs) and when I talked with them I was very impressed so I’m including them here for those who may be a little further from Toledo or who may want to take the drive.

Shop Affordable Home Furnishings & Home Goods - IKEA Canton, MI. See post #3 here for more about some of their mattresses. Farmington Hills, MI. I have talked with Eric here and he carries several brands which may have some better value and includes latex and memory foam. These include Restonic, Nature’s Sleep, and Symbol. He is committed to providing his customers with the best quality/value he can put on his floor and is “good people”. Ann Arbor. Retailer. Carry Savvy Rest which is a “choose your own layer” latex mattress which can be customized to your preferences. While they are in a more premium price range compared to many other similar options … they are a good place to test different combinations of latex. Napoleon. Retail outlet that carries a large lineup of what appear to be higher quality mattresses that are “Amish made”. I haven’t talked with them so I can’t speak to their value but for those who are close enough they would be well worth a phone call and possibly a visit.

The Detroit list (which has a lot of overlap with this one) is in post #2 here.

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Thanks so much for the website information on mattresses; it has been very helpful!! Looking/buying a mattress has been harder then I remember. Also, thanks for the retailer recommendations. I will look into them the next few weeks.