Thank you...and request recommendations around Newport News, VA

I have been lurking on the forum here for close to a year, and to say this website is an invaluable resource would be a gross understatement. I am sure there are many other lurkers out there, and I’d like to say thank you for the impartial, fact-based information you provide to the “uninitiated”.

My wife and I recently moved to the Hampton Roads area, and now that we’ve relocated, I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new mattress. We are done with the “S” brands. I’m 6’7" 215lbs and she is 5’3" 115lbs; both side sleepers and both working dents into our 11 years old S mattress. Due to both of us sleeping hot most nights, memory foam was taken out of equation and latex has really been the focus of our search. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck locating a local latex shop other than a chain store selling PLB. Nice beds, but a little more than I’d like to spend. I’d prefer to buy through a local business, but SleepEZ seems to be a good value as well. Any local options you know of in the area?

Hi Chap,

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see people who do their "homework"and you have some good options available to you in the Newport News, Norfolk area. Norfolk, VA. Local factory direct manufacturer. They are a member of this site which means I believe they are among the “best of the best”. They make a range of very high quality and beautiful natural latex mattressesalong with a complete range of natural and organic bedding products. Options include various layering choices and side to side split layering as well (each side customized for each person on the mattress). Cheryl the owner is passionate about all things natural, organic, and green and their factory is completely energy independent (solar, wind, and thermal energy). Their mattresses are higher quality and better value than what you would find in a major brand or chain store but are also in a more premium range than some of the other members here. They take a more holistic approach to a mattress purchase however and a mattress purchase gives you membership in their cuddle up club and a lifetime discount on all their bedding products so their value is ongoing long after the mattress purchase itself. They are a great choice for those who prefer high quality natural and/or organic materials and bedding products made by one of the greenest manufacturers in the country. You can see an example of one members experience here and some pictures in this thread. Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, Va and others in the area. They are a regional factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of mattresses using high quality materials with good value. Besides innerspring models, they also make two latex mattresses and a new memory foam model as well.

Some of the other retail possibilities in the area that would require some further research to make sure that they will give you the information you need about the layers and quality specs of their mattresses and the value of the mattresses they sell include (and I’ve listed the brands they carry I would include in my research) … Williamsburg, VA. Retail direct outlet for Winndom. Michelle (the owner) is one of the more knowledgeable people I have met in the industry terms of technical knowledge and the ability to fit people to a mattress. She can custom layer a mattress and Winndom uses high quality materials and has good value. She is clearly mattress people, great integrity, and is well worth a visit if you are within reasonable driving distance. She is also a great resource for questions about Winndom mattresses which other retailers may not be able to answer. Portsmouth, VA Custom Comfort by Winn NOTE: Store will soon be closing. Virginia Beach, VA. Restonic. Portsmouth, Newport News, VA. Symbol, Englander, Therapedic, mLily. Only innerspring (including 2 sided) and memory foam. No gel or latex. Told me he will provide the density of the layers in their mattresses and I would always make sure you ask. Some of these are no longer listed on their site so make sure you check first to confirm what they are carrying since they may have changed their lineup.

Hope this helps.


Again a big thank you for the information posted on your website. I wanted to write back to provide an update on the choice the wife and I made and a modest review of the product.

After narrowing down to a choice between CozyPure and SleepEZ, the wife and I chose SleepEZ. It was a difficult choice because we prefer to support the brick and mortar experience, but the overall value equation was buoyed by the positive reviews of SleepEZ products and the customer service Shaun provided. After speaking with Shaun on the phone, we chose to set up a 10,000 series with soft, medium, firm layers for her side and medium, firm, xtra firm layers for my side.

We’ve been sleeping on the bed for about 1 year now and I can say my wife and I feel like we made the perfect choice. In the simplest terms, the bed is just more comfortable. It took a couple nights to be accustomed to the side-to-side, almost jello feel of the latex pillows, but the bed had a solid, yet soft sensation and movement felt well-isolated.

I had trouble with frequent night-time wakings for years on our old mattress and would average about 4-6 (conscious) interruptions per night, sometimes for extended periods. Within weeks of sleeping on the new bed, I can say I remain asleep through most nights. I’m guessing the old bed created pressure point issues or cut off circulation causing the wakings. No problems so far with this bed.

Every so often I asked my wife what she thought about the bed and she enthusiastically responded with, “I love it!” She is 5 months pregnant now and is sleeping almost entirely on her side and thus less comfortable. She doesn’t think it is the bed, though, rather the fact that she is pregnant - my guess is her side of the bed’s configuration is not supportive enough for her torso-specific weight increase and more time spent side sleeping. I may try changing the layers to see if it helps (any suggestions?).

Overall, we are both very happy with the purchase. I only wish I had taken the jump to purchase sooner. If anyone has specific questions, feel free to ask.

Hi Chap,

Thanks for sharing your 1 year feedback on your SleepEz. It’s unusual that someone takes the time to share their ongoing experiences after a year and I appreciate it :slight_smile:

One option would be to exchange the firm layer with the medium (which would create more support in the lower layers) to see if that makes a difference and is still comfortable but perhaps a more practical suggestion that has helped many side sleeping women while they are pregnant is a pregnancy pillow which can also make a big difference because it can help with the unusual alignment issues that can go hand in hand with pregnancy.