ultimate dreams euro top vs. regular ultimate dreams

im about to buy this mattress but not sure which to get, or even sure what the difference is. im going for a king size, if that matters. what are the pros and cons of each?

Hi minch,

The two versions have a very similar feel (based on choosing the same comfort layer).

There are several benefits to the Eurotop though which may be more or less important for each person.

  1. The Eurotop has an exchangeable latex comfort layer so if someone chooses a firmness level that they want to change for something else … this makes it possible. The cost for an exchange is very reasonable and the way it works is that they charge you either $200 for a King or $150 for smaller sizes and then ship you a new layer along with a prepaid shipping label for the return. When you receive it … you unzip the mattress, replace the layer and ship the old layer back. When they receive this … they refund half of the original cost you were charged.

  2. The Eurotop allows you to choose a different firmness level or latex layer for each side of the mattress (in a king size) which can be a benefit for a couple which has different needs and preferences.

  3. A slightly thicker base layer will likely be more adaptable and perform slightly better for higher weights (see post #14 here) although for most people it would feel the same.

  4. The Eurotop layer can be changed without replacing the whole mattress if it softens faster than the other layers of the mattress (the top layers of a mattress tend to soften faster than the other layers) of if someone’s needs and preferences change down the road

So overall the higher price is the tradeoff for these benefits and can reduce the risk of making a choice that is not quite right (in spite of their record of helping their customers make good choices) vs a mattress that can’t be returned or exchanged but has a lower price.

NOTE ADDED LATER: The roughly equivalent 10" Cotton Camilla mattress in the new line of mattresses on their Brooklyn Bedding site has a lower price than the Amazon Eurotop, has a more liberal return policy and a lower cost exchange option, and offers a 5% discount to MU forum members and may be better value yet although the comfort options are more limited.

Hope this helps.



In the quote above, are you referring to the Amazon Eurotop latex mattress that Brooklyn Bedding sells under the name Dreamfoam Bedding? I spoke with a rep earlier and they said they don’t do any type of exchange for anything other than their in store/website items. If that’s the case then it might be worth the few extra hundred to me.


Hi dbizzle22,

Yes … this was the mattress I was referring to. According to the description they still allow comfort exchanges for this mattress …

If you purchase our mattress and are not satisfied with the comfort level, we will allow you to exchange the density of the latex for a small fee.

I guess it’s possible that this has changed but the whole purpose of the zip cover is to be able to exchange it. I’m thinking that there may have been some miscommunication or misunderstanding here but I’ve left a message with them just to confirm this.


Hi dbizzle22,

Just to confirm this … BB emailed me back and confirmed that the Eurotop still has the same comfort exchange policy as it has has always had.


I am looking at purchasing the Eurotop model and was wondering what product do you purchase to replace the top if it breaks down in the future?

I understand the exchange fees for finding the correct comfort level but wasn’t sure as to how it would work years into owning. We are hoping to start a family in the next year or so and I am looking for a mattress that would allow for customization during pregnancy if I require it.

Hi Kellymckibkib,

After the exchange period … you can still purchase any 3" layer of foam of any type to replace the comfort layer that is in the mattress if this becames necessary either for comfort reasons or because the layer needed replacing. This could include polyfoam, memory foam, or latex … although I think the typical choice for those who prefer latex would be a new latex layer that had the softness / firmness level that you preferred or needed for your current circumstances.

Another option would be adding a topper during the pregnancy because latex is a long lasting material and if you only needed some extra softness (rather than actually replacing a layer that had become too soft or degraded) then a topper may be a better solution than replacing a layer that was still fine for your “regular” circumstances.


Phoenix, as always. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and give great information

I’m confused by something you wrote. It was:

NOTE ADDED LATER: The roughly equivalent 10" mattress in the new line of mattresses on their Brooklyn Bedding site has a lower price than the Amazon Eurotop, has a more liberal return policy and a lower cost exchange option, and offers a 5% discount to MU forum members and would be better value yet.

The Eurotop is a 12 inch mattress. I would have thought that it would be roughly equivalent to the 12 inch Bamboo Bliss. Is that not so?

Hi jim1952,

The thickness of a mattress doesn’t mean a great deal by itself and the extra 2" of polyfoam is wouldn’t be that significant in terms of feel and performance for most people although the polyfoam in the Eurotop is higher density than the Cotton Camilla which is a value “plus” for the Eurotop.

All of them have similar comfort layers but the Bamboo Bliss has wool quilting which is a more costly and significant addition to the mattress while both the Cotton Camilla and the Eurotop have polyfoam quilting so they are closer in their overall construction. The Cotton Camilla also has a more liberal and less costly exchange policy and is a little less.

Each person may have their own “personal value equation” of course and can have a different set of criteria that is most important to them and while none of the three mattresses are exactly “apples to apples” comparisons and are not exactly equivalent to each other … if you consider all the pros and cons or each then IMO the Cotton Camilla would be closer to the Eurotop overall and would probably have better “value” as well for an online purchase if you factor in the possibility of needing to exchange a layer and the costs involved to do some fine tuning.

Having said all that … all of their mattresses are great quality/value and in overall value terms would be fairly equivalent in terms of value so my comments weren’t about a major “value” difference. The similarities of construction and lower risk of the Cotton Camilla though would probably tilt the scale for me (depending on how much confidence I had in my comfort choice) because one of the things I encourage people to be aware of with an online purchase is to consider their recourse if their comfort choice isn’t as “ideal” as they hoped. None of their mattresses would be a “mistake” though so the comparison is really between “good and good” and of course others may have a different set of criteria and a different assessment of the pros and cons of each.

I probably should have added an “IMO” after the comment :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank everyone for the info about this mattress - I placed my order and Chuck has been very responsive with questions and helping me pick the right firmness. Can’t wait til it arrives! :slight_smile:

Hi Jenfit,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it as well.


I have narrowed my mattress selection to these two models also. I am leaning toward the Euro top since my wife and I like different firmness levels.

Hi Deeall,

As you probably know … the Eurotop can be a good choice for a couple because if you are choosing a king size they can split the comfort layer into different firmness levels on each side. The Eurotop also has exchange options which gives you the ability to exchange the top layer if your choice (on either side) isn’t the most suitable for your needs and preferences so it’s a little less “risky”.

I’m looking forward to hearing about what you end up choosing :slight_smile: