Advice please.. Latex, memory foam.. Heavy weight

Phoenix, thank you for providing such a great site with so much valuable information. I have read the overviews and would appreciate your opinion, or any other members opinions on making a decision for a new mattress. currently have a low quality very firm bonnel coil mattress that gives me low back issues.

Stats- male 6’2 330# back and side sleeper
Wife- 5’2 130# back and side sleeper not picky at all could sleep on anything if she had to lol

Price is a big concern as we are putting two kids through college currently. In a few years we will be able to purchase whatever we want and eventually repurpose the mattress we will be purchasing to a guest room. I am basically considering a few types of mattress types no more than $1200 as we are upgrading from a queen to a king and will also have to purchase a new foudation, frame, sheets ect. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide based on my current thoughts. I currently live in Johnstown, Pa and have not had much luck finding too many retailers that carry latex beds. I do plan on visiting Barron’s in Somerset, PA because they carry pure latex bliss and Wolf furniture in Johnstown/ Altoona as they carry Restonic latex hybrids. I realize these beds will be out of my price range, but would like to get a feel for how latex supports my weight and get an idea of what firmness level prefer I prefer.

I have read some positive things about Brooklyn bedding on the site and am currently considering a few of their beds, but am open to any other suggestions

Option 1… Bamboo Bliss latex hybrid $1200. Really think the aloe alexis would be the best choice due to the extra 3 inches of latex, but price is above budget. I read that a thicker mattress is better for higher body weights and was hoping this 12 inch mattress could be a good compromise. Do you believe this bed would be suitable for someone 330lbs? I ruled out the cotton camilla as it is only 10 inches and uses a 1.5 density base foam even though the price is more appealing. Was thinking of a level 5 comfort level as I prefer a softer bed, but still want adequate support. I did chat with Carlos from BB online and he did think the bliss would be a suitable option, just wanted a second opinion. Also any other hybrid options in this price range anyone knows of would be appreciated for comparison.

Option 2 … Memory foam… I am concerned with my weight that a memory foam bed would break down rather quickly. Any thoughts on this. I do like the feel of many of the medium firm beds I have tested in a few retailers. If I do go with memory foami am assuming 5lb density would be the best option. I have looked into Novabeds and they do have a 5lb density bed in my price range. Are there any other good options with high density foams in my price range that you are aware of?

Option 3… Dreamfoam pocket coil/ latex hybrid $700… I am strongly leaning towards one of the first two options, but I feel this bed presents a great value and was wondering if you think it would be a viable option as the bed would only be used for about 3 years. I found it on their dreamfoam amazon storefront and it has around 800-900 pocket coils with a two inch layer of talay latex in 19 ild in the pillow top. With the pillow top having latex in it I am assuming it would have better durability than a typical pillow top . Just wanted an opinion on this type of bed as well and if there are any other members of the site that make something similar.

I know you do not recomend particular beds during the final decision but just want to make sure none of them are a “bad” options based on my stats, as well if you would have any other recomendations on other options to look into.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Hi everready073,

I think the 2.17 lb base foam in the Bamboo Bliss would be a better choice for your higher weight than the mattresses that use the 1.5 lb base foam in terms of durability. I also agree that a second layer of latex would be better yet but of course budget considerations are always an important part of the picture and as you are mentioning this won’t be a long term mattress that needs to last a decade or more. Higher weights generally need both firmer base layers and firmer comfort layers to make sure the mattress keeps you in good alignment in all your sleeping positions so I would make this an important part of your conversation with them (making sure the base layer would be a suitable firmness for your weight).

Some of the other options for a latex hybrid include …

If you are looking in the direction of memory foam then 5 lb and higher would be a good idea with your weight. While it isn’t as durable as latex it is a very durable material and can work well for those who prefer the feel and performance of memory foam. Some of the better online memory foam options I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here and while I haven’t looked specifically to see which carry mattresses in your price range with suitable foam densities there are others that use 5 lb memory foam or gel memory foam in your price range. I would keep in mind as well that as important as the density of the layers is in terms of durability … the suitability of the mattress for your needs and preferences is just as important because thinner layers of memory foam (that would reduce the price) may also be too firm for you and you also need firm support under the memory foam so I would make sure that you have good conversations with each manufacturer you are considering to make sure that they mattress would be a good “match” for your needs and preferences and to make sure that you are comfortable with the options you have if your choice turns out to be less than ideal. No matter what the quality or value of a mattress may be …if it isn’t a good match for your specific needs and preferences then it would have little value to you.

I would be quite cautious with a pocket coil with your weight. Pocket coils and latex can be a great combination but you would need very strong coils and I think that the consensus with most manufacturers I’ve talked with is that pocket coils that would work well for most people may not be the best choice for higher weights. I think that 19 ILD would also be on the soft side. This is certainly a good quality/value choice but I’m not so sure it would be the best choice for you. Once again though they will know more about the specifics of the pocket coils and their gauge and suitability for you. If you did go in this direction I would want to make sure that the pocket coils were very strong (low gauge steel).

There may also be some local options that are worth exploring. Some of the better options around the Pittsburgh area are listed in post #2 here and in the College Park area are listed in post #2 here and between them they probably cover most of the better choices in the Johnstown area. It may also be worth paying a visit to Page Bedding even though I don’t think they make any latex mattresses.

Over the course of the next few days as I have the chance I’ll also take a look to see if there are any others in the immediate Johnstown area that may also be worth considering or including in your testing or research.


Hi everready073,

I did some preliminary research in about a 50 mile radius of Johnstown and I was quite surprised at the number of stores and chains that were in the area (about 40). I’ve listed the stores that carry brands I would consider that have higher odds of disclosing the quality of the materials in their mattresses and that told me they would call the factory to find out any foam specs that a customer wanted. Johnstown, PA. Local manufacturer that makes two sided innerspring and memory foam mattresses and uses a minimum of 1.5 lb density polyfoam in their mattresses but no latex. Well worth a visit for those who are in reasonable driving distance. Greensburg, PA . Regional manufacturer that makes a wide range of two sided innerspring mattresses and two latex mattresses. Some good quality and value. Johnstown, Altoona, PA. Restonic incl their Healthrest gel memory foam and latex. Johnstown, PA. They carry about 5 innerspring models from Imperial (including two sided) on their floor Indiana, PA… Dutch Craft (incl gel memory foam), Symbol. Indiana, Mount Pleasant, Greensburg, Mount Lebanon, and others in the area. White Dove Grand Legacy (latex memory foam hybrid and has foam specs). Latrobe, PA. Carries Symbol, Imperial, and Gold Bond one and two sided mattrresses in low to medium budget ranges but little specialty foam (memory foam or latex). Latrobe, PA.Symbol incl gel memory foam and latex hybrids. Dixonville, PA. King Koil XL (uses higher density foams), Nature’s Legacy (latex), Sleep Logic. Greensburg, PA. A few Imperial innersprings low/mid range. Duncansville, PA. Restonic Healthrest Tempagel but no latex.

Eds Furniture And Mattress Center in Newry, PA | Newry, PA. Symbol incl gel response and innerspring/latex. Altoona, PA, Low mid range Dutch Craft (no latex or memory foam) Ford City, PA. Manufacturer that makes a range of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses with some good quality/value.

Hope that helps you or others that may be in the area and are looking for some local options :slight_smile:


Wow Phoenix thank you very much for the detailed reply!! Really appreciate it. I did check out wolf furniture in Johnstown. I also contacted the restonic rep and he informed me the Altoona location recently started carrying more of their latex line so I am definitely going to take a trip there this weekend to do some testing. I will also look into some of the other options you listed!

I did have once additional question if you wouldn’t mind answering. I wanted to purchase a memory foam topper for my daughter’s dorm room. I found that Brooklyn bedding and dream foam both offer a 3inch 5lb topper but the Amazon model is almost $70 cheaper for the same product (it appears they are the same to me). Are you aware of any differences between them. I would pay more if the bb one was superior but I didn’t notice a difference.

Thanks again for all the help!

Hi Everready073,

I don’t know the difference between them (or if there is any) so it would be best to talk with them directly to find out the specifics.


I chatted with Carlos from Brooklyn bedding on line. He confirmed it was the same product. The 3 inch topper with 5lb density is $89 for a full on amazon and $159 on the bb site. So if anyone is looking for one it’s a pretty nice savings

Hi Everready073,

Thanks for letting us know … that’s great to know :slight_smile:


[quote=“Phoenix” post=24492]Hi everready073,

Loading Indiana, Kittanning, PA. Sleep Logic (White Dove)

Phoenix in my search I found this store went out of business. You might want to update your post.


Hi CentralPA,

Thanks for letting me know … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve removed them from the list.



I never checked them out. I did go to most on the list though. Not sure what your looking for but OMF in Greensburg had some high quality choices. Barron’s in Somerset was also a pleasant visit. He carries two PLB mattresses I was able to try out. Unfortunately my wife discovered she wasn’t to fond of latex so my original choice of the Aloe Alexis is out the door. I did almost purchase a memory foam from OMF because they are very high quality, but decided to go with Select Foam because I wanted to go with something that has components for cool sleep as I sleep really hot. I ended up ordering the Regalis HD. The foundation and frame just arrived Friday and i am expecting the mattress this week. Just figured I would update anyone following the thread. I plan on posting an initial review once I receive the mattress, as well as one after a few weeks on it anyone is interested

Hi Everready073,

Congratulations on your new mattress … and thanks for letting us know what you ended up deciding :slight_smile:

I for one am always interested in how well a mattress choice works out and I’m looking forward to your review and feedback once you’ve received it.



Thanks for the update. I went out to Greensburg, PA today with my wife to look at the beds at Levins, OMF and Bedding Warehouse. Levin’s.

At Levin’s we looked at the White Dove Grand Legacy line up and found that my wife liked the Ultimate Luxury Firm and the Ultimate Firm Pillowtop. I like the Ultimate Firm Pillowtop and the Ultimate Plush.

While at Levin’s I got to speak to the sales rep from White Dove as the salesman did not know all the specs of the bed and offered to call the sales rep for me. Very helpful did not pressure into a sale and admitted when he did not know something about the bed. Very helpful and professional.

OMF we tried the different mattresses and seemed like good quality budget mattresses. However most of them seemed like they did not support me as well as the Grand Legacy beds. I am also a bigger person 6’ and 260lbs or so. Very nice to see the comparison to other brands of budget mattresses in the showroom and see the spec’s for the foam used. The latex bed did not offer all the support I needed due to it being a latex comfort layer with a foam base.

At the Bedding Warehouse we tried out the Symbol Latex coil bed. It felt similar to the Levins Ulitimate Firm Pillowtop. However salesman kept changing topics when asked specific questions and had stories for everything. Also there was a lot of unknown foam density from the spec sheet when asked about the specifics.

Could be a good comparison for the Grand Legacy if more information can be found out. Appeared to be around $700 less for just the Symbol mattress from the Grand Legacy. We seemed to be able to notice a difference in the feel of the comfort layers though going from the Grand Legacy to the Symbol enough to justify the cost difference I am not sure…… A more thorough testing will need to be conducted as by the time we got to the Bedding Warehouse we were running short on time.