latex mattress on top of box springs

Can I put a latex mattress on top of a standard box springs. Queen size ?

Hi Sweatdog.
You need to inspect and see if it is made with springs, or wood slats. Slats should be a minimum 2 inches apart. and a spring base is not your best choice for a latex mattress, you need more support.

You will find lots of info on using the best foundation for your latex mattress here



Hi sweatdog,

In most cases a latex mattress is designed to be used on a firm non flexing foundation rather than a support system that flexes (like a box spring) although there are a few exceptions (generally thinner mattresses) where a manufacturer has designed the mattress to be used as part of a sleeping system that includes a flexible box spring (with springs inside it) or flexible slats underneath the mattress.

foundation post hereThere is more about which types of foundation or box spring does best with different types of mattresses in the and the two links in the second paragraph.

I would always check with a manufacturer to make sure that any foundation, box spring, of support system that you are using meets their warranty criteria but in most cases you would be better off with a rigid non flexing support system with a latex mattress.

You could also use a sheet of plywood on top of your box spring although that also wouldn’t be an ideal choice (see post #10 here).


Thanks for the replies. I have looked through the foundation thread and have one more question. I would like to use my current head and base board and the side rail so the foundation is off the ground hence wanting to use the box spring.

I assume I would have to add some center support for a foundation that would be sitting on the bed rails and cross supports?

Hi sweatdog,

I’m not quite clear on what you mean here. You would only need to use a foundation or a box spring … not both. A foundation or box spring would be placed on a bedframe (either steel or wood) or in some cases can be used with legs that raise them off the ground. I would make sure that in a full size or better that your bedframe has good center support to the floor with at least 1 but preferably 2 or more legs under the center support.

If your bedframe needs additional cross members to strengthen it so it can properly support a foundation or box spring or needs better center support to the floor then something like these or something like these may be helpful and you can also make T-Slats like this to prevent wooden slats from bending or sagging and post #12 here also has some suggestions for center support legs that can be used under a foundation or bedframe.