Serta I comfort vs Savvy Rest


My wife and I are looking for a king size mattress.

We have been to a few stores and done a lot of research on line.

We both really want a latex mattress and something that does not have toxic materials in them.

We went to Lebeda and tried a latex mattress with a bamboo cover. We loved the bamboo cover but hated the mattress. (Was not able to get any specs on the mattress.)

However we have found several mattress that we love.

We found a Savvy rest model (out of our price range), but it was the one we liked the best.
-the mattress had 3 layers of latex on it. Each side was custom configured.

  • my side was: bottom layer - Firm Dunlop, Middle layer - Firm Talalay, top layer - soft Talalay
    - my wife’s side was the same except her middle layer was medium Talalay.
    - either one of us would be happy with either configuration.

We also liked the Serta I comfort series, but had some reservations about it before I came across your site. Now I have even more.

 - we liked the Serta Prodigy or Revolution the best. Would consider the Insight model for budget concerns (liked the idea of the cool gel, but not sure of what its made of    and if it will last)

Both of us are over 225 lbs and my wife has to deal with me tossing and turning all night with our current spring mattress (not to mention my snoring). We also both tend to sleep hot.

We live in Lawrence Kansas. We are also willing to order online now that we have tested out several different types of mattresses.

Based on this information,

Do you have a couple of ideas of a mattress/retailer/manufacture that would be good for us.



Hi gregg2g,

I see that you already know about some of the better options in your area but I’ll list them all together here for the benefit of others who may be from the same area and are just starting their search. Topeka, KS., St Joseph, MO. Regional factory direct manufacturer. They make 3 latex or latex hybrid mattresses. Their all latex version has a 6" 28 ILD talalay latex core with a thin layer of latex in the quilting on each side. Their Reve has a firm innerspring with 4" of latex on one side and their Empress has a pocket coil with 2" of latex on one side. They don’t offer custom firmness levels or layering. Lee’s summit, MO. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make a 6" Dunlop latex mattress using either soft or medium Dunlop latex. This is put on an box spring (with coils) to give the mattress a more responsive feel (Dunlop is not as “lively” as Talalay) and improve pressure relief. Shawnee, KS and Joplin, Springfield, MO. They design and sell a range of innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses that are made by the Restonic factory in Springfield along with some Sleeptronic mattresses. I have talked with Brian the owner here and they will also provide any information their customers need about the materials in their mattresses and will also do custom builds. Small local factory direct manufacturer in Laclede, MO. They recently changed ownership but have been in business for over 65 years and make two sided innerspring mattresses with “real” box springs and use polyfoam or latex comfort layers. When I talked with Ronald (the son of the previous owner) he confirmed that they are completely transparent about how they make their mattresses and the type and quality of the materials and components they use. They would be well worth including in your research if you are looking for a traditional two sided mattress and are in reasonable driving distance of Laclede. Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Liberty. Retail outlet that carries Justice mattresses which is a regional wholesale manufacturer that makes a full range of mattresses including traditional innersprings, gel foam, and various latex and latex hybrid models that may have better value than the larger brands. Kansas City. Retailer who carries Omaha Bedding mattresses who makes a variety of latex hybrid mattresses as well as a full range of other mattress types. They aren’t as familiar with the specs of their mattresses as most manufacturers would be but a call to the factory will provide them with any details they don’t know. I would call first to make sure what models a specific outlet is carrying on their floor before I paid them a visit. Kansas City, Lawrence. They carry SavvyRest which is a “choose your own layer” latex mattress which gives customers the chance to choose different layers of Dunlop or Talalay latex. They are a very good testing ground to get a sense of the type of latex and layering you like (at least in 3" layers) and are very high quality but are also more costly than some other similar mattresses so make sure you make some careful value comparisons.

Post #3 here from one of our members who left some great feedback about their research in the KC area may also be helpful.

As you know from your testing … memory foam and latex are very different materials and and a direct comparison is difficult because it’s more of an apples to oranges comparison (see post #2 here). Some of my thoughts about the iComfort lineup though are in post #11 here and some of the comments in the following posts would apply to your circumstances as well. EDIT ADDED: the iComfort has been changed since this post was written and you can see some comments about one of their new models that would apply to much of their new lineup in post #2 here)

Some of the online manufacturers that are members of this site (see post #21 here) also offer choose your own layering mattresses but have significantly better value. Several of them are very similar to the Savvy Rest design.

Hope this helps.


So happy I found Mattress Underground! Thank you ALL so very much for making me into an informed consumer. I am now the very, very happy owner of a new mattress. Not one ounce of buyer’s remorse! :slight_smile:

Phoenix offered some great suggestions for the Kansas City area and, after having a done some calling/driving, I thought I’d share my experiences. Hopefully it’ll help save someone else time, effort, or gas!

Just for the sake of comparisons, I decided to walk into a Mattress Firm (in KC, KS at the KC Speedway on Parallel Pkwy). BIG mistake…was told that “latex is not durable” (WHAT!!!) and was actually told that I was “the type of customer” they “don’t like.” Yes, that was literally what I was told once I started asking about layers, density, construction, materials, etc. I politely listened, then politely left. Incidentally, they only carried large, highly-advertised brands.

I next went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, near the Legends shopping area, also off Parallel Pkwy in KC, KS. They had a large selection, but no latex (was told they carried it at one time, but no longer). They did have Omaha brand beds, but other than that only the larger brands (Tempur, etc.). While they did not have what I was looking for (smaller brand memory foam and latex), our salesman showed great service by attempting to find out the layers in a mattress for us.

Finally, I called both Crowley Furniture and Orman’s 3 Day. Both were such a breath of fresh air after the first two attempts. I spoke with Tim - the owner of Orman’s - for about half an hour on a day when they were not technically even open; he answered questions and provided every bit of information I could want. I left a message at Crowley’s and was immediately called back by a VERY knowledgeable associate who answered all my specific and detailed questions over the phone.

I decided on Orman’s as my first stop, simply because it was closer. I spent two hours testing out Pure Latex Bliss and Anatomic Global’s Eco Memory Foam beds. Tim remembered me from my call and spent nearly the entire time with me, giving me space and time as needed to simply relax on the beds. He was very knowledgeable about his products; apparently he visits his manufacturers and makes himself aware of every part of the process, wanting to stock only items that he feels are worth stocking. He could not have been more helpful. The pricing seemed very fair. I decided to make my purchase there because of all these reasons. (As a side note, I REALLY wanted to love Pure Latex Bliss! I wanted to want to buy a latex mattress, as my cognitive side knows this is what will last and last…but I didn’t love it. I can’t say enough to support Phoenix’s suggestion that you actually TRY it before you buy it. I looooooved the memory foam, even though I didn’t want to. I nearly fell asleep on it in the store! I have been sleeping on it for about a week now, and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Please learn and test before you buy! We couldn’t be happier with our choice - it’s a great fit.)

Hope that helps someone in the KC area! Both Crowley and Orman’s would be great starting places. I wish you the best! And thanks, again, Phoenix

Hi speechpathmom,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences and feedback. Your comments will be very helpful to others in the KC area and I’ve linked your post to the Kansas city list so others can take advantage of your research there and comments as well.

You certainly did some great research and you make great points about testing mattresses and different materials in person.

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Hello speechpathmom if you’re still out there. I was curious what you think of your Anatomic Global Eco Memory bed from Orman’s 3 Day. I too have been to the store and fallen in love with the Eco Memory bed - the Ascent 5 model. Based on the knowledge I’ve gained from this site (PPP) and this post of bed retailers in Kansas City I think this is a strong choice. I enjoyed laying on this bed more than any other bed I have tried. It seems perfect, however Orman’s has no return policy. This makes me hesitant to make my purchase. Have you had any trouble with the bed or Orman’s? Also, while I know it’s subjective, so you sleep hot in the bed? That’s my only other concern.


Hi there - hope this reply will help you a bit…
I had a positive experience, from start to finish, with Orman’s (thankfully). The owner even agreed to let us ‘test’ out latex pillows - I didn’t have my husband with me for the final purchase, and ended up adding on two Latex Bliss pillows that day. Because I was on my own, I was only able to guess at what he’d like (e.g., low vs high loft). We did end up needing to make a switch, and the new pillow size was effortlessly delivered with the mattress. Definitely appreciated the customer service. (And for the record…I highly recommend the latex-filled pillow. Even though I couldn’t love latex in mattress form, I was all for taking it home in pillow form. It is supportive, yet can be ‘mushed’ into the nooks and crannies of your neck and keeps its height/position. While you’re in the store, you should give one of the pillows a test run, too.)

As far as being pleased with the mattress - I love it. I sleep more soundly and more comfortably than I have ever slept before by a noticeable amount. I am a side and back sleeper and it’s not given me an ounce of back/hip discomfort upon waking. As far as sleeping hot…I haven’t found it to be unpleasant, but it does get slightly warm. I do not have a very high body temp at night/while sleeping, so if you are someone who warms up considerably at night or just maintains a higher body temp at rest, you might notice it more. My husband has mentioned that once in a while, he gets warm - but his body temp is always warmer to begin with. It’s obviously not enough of an issue for me to counter all the comfort-based positive things - I am a terrible sleeper, and this mattress has REALLY made me happy.

On a final note, my brother purchased a Tempur Pedic bed that I had the chance to sleep on recently. THAT mattress was considerably hotter and less-supportive than the Eco Memory Foam - I felt like I was slowly being sucked into quicksand and changing positions was really unpleasant. The Eco had a much quicker bounce-back and changing positions is no problem.

So…best of luck. At some point, you’re just going to have to go with your gut. :slight_smile: I know it’s a big purchase; you’re more informed than most and once you’ve narrowed it down to one or two mattresses, you’re really at a win-win place. Good luck!

For future KC shoppers I thought I’d update this post on a couple of the other listed locations.

Lebeda in Topeka offers a Talalay mattress/box set for 1,999 and mattress only for $1,799. The Reve Pillowtop set is $3,199 and $2,949 for just the mattress. Reviews of the store generally very positive. Stats for those mattresses is listed above. I haven’t looked at them yet but I hope to check out the Talalay.

Eagles Rest offer very nice SavvyRest but most kings start at $3k and go up which was out of our price range. Their beds are completely custom. You purchase the shell and then buy the layers to your preference. A nice system but just our of range.

Joplimo offers a wide range and their mattresses can be customized even after purchased.

I stopped in at Orman’s today. It was a great experience and if you’re looking for a king in the $3k+ range the Naturepedic and PureBliss look like very good options. The owner spent a great deal of time with me and never pressured a purchase. The prices are listed on the mattresses and he never made an attempt to offer a lower price. so I don’t believe this is a place that inflates their asking price only to drop it for the quick sell. They also have memory foam mattresses so if you haven’t tried both it’s a good chance to feel the difference. For me the memory foam was very comfortable but I didn’t how difficult it was to move. The owner did mention that this will be their final year.

Hi stuuke,

Thanks for adding your “KC” comments to the topic … I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi KC shoppers – I saw Stuuke’s comments about 2018 being the last year for Orman’s furniture. That’s partially true as I understand it. When I talked to him recently he said he was going to reduce the footprint of his big store, and lease out the remainder. He’ll continue selling mattresses, and may even carry a few more interesting mattress brands.

We’ve been customers of Tim’s for 15 years, buying a Pure Latex Bliss king size along with dressers and bedroom sets for our home. Prior to buying the latex mattress (which we love!), my wife and I went to a variety of mattress stores beforehand just to make sure we did our research. We accomplished nothing more than wasting time. As we found out, the Nebraska Furniture Mart, Crowley’s, Mattress Firm etc., are mostly order takers. If you ask more than a few questions, they get lost and repeat themselves. Just pat answers. Don’t get hooked by the mass market “name brand trap.” Manufacturers such as Lazy-Boy chairs, Serta, Simmons, or Sealy have no resemblance to quality as they did 25 or 30 years ago.

What we’ve come to appreciate about Orman’s is NO ONE knows mattresses like Tim. He’s been to the factories. Spoken to the designers. He knows what goes into each product. And to top it off, he’s less expensive than the “order takers.” He’ll be continue to be around. He’s always stood by us if there’s been any product issue, and he confirms he’ll be around to provide the unique, well-made mattresses that don’t crap out.

Oh and I now know the difference between talalay and dunlop latex. That’s more than the guy at Mattress Firm knows.

Hi LeawoodKSShopper.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

I am glad to hear that Orman’s will be around for a long time … and that you found out the difference between Dunlop and Talalay :wink: . It’s been very refreshing to watch Tim’s mattress shopping video here and the overview and educational approach to the process; they seem to have some good mattress choices for those living KC area or in Overland Park, KS and with their many years of knowledge and experience I am sure that they are having great numbers of satisfied customers. Regardless of whether a retailer/manufacturer is a formal member of The Mattress Underground or not, there are some mattress high value retailers (and manufacturers) that deserve consumer’s trust and business, not only because they offer better value (even though most consumers don’t realize this in the noise of all the advertising stories surrounding most products), but also because of their knowledge and service.

Although I am not sure of Tim’s mattress markups (they don’t list it on their site) but in general, many of those smaller and regional outlets are dedicated to informing consumers about what makes a good mattress, making it, and selling it at a reasonable price. These are places where the knowledge and service alone are worth the price of the mattress and yet it is an “add-on” that comes for free.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us some feedback about your experience with Orman’s