Platform Beds

I saw the site on the thread, but it didn’t take me to any page directly, just the home page. What do you guys think about these platform beds, I was specifically looking at the soho.

Can anyone recommend a really good affordable one with draws? Thanks

Hi bkim,

I don’t know the specific details of the platform but I listed it because they appear to have very good value.

I would check with the New York Mattress to make certain they are appropriate for the weight they will carry (you and your mattress combined) and that the slats are no more than 3" apart (with 14 slats this will probably be OK depending on the slat width) and that there is no flex in the surface but overall they appear to have very good value. I would also make sure that the height of the platform and the mattress combined is suitable for you.

I’m not sure what you mean by “draws”? These are among the most affordable solid wood slatted platforms I have seen and would be a good choice for those in the NYC area IMO (assuming a positive answer to the questions I mentioned).


Well i called them and they said they have approx 4 - 4.5" between the slats. They said they can give me a “bunky board”, not sure about spelling. It’s just a solid piece of wood. What do you guys think about them?

Hi bkim,

The wider spacing is probably because they are using 1x2 slats instead of 1x3 and this is too far apart for a latex core mattress IMO.

There are different types of bunkie (bunky) boards and the same guidelines would apply as for a foundation or a platform bed surface. If the spacing in any gaps is less than 3" (for a latex core mattress or slightly wider for other types of foam support cores) and the construction is strong enough for the intended use it will have … then they would be fine. Some examples and sources for bunkie boards are in post #4 here. I would tend to choose a platform bed where the slats were already appropriate however unless I really wanted a specific platform bed which needed better support than the slats provided and a good bunkie board was necessary in order to make the bed suitable for my mattress.

The wider spacing may work for a polyfoam support core (polyfoam is less flexible than latex) but if there is any doubt about how suitable any type of base would be then I would always check with the manufacturer of the mattress.

Since the advantage of having slats (or a grid) vs a solid surface is greater ventilation (which allows for better control of humidity in the mattress and reduces the risk of dust mites, mold, and mildew) … I would tend towards a closely spaced slatted surface in a bunkie board (instead of a solid sheet of plywood, particle board, or cardboard on the surface) with a good quality fabric on top and would make sure the construction and materials were strong enough for the combined weight of the mattress and the people on it. Some bunkie boards are designed for the use of children or very light people in a bunk bed and would not be an appropriate choice. There is more about a solid surface vs a slatted surface in a support surface for a mattress (platform bed or foundation) in post #10 here.

The other advantage of a suitable and well made bunkie board is that it can provide a suitable surface for a mattress without adding the height of a standard or even a low profile regular foundation. I would personally choose a slatted surface though regardless of whether a mattress was being used directly on a platform bed, a foundation, or a bunkie board unless there was a compelling reason to use a solid surface (such as someone who wanted an adjustable bed in which case a solid surface may be the only option).


Thank you,

I will look for something else.

Just curious, do you know anything about this bed?

Hi bkim,

I have no personal experience with it but I’ve certainly seen it along with their other bed choices. Most of them use particleboard (like the Malm) but there are also a few that use wood. The good thing about the Ikea beds is that they can use any of their slatted bed bases which you can see here which gives you a choice between rigid slats, flexible slats, tension adjustable slats, and position adjustable slats. They are the lowest cost “tension adjustable” or “position adjustable” bases I know of and appear to use good quality materials based on their descriptions.


To the OP:

I just purchased the Expresso bed made by J&M from Canal Furniture here in NYC. I saw the bed in their showroom before purchasing. Solid wood construction. Slats about 3" apart. Seems like a decent piece although certainly not heirloom quality. It’s scheduled to be delivered next week. I will re-post if I have anything further to add once it arrives.

Here’s the website for Canal Furniture:

And here’s the bed I bought:

Hi teaguejb,

While it may not be heirloom quality … it’s real wood, seemingly well made, and good value.

Thanks for sharing your discovery.