Anyone w/ the Ultimate Dream Latex mattress chime in?


After doing some research thanks to this great site, decided on the Ultimate Dreams mattress on Amazon in Queen size. I did visit a local manufacturer, but felt I’d try the online option since it seemed like such a great deal, even more so than going local here in SLC, UT.

I’ve seen posts of people who’ve bought these, and they say they are pretty comfortable and will report back after some time - but never do. I purchased mine, but have yet to call Chuck back to find out what firmness level i want. Per my short response e-mail he suggested a Level 5 after I explained (per your advice Phoenix) that going slightly firmer than TOO soft is better, being a side sleeper, and part time back sleeper, wanting a firmer base so my hips don’t sink in on my back, but nice/plush comfort cushion layer for my shoulders/hips.

I’m 5 11", 150 lbs. in my 30’s in good health, and looking at reviews, people around my height and those lots heavier seem to think that the Level 6 is just right… me, being lighter, won’t that seem to be even more firm? Would a Level 6 be good for me? Or is a Level 5 TOO firm?

I did try the Pure Bliss Latex, and like most people’s opinions, I found the Nuture about right (albeit slightly to firm for a side sleeper). I also loved the Pamper w/ the 3" topper on top (was told it was a 19 ILD, but seems like it would of been a 14 ILD per here).

Anyways, I havn’t really seem many updated reviews of people w/ this mattress yet. My current innerspring’s over 10 years old and killing me, and my whole body sags and creates a V, so I can’t wait to get this mattress and be buoyant yet cushioned. Also, ordered a metal base foundation. Pretty excited! Thanks!

Hi dmg,

I know there are many people here who have purchased the Ultimate Dreams but in many cases once a member has made their purchase they no longer monitor the forum so they may not see this thread. Hopefully though some will see your post and make some comments.

There are some good options that are close to Salt Lake City that may be well worth looking at and considering either as a reference point or for their value. This is a sister company to Brooklyn Bedding (who also make the Ultimate Dreams mattresses sold online only). They carry a range of mattresses made by Brooklyn Bedding including latex and innersprings. They also carry a range of other brands but I personally would focus on the Brooklyn Bedding models which are very good quality/value choices. They have a comfort exchange if the mattress you choose isn’t quite right.

Diamond Mattress Inc. Factory direct manufacturer in SLC. They are a small independent manufacturer with no online presence who can make just about anything (including latex) and sells factory direct and also supplies to local retail outlets. He makes a wide range of mattresses including latex (with no polyfoam on top), memory foam and innersprings with latex on top. Wholesale manufacturer in Salt Lake City who makes a range of mattresses including memory foam and latex that are sold through retail outlets in the area. While they don’t sell factory direct, they do have a small showroom with their mattresses on the floor for people to test their mattresses and they will then refer you to the closest retail store that sells it. They also make Intelligel mattresses.

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Regional factory direct manufacturer in Draper. They make a range of good quality innerspring mattresses and their iChoice which is a mostly latex mattress with either a latex or memory foam topper. I would avoid the major brands they also carry. Salt Lake City, UT. They a range of latex, latex hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses made by Diamond, Pure Latex Bliss, Restonic, Therapedic and Savvy Rest, and Serta (two latex mattresses). Midvale, UT. Retailer that carries Pure Latex Bliss (Talalay latex) , Boyd (be careful here because “engineered latex” is not latex), Anatomic Global (memory foam). make sure they can provide all the layering details of any mattress you consider here and the name of any of the PLB mattresses you are testing (which should also be on the law tag if they don’t provide it to you … see post #1 here). Salt Lake City, West Jordan, American Fork, Orem, UT. They Carry Diamond mattresses that are made in Salt Lake City and Pure Latex Bliss. Retailer in Heber City. They carry several alternative brands including Diamond Mattress and Medicoil that may be worth considering. Make sure you can find out all the specs of any mattress you are considering here as well.

Our Locations | Mattress Dealzz Retailer with stores in South Jordan, Orem, South Salt Lake, Murray, and Pleasant Grove. They carry their own private label mattress line and Easy Rest which may be worth considering here.

These should help you get a sense of what you prefer and/or give you some good local choices.

If you do decide to go with the Ultimate Dreams … I don’t know how their rating system works (which ILD they use for each number) but they would be in the best position to give you great advice on the best choice based on your local testing and feedback. The specs of the PLB’s are in post #4 here as a guideline but bear in mind that the Ultimate Dreams also includes a layer of softer quilting foam over the latex.

You are right that lighter people generally prefer softer foam because they don’t have the same weight to sink in as far as those who are heavier. Sometimes though … people who are tall and slim fall on the other end of the spectrum because with lesser weight they are not as prone to pressure points and this “group” tends to prefer firmer choices than “average”. Your own testing will be the best guide of which group you are in although your comments about the PLB’s would seem to indicate you are in the softer group.

Hope this helps


Well, just wanted to give a quick update. I finally got the mattress and all my fears were unfounded. I’m getting over insomnia so I’m not getting immediate sleep…right now, but once sleeping I don’t wake up with aches and pains anymore and loving it and feel RESTED. I was completely unsure what to expect, but the reviews did help a lot, and I feel like I got a bargain.

I feel this mattress is a great deal in this price point, and I would of preferred all natural latex, but it’s perfect for me. It has gone up 50 dollars since, but still worth it at the new price. I got a level 6, so I feel the support is spot on (I forgot what a normal good feeling mattress is suppose to feel like), and pretty good comfort layer.

I did notice it’s slightly warmer than my innerspring, but I did buy a Malouf cover (the cheapest kind), so I’m thinking of getting a wool pad for the local pressure points and moisture wicking down the road, but I don’t notice once sleeping and waking up… just initially only, but not uncomfortable w/ our temps.

I did notice unpacking it that it smelled like fruity pebbles cereal (lemon flavor perhaps?) which I liked… :slight_smile:

I also have the Malouf wire mesh foundation, and it’s such an easy setup, less clutter and simple. I did use my cotton fitted sheets and they work fine. I do notice my sheets don’t move around hardly on a latex mattress as they did on my innerspring.

I’m sure I may have questions in the future, but I just wanted to give an update., and those considering this mattress won’t be disappointed.

Will try to attach pics later.

I’m so happy it worked out for you :cheer:

Thanks Koala and to Phoenix,

This really is a great website, and I now know who to refer ppl to in this same kind of situation, local manuf. or online.

Hi dmg,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think that there are a lot of people that are very happy with this mattress and the price point and it’s great to see that you are one of them.

Thanks for the kind words about the site as well!


Hi dmg! I’m also about to purchase an Ultimate Dreams mattress. I haven’t ordered it yet, but I understand John will customize it to my liking. How soft is the level 6? I also happen to be 5 11 and 150lb, and my wife is about 140lb. We both prefer a softer feeling mattress. Glad you ended up loving yours!

And thanks to Phoenix for the amazing site. It’s unbelievable how much effort you put into every single post.

great site! So glad I found this before buying a mattress. Think I’m about to pull the trigger on the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress - King size. Anyonw have any expereince with this yet? Thought this would be the better option in case we needed to change the latex (density) over time. Does anyone know the general warranty for the mattress and the fee to change the latex if we don’t pick the correct firmness of Latex? Couldn’t find the info anyway on Amazon. Also, we have box springs, hoping that will be okay for this mattress to rest on?

Hi jcatx03,

Their exchange policy is in post #14 here.

I’m not sure about the warranty … I’ve never asked them … but warranties in general are not nearly as important to me as knowing the materials because the reason most people need to replace a mattress is not a manufacturing defect but the loss of comfort and/or support which is not covered by a warranty. Knowing the materials in a mattress will tell you how long the original qualities of a mattress will last relative to other types of materials.

If your box springs are still in very good condition and have no weak areas or soft spots (you can test this with firm pressure with your knees in all areas) then they would be OK but they will also change the performance, feel, and alignment characteristics of the mattress compared to a rigid non flex foundation. Whether this was better or worse for you would depend on how the total “sleeping system” interacted with you in all your sleeping positions. You could compare the mattress on the box springs to putting it on the floor (which would be similar to a rigid non flex foundation) to see which was best for you but generally (not always) foam mattresses are designed and “rated” for use on a non flex foundation where the foam does the work rather than the box springs underneath.


Thanks Phoenix! Are there any non flex foundations you recommend that would be appropriate for the “Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress”? Thanks for all the great information you’d provided thus far.

Hi jcatx03,

The foundation thread here has many options that would work well for the Ultimate Dreams (or any foam mattress) in a wide range of prices.



Thanks for all of the great info, particularly the list of retailers around the SLC area. I’d also add The Mattress Department They have a lot of Tempurpedic mattresses on the floor, and some latex as well, which was great help as basis for comparison for looking online.

I just purchased the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress on Amazon after reading “most” of the comments here on the quality of the mattress.

Here’s my question: I’m 5’10" / 290 (sleeps on side) and my wife is 4’11" / 110 (sleeps on back) so what level of “firmness” should I order? Trying out mattresses at the stores has been a wash as it doesn’t seem to tell me much. I can love the feel of a mattress - then wait an week, go back and it doesn’t feel the same. The feel seems to be more of a factor of how tired I am than the type of mattress.

We’re not picky - we would just like to get a mattress that’s close to comfortable.

Hi tdf-texas,

It’s always best to go directly to the manufacturer for a suggestion on which of your options are best for you because they have much more detailed knowledge of all the materials in their mattresses and a database of customers of all different heights, weights, and sleeping positions which they can use as a reference point. Their suggestions will be much more valuable than any “theory at a distance” I could offer because they are much more familiar with how the specific combinations of materials in their mattresses interact with different people. The only other reliable indicator would be personal testing of similar mattress that may be available locally that you can use as a reference point

If I was in your shoes though with such a difference in weight I would strongly consider changing your order to the Eurotop version because you can exchange the layers if you need to for a reasonable cost and you can also order a side to side split layering which may help with the weight difference between you. You can read more about this in post #2 here.


Thanks for the suggestion - but the new mattress will be here tomorrow. I email chatted with Chuck and came up with a 4 firmness.

Hi tdf-texas,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to let us know your experience once you’ve received it.


I’m also looking at getting the ultimate dream latex mattress, do you know of any stores local to either the Phoenix or the Baltimore area where I could try one out?

Hi Sosey,

All of the Brooklyn bedding mattresses are only sold online but their factory is in Phoenix and you can call them and arrange an appointment for them to meet you there if you want to test them in person.

As you can see in post #4 here … a couple of our other members are also in Phoenix.

If you want to test mattresses locally in Baltimore then some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of there are in post #2 here.


Thanks to this website, Phoenix, and all the other reviews/googling/ research I’ve also decided to buy the Ultimate Dream Latex Mattress. Been using a +15 year old mattress, waking up every day sore all over. Hopefully this mattress will help with the pain. However I’m still a bit indecisive with the frimness.