Dreamfoam Ultimate Dream Eurotop

:woohoo: So…I pulled the trigger and ordered the above mentioned bed in full-size. After watching a couple of youtube videos of people inflating their Ultimate Dream beds, I ordered the Euro. Mainly because I know I am going to guess wrong at the firmness level and need to exchange the latex core.
The base foam is taller but the same in density as the standard. I am really afraid this bed will not hold its shape. Mostly good reviews on Amazon but some are negative.
Does anyone have this bed and have any input? I don’t like the $75 fee they charge for an exchange
Since the bed was an extra $300 from the standard.
I am totally nerve wracked from buying online. All Chuck can do is tell u the firmness level in his opinion. It didn’t help me much at all although people rave about the help?

Hi Squeaky,

I agree that the Eurotop would be a better option for you because besides the thicker base layer you can exchange the firmness level of the latex comfort layer if your sleeping experience indicates that your original comfort choice isn’t the most suitable option. There is a comparison of their Amazon latex mattresses here.
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That’s all anyone can do because there isn’t any formula that anyone can use to know for certain what someone else will do best with but having said that they are very good at helping their customers choose the most suitable firmness level and have a great track record for doing so (sometimes I think they must have a crystal ball because they do so well with this :)). Regardless of this though, it’s always nice to know that you have good options after a purchase if you need it or even if your needs and preferences or circumstances change over time so you can change your comfort level without having to replace the entire mattress.

Congratulations on your new mattress … I think you made a great choice :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Thank you Phoenix. The new bed has to be better than the sagging/collapsing bed that I am in now. Dreamfoam also has a coil pocket mattress with latex topper on Amazon! That sounds good too. So many choices. Dreamfoam’s sister company also had great choices. It is nice that Dreamfoam throws in a free latex pillow for being MU member. I will post an update when I start using the new bed.

Hi Squeaky,

I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


So this bed appears pretty similiar to the Bamboo bliss, but $300 less. Is the main difference between the two a more quality dense bases layer on the bamboo bliss? 2.17lb vs 1.5lb? How long would the 1.5lb base layer last for a 260lb side sleeper? All I need out of it is 3-4 yrs and I could replace since to me thats a long time and would probably want to try the latest and greatest after that time anyways. I notice the top layer is a bit different too, made of different materials and thickness on the two. Is the 3" talalay probably of the same type and quality?

Hi jaybackintheday,

The main differences between them are the Bamboo bliss has a higher density and more durable base foam, a more generous exchange policy, and a more costly cover which includes wool in the quilting (which can help with temperature regulation). The Talalay latex is the same in both mattresses.

Unfortunately there is no way to put a number of years on the useful life of a mattress for a particular person because there is no way to know with any certainty when someone crosses the “fuzzy line” and begins to “tolerate” a mattress just a little more and enjoy it a little less than they did some months or a year before and when they finally conclude that the mattress isn’t suitable any more and decide to replace it. It will also depend on where you are inside the range of comfort and support that is suitable for you because the useful life of a mattress is also relative to the suitability of your initial choice in terms of PPP and how much “room” you have for the materials to soften (see post #2 here). This is one of those processes (like aging in general) that creeps up on people and most people will need to replace a mattress because of the gradual loss of comfort and/or support not because the materials have completely worn out.

What I can say though is that the Eurotop would be a less durable choice than the Bamboo Bliss at your weight because you will be compressing and stressing the layers below the latex more than others that are in a lighter weight range. I would generally suggest that you purchase the best quality mattress that you can comfortably afford because it’s not just how long you sleep on it that is important but how long you sleep well on it as well.


I would have preferred a denser base, maybe next time. With the Euro…Chuck said there is a $150 deposit if u need to exchange the latex core if u messed up your firmness choice. If u send the 1st layer back…they refund u $75. Chuck said some people keep the second layer and add it to the bed. Just a latex topper is over $250. Chuck said that the metal platform frames on Amazon are ok for the Euro. I was afraid the foam would push through.
He also said a dustmite encasing plus a mattress pad will be ok too. I was concerned about ventilation/mold.
I read dustmites avoid latex but not the foam. I read they live on the edges of memory foam, but not sure about polyfoam. I really despise dustmites and offgassing. I would luv an all latex bed!!!
Lynn B)

Hi Squeaky,

Not surprisingly … I would agree with what Chuck told you. I would have no real concerns about ventilation or mold with a latex mattress and a wire grid platform can work well with a latex/polyfoam hybrid.

You can read a little more about dust mites and allergies in post #2 here.

Did you end up purchasing the Eurotop?


:cheer: Hi…Yes I did purchase the Euro. It will be here by the 16th hopefully. If I like it, I may buy another latex hybrid to replace a memory foam bed with a sink hole in it. :cheer:

Hi Squeaky,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

As you know I think you made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to any feedback you have the chance to share when you’ve received it and had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


Hi all…just updating this thread.
I received my bed yesterday and I love it!
I ordered the level 7 for firmness and it perfect for me. It is supportive but comfortable.
The zippered cover is to die for. It feels so soft and pillowy.
The bed definitely firmed up overnight to its full capacity.
I bought the Malouf Highrise metal platform.
It was so easy… No tools required for the platform. Just lay the rolled up bed on it and cut plastic off. Much easier than I thought…
I love the free shredded latex pillow they gave me!!! OMG it is better than my tempurpedic pillow and my down pillows. The pillow has
A bit of a smell that needs to air out. The bed outgassing was not bad at all as far as smell.
I do have back and hip pain and get headaches esp from hard surface. This bed firmness is fine for me.
I would not want the level 6! Hopefully this bed holds up.
I just encased it in a Clean Rest mattress encasement and it fit perfectly. Pore size 1!
I actually love to sleep now!!! I am so glad I went with this bed to get the extra inches of foam base.
I ordered all from Amazon

:frowning: update on my above post. This bed is too firm now that it is fully inflated. I had the worst night’s sleep last night. Not only is it not relieving pressure points, but it is also creating new ones. And I literally could not breathe without pain because my ribs and lungs felt compressed.
I could buy an expensive topper. Or I can exchange the latex layer for a softer density. This is a 7.
I am in tears over this. It felt so great the first night.
I think I should ask Chuck the actually density of the 8,9 and 10 latex cores so it is not
So much “guess work”.
This is a nightmare.
Any advice anyone? Is it the metal frame doing this??

Hi Squeaky,

The mattress would have been fully inflated the first night as well (the latex will decompress within minutes) but your experience on a new mattress can vary from day to day and will change over the course of the first few weeks as you adjust to a new sleeping surface and the mattress breaks in. There are also some suggestions in post #2 here that may be helpful.

Outside of some of the suggestions there … the best thing to do before deciding on any changes to the mattress would be to do nothing so that you give yourself some time to get used to a new mattress and to give your experience a chance to become more consistent (so if you do decide to make any changes that it’s based on a longer term pattern of experience).

I don’t think so no.


Hi, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this site and am confused by these Brooklyn Bedding offerings. The Dreamfoam Eurotop seems to be also BB (I get this impression from reading the Amazon reviews) but there is no equivalent on the BB website. The customer service rep told me they do not offer the eurotop, but it’s similar to the Camilla, which is only 10 inches and does not have a bamboo cover. From reading the threads on this mattress it seems like the more durable core of the Bamboo Bliss could result in a longer shelf life for the mattress-the BB rep definitely said this but didn’t specify how long.

I am 125 lbs and my partner is around 150 lbs, do you think the more durable core of the Bamboo Bliss is necessary?


Hi Phoenix
The mattress did get plumper as did the pillow. The pillow looked smaller and flatter. Now It is noticeably more filled out. It feels firmer and it stays that way after I try to use it.
This bed is not relieving pressure points. Even my clavicles hurt from it.
This is different than just the adjustment period. It’s just too firm for me.
I emailed Chuck but no response. I will call him in the morning.
My family members also noticed the bed was so comfy at first and now they are like oh no.
Latex is supposed to be firm but OMG is this firm. I feel like I am on a rock.
It’s a nightmare.

Hi bbandc,

Dreamfoam and Brooklyn Bedding are sister companies that each sell different mattresses although there is some overlap between them (such as the Total Latex mattress). There is more about each of them and how they compare in general in post #4 here and in post #3 here.

Post #4 here and the posts it links to has more information about the many factors that can affect the durability and useful life of a mattress relative to each person. The density of the base layer will have less effect with lower weights than it would for someone that was in a higher weight range but there isn’t any way to know exactly how many years a specific mattress will maintain its comfort and/or support for any specific person outside of saying “this one will likely last longer than that one” (see post #6 here and post #36 here).

All of the mattresses you are considering are great quality/value in their budget range but there are a few differences between them that may make a difference in deciding which one is the best choice for you (regardless of whether it may be the best choice for someone else) based on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

The Eurotop and the Cotton Camilla both have a cover that is quilted with polyfoam while the Bamboo Bliss also has wool in the quilting which can help with temperature regulation and is a more costly material.

The Eurotop and the Cotton Camilla both use 1.5 lb density polyfoam in the support core and the Bamboo Bliss uses the higher density 2.17 lb polyfoam so while it may be less important for you than it would for someone that was heavier (around the low 200’s or higher), it would still make “some” difference.

The Cotton Camilla also has fewer firmness options than either the Eurotop or the Bamboo Bliss.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattresses also have a more liberal exchange policy than the Dreamfoam mattresses.

The Eurotop cover can’t be washed or cleaned while the Bamboo Bliss can (see post #39 here).


Hi Squeaky,

While comfort is very subjective and “too firm” for some people is “too soft” for others … most people would consider a “7” to be in the softer range. While it’s usually a good idea to wait with any changes … you still have good options available to change the comfort level of the mattress and if none of the suggestions in the post I linked previously are either applicable or helpful and it’s not possible to wait for a few weeks then I would definitely call and talk to them about exchanging your latex top layer for something softer.


I agree, too many choices!!

Hi wbandrh,

There certainly are many choices but the good news is it’s better than not having enough :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix.
Chuck emailed me today with my info.
He said the Talalay latex core I have now is a 24 ILD which they call level 7. An 8 is less dense at 19 ILD and the 9 and 10 are both 14 ILD. The 6 is described as medium soft.
I would probably love the 8. I may buy it for the 150.
U cannot put price on good sleep.
The bed was better the third night.
Yes…It is good support
But if u have some aches say from stretching or just straining a bit from housework, this density is not as forgiving on the aches.
I did buy a topper from Amazon that arrived today from another company, but the smell is really toxic and set off my VOC alarms.
Nothing from my new bed and bedding did that.
The smell of the shredded latex pillow has faded. That was more of a latex smell than a toxic smell.
So…I have time to make a decision. Chuck said he will work with me.
But anyone who is used to a boxspring is in for a shock. Or if u are used to bouncing on old coiled mattresess
U can read tons of reviews on the same bed and everyone has diff experiences with the level of density. Plus latex is firmer anyways which is why I picked it. But being on the larger side, I am weary of the level 8. I did wad up a plush blanket for some cushioning under my ribs. I know my back is thanking me for this bed. But if u like to lounge in a cushy bed at night reading or surfing net…it is not the same for me.