How to dispose of a mattress

Hi Phoenix,

We have that firm Night Therapy king mattress from Sam’s that we only used for a few weeks while we determined what to buy longer term for our master. Our guest room is a nice queen bed frame, so would rather just leave as is.

So, I have a firm king mattress only to re-home.

I called St. Vincent DePaul and other donation centers- none take mattresses. Sleep Experts makes you take it to their warehouse a good distance away, they dont pick up. Not sure I want random people coming in my house if I put in on Craigslist for free.

Other ideas how to find this mattress a new home quickly? It’s in perfectly good shape. We’re just not using it and it’s not exactly convenient to store a king sized mattress!


Hi Sleepless,

Besides a direct donation to a charitable cause that accepts used mattresses … there are several sites that are good sources for finding out how to recycle or dispose of a mattress in your area. They include … along with post #1 here.

There are two places listed that accept mattresses in Dallas here

Apparently the Dallas Furniture Bank will pick them up.

If you’re on a social network … a message to your friends may find someone who knows someone who needs a mattress and is willing to pick it up.

An ad in Craigsist or the Freecycle network can also be a good idea.

Leaving it outside on the boulevard with a descriptive sign will often make it “disappear” with or without an accompanying craigslist ad (although this isn’t recommended)

If anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear them. The less that mattresses end up in the landfill the better :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix!

I actually found a homeless shelter here that can use it and will pick it up. And a women’s shelter as well.

So, that will be perfect! Someone will be able to really use it. :slight_smile: