Review of the Seven Comforts latex topper

This is a review of the Seven Comforts Latex topper found on Amazon here:

I will try to be objective as I can with this review but honestly, I can’t help but to squee in pleasure when I lay on this topper. I purchased it for a new Ultimate Dreams mattress. I wanted a topper for protection of the mattress and a bit of softness if the mattress was too firm. I’m very pleased with this topper. On to the technical stuff now!

After getting this topper I carried it upstairs and fluffed it out on top of our old mattress and read the law tag. This topper looks to be made by a company called Cocomat in China. Cocomat is a company that sells bedding to hotels and touts the natural materials in their products. The law tag does state ‘100% latex foam’ as well as 100% cotton. I’m not sure the blend of latex and I’m not sure how to check that. I’ve included pictures of the law tag along with some general pictures of the mattress as well below.

This topper came in a nice zippered bag that is pictured below. The topper did have a latex smell and is much more noticeable when laying on it. If you don’t like this smell, Fabreeze works wonders but I didn’t find it to be unpleasant. :slight_smile: The cotton cover is what I would call high quality and is baffled so the latex bits don’t wobble around out of their squares. The cover is a much better quality than I thought and I think it’s both thick and soft. Much better than my current down topper.

This topper isn’t a solid latex pad but it’s not a shredded latex either. The company says that it’s ‘micro-rods’ and that’s what they seem to feel like to me. The latex bits inside feel a bit like long squishy (small) peas no bigger than an inch or so. There doesn’t seem to be any hard or sharp edges on the foam bits inside and they are wonderfully soft. I read another review that likened this topper to a ‘bean bag’ and I would disagree with that statement. The latex in this topper conforms through pressure and not so much displacement, if that makes sense.

I’m very happy with the fit of this topper on my bed and it doesn’t seem to be too short or too long. It’s about 2 inches in height and once you unpack it, it fluffs up like bread dough. The overall construction seems to be sturdy and well made. The dimensions and weight that are listed on Amazon are correct and it’s quite heavy for a topper at 40lbs. It’s a very soft topper. I’ve no idea what the ILD of the latex inside of it is but I’d say it’s soft and better for pressure relief than support.

Overall, I feel this is a great find and would recommend it. It exceeded my expectations and seems to be an excellent quality for the price. I’m really tempted to purchase a second one for a backup… or to just roll around and giggle on.

Edit: see post #52 here first if you are considering ordering this topper.

Hi coventry,

Thanks for the great review :slight_smile:

As you say … it sounds like a great product and it certainly has good value although it would still be nice to get an answer to my email to them.

There is a Coco-mat (with a hyphen) which is a Greek company that has a manufacturing facility in China and makes some premium products using some very “interesting” and quality materials including rubberized horsehair (expensive), seaweed, essential oils, latex, rubberized coir, cactus fiber and others. If this is the one that makes the topper then it would seem to be a very high quality manufacturer that focuses on natural materials and unusual products. They have an outlet in Soho where the most expensive mattress they sell goes for $27,000. Some of their “lower priced” products and mattresses are also sold at ABC Home.

If this is the same “cocomat” then the product is made by a very high quality manufacturer but even if it isn’t the same one … what you have sounds great :slight_smile:

Thanks for your research and review and letting us know about a very interesting find!


None of the pictures I can take will show it but the outside cotton of the pad has the word “COCO-MAT” written all over it. It’s very light almost like a watermark and it’s backwards on both sides like the material has been flipped but it’s still readable. Also, the law tag says: Manufactured by Cocomat (china) Ltd.

I did a quick Google search and found the Coco-Mat you mentioned and looked through some of their items. The topper looks exactly like some of the toppers that they have displayed on their website. Also, the pillows under Seven Comforts on Amazon look exactly like the ones on their website as well. I just assumed it was the same company. If they are knock-offs they are at least high quality knock-offs. :slight_smile:

There also was an insert for the care and feeding of my new pad and the little insert mentioned that “we make these same products for major European and US brand names as well as luxury hotels.”. It’s still speculation, but I’m stunned at the quality for the price I paid.

Hi Coventry,

Well the evidence seems to be pointing in the direction that they are the same and that what you found may be even better quality and value than it seemed at first.

So much so that even though I don’t really need it … I’m toying with the idea of getting one myself :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


Hi Coventry and all,

I ordered this yesterday so when it arrives I’ll add my impressions to yours.

As hard as I tried … and because we need a topper for a growing young boy/man … just couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Of course he is away for the summer so we get to try it first!


I’m looking forward to hearing your impressions on it. I still wish Seven Comforts had answered your email requests about the type and blend of latex. After seeing the ‘micro-rods’ myself, I’ve still no idea what type or blend of latex they are.

I really really love my topper still and it’s holding up wonderfully well. I’ve added some pictures below that shows 2lb weights on it and how the topper reacts to their weight. As you can see it’s very soft and springy. I’ve been turning it whenever I change the sheets. It’s fluffy and very soft (to me) but has a better resiliency and bounces back much better than my old feather/down topper.

I’m sure you’ll have fun ‘testing’ the topper before your boy/man can get his paws on it. My dad used to ‘test’ my Halloween candy with the same relish. LOL :smiley:

P.S. The 5 year old in the pictures is patiently waiting for her crazy mother to take ‘review’ pictures so she can play on the bed after. No 5 year olds were harmed in the making of these pictures even if they look extremely put out waiting. :slight_smile:

Hi Coventry and all,

I received my topper yesterday and had a chance to sleep on it last night :slight_smile:

I have to say my thoughts about it pretty much echo Coventry’s and I am impressed with the apparent quality of the materials and cover. It is very dense and heavy, fits well on the mattress, and like Coventry mentioned, the latex rods will compress more than “flow” or “displace” with pressure. If you lie on them they will have an impression under the heavy parts where the rods have packed together (unlike a solid latex layer that will spring back all the way) but will fluff right back up again with a little shake (which probably isn’t necessary).

The latex rubber smell is also apparent but not strong but is not a “chemical” smell at all and of course will also dissipate over time … even though I kind of like it.

We put the topper directly on the mattress and our protector and top fitted sheet is over it and there was no noticeable shifting over the course of the night. It tends to stay where you put it.

It is soft but not “feather soft” in my perceptions and interestingly enough … although this is only one nights experience … seemed to work well over a mattress that already provides good pressure relief without compromising support and allowing any part of the body to noticeably sink in too far. This is probably due to the nature of the rods and that they allow for more even sinking in as opposed to a solid latex layer which may allow some areas to sink in more than others. I think it would work very well for fine tuning pressure points.

So far I am very happy with it’s quality, how it feels, and of course the value. DH loves it just as much as I do and she also slept very well last night.

Edit: see post #52 here first if you are considering ordering this topper.



Yay! You like the topper :slight_smile:

How does it compare in your opinion to a soft ILD (say 19 or so) solid (talalay blended) latex topper? I almost purchased one of those instead from and was wondering how it was different. This was the one I was almost going to purchase:

My only other experience with any kind of ‘comfort’ topper was my old (really old) feather/down one and I was never truly happy with it.

Hi Coventry,

That’s tough to say specifically because it’s on top of a mattress (which affects how it feels) and I don’t have a 2" 19 ILD talalay topper to compare it to side by side so the comparison would be more about subjective feel based on “memory” comparisons more than actual performance or specific side to side testing.

Having said that … the seven Comforts is less resilient than a solid talalay topper (doesn’t feel as springy which could be because of the rods or because it’s Dunlop and probably both) and it is softer until the rods have packed down under the pressure points and at this point they are probably a bit firmer so the overall impression for me seems to be a little firmer (again bearing in mind that I’m not testing a 2" 19 ILD talalay layer on this mattress so this is to some degree “imagining” how a talalay layer would feel rather than actually feeling it). This is probably the reason that we could use it on a mattress that already has a soft comfort layer and not have a noticeable affect on alignment. I would have to say that it would probably provide more fine tuning of pressure points rather than a more full body pressure relieving surface of an actual talalay layer and it’s not as “lively”. So as strange as it sounds … it’s probably softer under the parts that don’t compress it and firmer in the parts that do.

Edit: see post #52 here first if you are considering ordering this topper.

If I was looking for more fine tuning of specific pressure points it would be a good choice I think. If I was looking for a more wider area and overall softer pressure relieving surface (with the risk that it may have more affect on alignment depending on what was under it) I would probably go with the soft talalay layer.

That’s about as good a comparison as I could make after 2 days and without side to side testing of both types :slight_smile:


Hi Coventry,

If you don’t mind me asking, which Ultimate Dreams mattress did you end up going with? I was deciding between the 10" King and the 12" Eurotop and I’m afraid the 10" won’t be tall enough and look too skinny. Right now we are sleeping on an old Ikea box spring but have a 3" memory foam topper. I just measured it today and it’s at about 14"!



Heya gellibelly,

I got the 10" king size at a level 4 (I think that translated to a 32 ILD). My husband and I are still very pleased and the mattress (and topper) seem to be holding up really well. When I purchased my mattress, the Eurotop option wasn’t available (I ordered it late May of 2012). If I were doing it again I would strongly consider the Eurotop option.

Our old mattress was a whale of a thing, that was a full 18" with a pillowtop, they were popular and we were mattress salesman innocents. Going down to a 10" (12" with topper) mattress for us was a big step - our sheets billow a bit, and I do lot’s of tucking when making the bed. I did just measure our current setup and it is a full 12" by my measurements. I like it more since I don’t have to ‘leap’ into bed. My husband, who’s had multiple back surgeries, loves it but he did mention that he misses the height.

We also have a captains-type bed (drawers underneath) that seems higher than a ‘normal’ frame. I just measured the total height and it came out to be about 33-34" or so in total height. I’m not sure if that will help you but it might give you a point of reference. I hope this information helps your decision!

Let us know what you decide and I’d love to hear your thoughts once you get your mattress. :slight_smile:

Hi Coventry,

I actually would prefer to get the Eurotop version, but my husband thinks it’s unnecessary to pay $250 more for the extra polyfoam on the bottom when Chuck already indicated to me that it doesn’t add anything by way of support or comfort. It is strictly a profile thing. I’m just concerned because even though the Ultimate Dreams bed is supposed to be 10", a lot of reviewers were saying that it’s actually about 1/2" to 1" shorter than that. Is yours the full 10"? Our current Ikea bedframe (for our Queen) has an adjustable base, but we haven’t purchased a new bedframe for the king we intend to purchase and I don’t know what we will need. I guess I just want to avoid having to possibly buy an additional foundation to put over wood slats because our new bed won’t be high enough. If we had to do that it would probably run us around $250 anyway for a foundation right? Might as well just buy the taller mattress! (At least that was the argument to my husband but he is still holding firm…!) :S Although looking at your photos the mattress does seem to be an adequate height.

What kind of foundation do you have?


I’m at work right now so can’t get you specific measurements but I’ll try to get you some more pictures and measurements later today. I’ve also added some of my own reasons below why the zippered access construction of the eurotop would be completely cool. B) There’s also a general description about how my own bed is set up that might answer some of your questions.

Some other reasons you (or your husband) might consider the Eurotop version beyond the profile height would be the ease of changing out the top layer, if or when it wears out. Since you can easily get to the mattress innards, you can easily see the type of wear or flip the inner layer of latex for added longevity. You could also play around with different types of comfort layers by switching out the latex layer with something else. Mainly, I feel the ability to flip that inner layer of latex (since you can’t flip the whole mattress) might offer a real value of added longevity to the top comfort layer, those are the layers that wear out first anyways.

When I measured my mattress last night, I had the topper on along with all my other bedding, to my measurements it was a good 12". I used a fabric tape measure and measured from my wooden bed frame, that my bed rests on, to the top of the the… I guess ‘loft’ would be the word… I measured beyond the dark sewn seams (you can see them in the pictures), since there was more poof on top. Hope that made sense.

We don’t have any box spring, our mattress is directly on some stained plywood that is screwed to the frame of the drawers and headboard. I’ll upload some more pictures later that might be better at helping you ‘see’ how it’s fully set up. We don’t have any type of ‘official’ foundation and since our mattress rests directly on plywood, I’m thinking I should purchase on of those horsehair mattress air thingies Phoenix has mentioned before… now I’m gonna have to write that down and look those up. :smiley:

I’ll update this thread later today (hopefully I’ll remember) with some more pictures and better measurements for you.

Wondering if your review of this topper still is the same after sleeping on it for awhile? Needing a little more softness for the Denver Mattress “Aspen” bed we purchased. Thanks!

Hi dunbroke,

I can tell you that we are just as happy with ours as when we first purchased it.


Yup, my husband and I still really like it. It’s holding up well and fluffs up nice with a little shake when I change the bedding. I was on the fence about getting it but the price won me over and I don’t regret the decision at all. Very good quality for the price I think. :slight_smile:

Thank u both! That’s what I was hoping to hear. Amazon here I come:)

Thank you Coventry for posting this review. I recently bought the Ultimate Dreams mattress in a 7 and it’s slightly too firm for me, I feel pressure on my hip (side sleeper). When I bought the mattress I also bought the 3" 19 ILD topper for another bed. I tried that topper on the Ultimate Dreams and ended up with lower back pain. I’ve had the Seven Comforts in my cart on Amazon for a while now but I haven’t had enough confidence to buy, especially after reading the “bean bag” comment. You and Phoenix have given me the confidence to give it a try. Thanks again.

I’d also like to add that I too thought that the 10" of the Ultimate Dreams would be too short but since my box spring is 9" and the frame is another 6 or so inches, the mattress now sits at what is imo the perfect height. Pillow tops and euro tops have changed our perceptions of what the right height is. I sometimes feel like I live in the land of the giants because not only have mattresses made beds taller but bathroom cabinets and toilets are taller now too. As we remodeled our house, I had to fight with hubby to keep the second bathroom at “normal” height in case the next owners have children or aren’t giants.

BTW, did you get a free pillow with your Ultimate Dreams bed? I am totally in love with it. It is the best pillow I have ever owned.

Yeah, needless to say… I don’t agree with the ‘beanbag’ comment regarding the seven comforts topper. I mean it’s latex bits stuffed densely into squares, so I can see where that comment came from but IMO it’s misleading. The squares are really packed full of latex so, to me it doesn’t feel like a ‘beanbag’ at all. I think for fine tuning pressure points, this topper is really nice. I bought a second one I liked it so much and use it on our guest bed. I hope you like it once you get yours too.

Yes, I got 2 of the shredded latex pillows when I ordered my Ultimate Dreams mattress. I really love them! I stuffed them into a body pillow case and use them as the best body pillow (for me) in the world! I’m currently using the customizable latex pillow from seven comforts as my sleeping pillow. Um… yes, I’m a latexaholic. :slight_smile:

Please let us know how the topper works for you when you get it!