Richmond, Virginia mattresses and CozyPure

My wife and I have been reading your site. Great information. She really likes the feel of the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe and iComfort Renewal Refined for their softness. She is petite at 5 feet and 92 lbs. I am 175 lbs. I can sleep on a rock.
There is very little information on your site and little on the Interwebz about CozyPure. Would love to hear more from you about CozyPure.

  1. Which of the CozyPure latex mattresses is comparable to the Cloud Luxe or Renewal Refined in softness/support? We will call Cheryl, and we might be able to visit the Norfolk factory/store, but we wanted to read your opinion first. Another option is the custom cozy individualized for each partner. This is appealing, but the king size is not inexpensive.

  2. Do we need to get a new foundation/box spring with a CozyPure?

  3. Winn Butterworth advertises his Winndom mattresses all over Richmond on radio and in the papers, but both Richmond retailers are notoriiously lousy with service and prices. Still a good option?

  4. How does the Original Mattress Factory Latex mattress compare to the CozyPure?

  5. What ever happened to KingKoil? Do they make any good mattresses?

  6. We liked the Westin Heavenly mattress when we stayed at a Westin. I know it’s made by Simmons, but what are your thoughts on it. Can get it from Nordstrom with a great return policy and the usual Nordstrom customer support.

Nice to find your site. Thanks very much!

Hi TDI Hoo,

The mattresses at CozyPure are all latex mattresses which are a “fast response” material and the mattresses you have been testing are all memory foam mattresses which are a “slow response” material. Cheryl would probably “shudder” if someone was comparing her mattresses to a memory foam mattress :slight_smile:

While latex can be as pressure relieving as memory foam in a comfort layer (and their mattresses come in a range of softness and firmness levels) and a latex support core is higher quality and more adaptive and supportive than the polyfoam support core in either the iComfort (which is low quality 1.5 lb polyfoam) or Tempurpedic (which is higher quality 2.2 lb polyfoam) … they are very different in terms of feel and performance. Comparing latex with memory foam is really an apples to oranges comparison.

A latex mattress generally needs a firm rigid and non flexing foundation with either with slats that are no more than 3" apart (and preferably less) or a wire grid non flexing surface. If your foundation is one of these types and is still in good condition then it should be fine. If you have a flexing boxspring … then I would recommend that you change it. While a box spring can work with a latex mattress (as long as it is still in excellent condition with no weak or soft areas) … it will change the feel of a latex mattress which is usually designed to work best with a rigid base. There is more about different types of foundation and how they match different types of mattresses in post #2 here.

Winndom is a good local manufacturer IMO and tends to use higher quality materials than larger manufacturers in each price range and they are very responsive to their retailers but any mattress no matter who makes it is only as good as the materials in it so it would be important to make sure you knew all the quality specs of the layers of any mattress you were considering (and if the retailer didn’t have these they should phone Winndom for you to find out) so you could make meaningful comparisons in terms of quality and value with other mattresses.

The OMF uses blended Talalay latex and is a good quality and value mattress for those that it “fits” their needs and preferences (they only have two models which either work or don’t). They don’t have the same options as CozyPure to customize the mattress to your needs and preferences and the ticking and quilting is lower quality as well. The blended talalay is also not as “natural” as the Dunlop for those where natural materials is more important but both are high quality materials. In other words … the Cozy Pure has more options and is a higher quality more premium mattress but also carries a higher price.

King Koil is now a brand and the company itself is called Comfort Solutions. They are one of the largest brands (top 5) and tend to be included in my recommendations to avoid major brands but if you can find out the layering of a particular mattress they make (and they are not usually open about this) and it is better value than a similar mattress … then it would certainly be worth considering. They do make a series of mattresses called XL (Extended Life) which are designed for people that are heavier and uses higher density foam so these may be good value in some cases but again to know this you would need to know the quality specs of each layer which may be difficult to get.

This article includes my thoughts on the Heavenly mattress and all other mattresses from major manufacturers that use low quality polyfoam or other unknown lower quality materials in their mattress (especially in the comfort layers) and I would completely avoid them.

I’m glad you found us :slight_smile:


Talked by phone to the folks at CozyPure. Their webpage says they aren’t open on Saturdays, but they are, from 10-2. So, my wife and I will head down to Norfolk for a test drive of the latex mattresses. I will try to take some pictures of the mattresses if they let me and then post them here (if allowed.) We have a wooden king size bed frame with slats, but I am guessing we will need a wooden slat foundation to raise up the mattress. Do you know of other economical ways to raise up the latex mattress or other sources of slatted foundations to raise up a latex mattress?

Thanks again. Lot of knowledge to be gained in the other posts, too.

Hi TDI Hoo,

I hope they let you take some pictures as well (and i don’t see why they wouldn’t) and I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience there. They are good people :slight_smile:


We visited the CozyPure factory and showroom this morning. Indeed, the whole place is powered by solar and wind. They produce more electrecity than they need and give it back to the electric company. It’s any easy trip and just off the interstate in Norfolk.

My wife and I had never tried a fully latex mattress before, just memory foam and polyfoam. Hans is the very nice salesman who took care of us today. The CozyPure dunlop mattresses are either 2 or 3 layers, and they are customizable. In general, they have soft, medium, and firm, but they can add layers or toppers. Here are some pictures:

Above is their 2 layer “medium” mattress. Notice the holes in in the foam? The latex that is removed from the layer to make the holes becomes the latex used in their Lanoodle pillows. The pillows are heavy, and you can get “normal” or extra loft pillows in any size you want. They even have travel pillows. Below are the cores from the holes.

Next is a photo of their latex 7 zone core, which you can see has 3 at each end and 1 in the middle. It means you can rotate the mattress if you want (and they recommend rotating, not flipping, every 6 months).

So, you can tell that the layers are 1. Customizable 2. Replaceable 3. Can be rotated within the mattress.

They have another model with talalay but it is not “rebuildable” and the cover does not have a zipper. I liked that model in “soft” but we liked the Pure Performance Perfection 3 layer in soft. Very close in softness, if not softer with more support than a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe.

They can build a mattress to meet a specifice height if you need that. Nice people. Knowledgeable. Great products.

That looks like a beautiful mattress cover! The “pillow” pattern in the top layer is interesting. Very cool pictures!


I’ll add my thanks for a very informative and detailed review and for the great pictures as well :slight_smile:

I appreciate it and I know it will also be very helpful for others who are looking at CozyPure!

They really are very high quality mattresses.



Our new CozyPure mattress and foundation arrived today. We purchased the Pure Performance Perfection 3 layer in soft with the LaNoodle topper on top (2 twin toppers.) This is a really plush setup.

I would have taken pictures, but I arrived home late from work in the dark and had to get a neighbor to help move everything upstairs before the expected rain arrives tonight. And my wife was in a hurry to get everything arranged and covered just right. She just went to bed and is already asleep!

Everything arrived on a palate and was dropped off in the driveway. We are only 110 miles from the Norfolk factory, and it was shipped 2 days ago. The shipping company notified us yesterday of today’s planned delivery. The foundation pieces , about 60 lbs each, came in separate boxes. They are solidly made and rather hefty, and the fabric on them is just beautiful. They are much more substantial and solid than the old King Koil box springs.

The mattress itself was in a separate box that weighed 150 lbs. My neighbor and I easily took the foundation pieces up to the second floor. We took the mattress out of the box in the driveway, left it in the plastic bag still folded in half, and essentially just rolled it end to end through the house and up the steps. You need some strength to lift a king size latex mattress! It is about 50 pounds heavier than the innerspring king mattress it is replacing.

So we put the mattress on the foundation pieces, put on the LaNoodle toppers, and then put on their organic cotton mattress cover over the topper and mattress. Their mattress cover is another beautifully made accessory. If you see it in person, you will want it rather than a typical water resistant mattress cover.

I must say that the new latex mattress when unfolded lies perfectly flat. The fabric cover needs to flatten out, but with the LaNoodle topper one would never know. I must say that there is absolutely no smell to this mattress or to the pillows that come with it. The kids are now envious of the new mattress and even the pillows! Looks like we will have to get them LaNoodle pillows for the holidays. The mattress cover has plenty of room for the mattress and the LaNoodle topper. This is a really plush, comfortable setup, exactly as we expected, and exactly as it felt in the showroom in Norfolk.

I will have to give you our sleep impressions in a few days or weeks or months.

It turns out that our old mattress, the King Koil, was also made in Norfolk by Paramount. They now have a web address Phoenix, do you know anything about their current mattresses?

I must say that we are impressed with CozyPure. Hans is a delight on the phone and in person. (He’s in a number of their Youtube videos.) There is a substantial discount on the foundation in addition to the 5% The Mattress Underground discount. And then there is a 20% lifetime discount on any other accessories such as a mattress pad, the LaNoodle toppers, sheets, pillow covers, etc. And the king mattress comes with two LaNoodle pillows included at no charge. We had to pay sales tax in Virginia. This is a large investment, but I am glad to help my state’s economy and a local business and to enjoy this high quality mattress set. I am not affiliated with CozyPure in any way, and had never heard of them until I found this site. So, thank you Phoenix for pointing us to this manufacturer.

Eventually I will update and include some pictures of the mattress layers. The mattress does arrive fully assembled. Off to sleep!

Hi TDI Hoo,

Thanks again for writing such an informative and detailed review :slight_smile:

I am impressed with the quality of the reviews that are being written by some of the forum members and feedback like yours adds greatly to the value of the forum IMO!

Paramount is a long time privately owned bedding manufacturer that used to be a King Koil licensee but they went on their own a few years ago. They are making some strategic alliances with other similar manufacturers (such as Omaha Bedding and Cannon sleep Products) as a method of growth and expansion across the country. They also have a licensing agreement with A.H. Beard.

Overall I would “classify” them as a “better” larger brand that makes some better than average quality/value mattresses (including some that are similar to the King Koil mattresses they were making such as their Heavy Duty line) but of course their value depends on the details of the layers of any particular mattress you are looking at which is always much more important than the brand name that is on the mattress.

I’m looking forward to some pictures of your new sleeping system … it really does sound great.


We’ve now had 3 nights to sleep on this system. It’s very “cozy.” The Dunlop, 7 zone core is indeed firm where it needs to be, and even though we have the “soft” mattress, it is not as squishy as a Tempurpedic cloud. We both really like this mattress. It is surprisingly springy, even without innersprings. It is as “cool” in temperature as our old innerspring mattress. It is easy to move around when lying down (more quickly than on a memory foam mattress). It has firm enough edges for me to sit on the edge and put on my socks and shoes.

The LaNoodle topper is really luxurious, and I anticipate getting one for my son when he goes off to college next year. I am posting some pictures below. Eventually I will show the three latex layers, but we were changing sheets. We put fitted sheets on the foundation pieces. My wife likes that look.

Here is the mattress and topper covered in CozyPure’s Organic Cotton Matelasse Knit Mattress Protector. It is really thick and soft, and the LaNoodle easily fits under it. All of these pieces are meticulously made from quality fabrics. We will have to see how long they last. I could sleep on their mattress protector on any bed. It’s that soft and “comfy.”

The mattress protector is has Organic Cotton knitted into it, in case you have forgotten.

We got one organic cotton pillow cover, since I have a greasy head and tend to discolor pillows. It is below:

Below is a picture of the mattress and the LaNoodle topper with the cotton mattress cover pulled back:

This is a soft and plush cotton and wool cover on their Dunlop mattresses.

Again, in case you forgot the mattress is organic:

The picture below shows the underside of the LaNoodle topper. The organic cotton in which it is enclosed is soft and has some hand tied knots connecting the top and bottom surfaces to keep the latex noodles inside from shifting too much. But it is easy to rearramge them.

Here’s everything before we put on the sheets.

Hi again TDI Hoo,

Thanks again for the additional pictures :slight_smile:

One of the things that has always impressed me the most about CozyPure since I first “discovered” them a few years ago is the attention they pay to detail and the quality of every material and component in the products that they sell. They have always been among my favorite manufacturers in the “natural, organic, and green” group of manufacturers. Some of the things that many people may not always notice for example when they only focus on the materials inside a mattress is the quality of the ticking (cover) on their mattresses (which shows up very well in your pictures).

Cheryl not only “talks the talk” but she “walks the walk”.

I appreciate your ongoing feedback!


Hello Phoenix! I had a Tempurpedic before I tried one of the Cozy Pure latex mattresses and I was hooked. My boyfriend (now my husband) needed a new mattress so I talked him into buying one. Fantastic! Now the Tempurpedic is in the guestroom! You made an excellent choice!

Ooops - meant this message for TDI Hoo - was a little confusing. :slight_smile:

We are coming up on one year of ownership of this sleep system and accessories next week. I must say that the mattress cover and Dunlop mattress layers have held up beautifully. There is no sagging or hint of depression of the mattress (you can see an indent in the LaNoodle topper which is easy to restore), and the fabrics are durable. The LaNoodle topper also looks like new. We have only had to shake them up twice in the year. The noodles stay pretty evenly distributed. The mattress cover and the pillow covers also look brand new. The LaNoodle pillows also are fluffy and shape-able and, well, cozy. Just like new.

The latex mattress may have softened up just a tad, but my wife and I really can’t tell. The system has been plush and comfortable from day 1 with very good support for back and neck. Time to finally rotate this beast of a mattress. Not looking forward to that tomorrow.

The nicest surprise with the mattress and cover is how it is always the right temperature in all seasons, not too hot in summer. We did get the kids their own LaNoodle pillows, They like them so much they tend to end up in the car on family trips.
I am not affiliated with CozyPure in any way.
Keep up the strong work here, Phoenix. Thanks for your valuable insight and information on this site!

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Hi TDIHoo,

Thanks for the update and I have to say I really appreciate it that you are keeping us up to date. It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago that you purchased your mattress … time goes quickly :slight_smile:

It’s great to see you are enjoying your mattress just as much as when it was new.

I also really like my lanoodles topper.


I would like to say thank you for the great post, info and pictures! Helps so much!

I second what AustinZoe said.

Are there any other manufactures that are this integrated and detail oriented? The “green” aspect is interesting but not especially important to me.

Adding my voice to the thanks for the thorough review and pictures. I’m giving some strong consideration to the CozyPure Hotel bundle, and it is nice to see some independent verification of their manufacturing methods, customer service, and quality.

Are there any other green/organic manufacturers offering an all-inclusive mattress-pillows-bedding setup like the CP Hotel collection? It seems like a no-brainer for someone like me (upgrading from a full bed to a queen, so I need everything anyway), but CozyPure’s the only brand I’ve found that offers this kind of comprehensive system.

Hi Rounded,

There are many other mattress manufacturers that also sell natural or organic mattresses that sell individual accessories to go with the mattress but off the top of my head I don’t know of any others that include them as part of a “complete package” like Cozy Pure.


Great post. Thanks for all the pics and info. One day I want one of their mattresses. Love the LaNoodle pillows and body pillow from them. Can’t wait to get my mattress topper.