Latex mattresses in Sacramento

Hi. I’m interested in trying an all latex mattress. Any recommendations for the Sacramento area?

Hi Bosco,

There are a few factory direct manufacturers within 100 miles of you that make latex mattresses but unfortunately none within 50 miles. It’s like they are in a ring around you :). In any case … here’s what I know about (with the rough mileage in brackets) for both manufacturers and some retail outlets that could make good latex testing grounds.

Note: added … an updated list is in post #5 here. (86) Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of layered choose your own mattresses of various types including Dunlop and Talalay latex (86) Local factory direct manufacturer. Has a range of mattresses but few details of materials or prices on website. (77) Local factory direct manufacturer who makes latex mattresses. No prices on their website. (83) Local factory direct manufacturer. Offers a range of latex mattresses (87) Retail direct outlet for Restwell. Uses Dunlop latex and not the best value but may have value for testing purposes. - ahappyplanet Resources and Information. (87) Green Sleep, Oasis, and HOM all high quality but expensive Dunlop latex. (25) Retailer. Carries Dunlop latex mattresses from what looks like Vivetique. (77) Retailer. Carries a wide range of latex mattresses in Talalay and Dunlop including Natura, OMI, W J Southard, Magniflex (not latex), and Pure Latex Bliss. Would make a very good latex testing ground although not the best value compared to a factory direct manufacturer. (25) Retailer. Carries Berkeley Ergonomic mattresses which include Dunlop latex models and some interesting hybrids including microcoils. (105) Retailer. Carries Savvy Rest (choose your own layering), Natura, and Land and Sky (Dunlop). Expensive but would be good for testing layering combinations. NOTE: added later … online only so they would not be a possible testing ground and they don’t have the same value as other online outlets. (43) Englander (Dunlop), Aireloom, Kluft and others. Probably not the best choice even for testing. (60) Various outlets in the area from Santa Rosa to Napa to San Rafael. Retailer. Carries Pure Latex Bliss Natural along with Sharper Image, Natura, Anatomic Global and others along with some mainstream brands (which I would ignore). They are knowledgeable about mattresses and materials and as open and transparent about their mattresses as their manufacturers allow them to be. Good people 0 Retailer. Close by but only carries Natura which has a range of Dunlop and Talalay mattresses but are not the best value. (25) Retailer. Carries Natura, Suite Sleep, Green Sleep, and Keetsa (lower cost “budget” mattresses). No real value here but again may be good for testing latex. Wholesale manufacturer in Rancho Dominguez with retail outlets in Sacramento (check retail outlet finder). Offers a range of latex mattresses which may have good value.

Hope that helps. It’s unfortunate that there is so little right in Sacramento but this should give you some good testing grounds for testing latex layering and some of the local manufacturers may offer good value. I would do some initial work on the phone to get a sense of what they make and then visit the outlets that seem to offer the best range for testing and/or the manufacturers who have the best value if it looks like a local purchase is a good value option.


Note: added … an updated list is in post #5 here.

Thanks for the quick response and detailed info! I’ve got my homework for the weekend…