Mattress shopping overwhelmed

Just got done shopping for bedroom furniture and now I am totally overwhellmed by all the mattress selections and I am afraid to buy the mattress from the furniture store as all they want to tout is there warranty of 25 years ( and like I told my wife a warranty is only as good as the company backing it up). Anyways back to my question can you recommend a local mattress manufactor or local store that can help me pick out the best mattress for me. I live in the Indianapolis Indiana area. Thanks in advance for your help

Hi hockeyfan,

While I don’t follow hockey a lot during the regular season, I follow it enough in the playoffs to know that today is not a good day for the Canucks which are “my team” :frowning:

On to mattresses though …

There is one factory direct manufacturer I know of right in Indianapolis … (Niagara Therapy) Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, IN. They have latex and latex hybrid mattresses (with innersprings or polyfoam) as well as memory foam mattresses that you can choose your own components and design your own mattress. Knowldgeable about mattress materials and they use good quality materials in all of their lineup. Well worth a visit for those that are in reasonable driving distance.

There are also several other factory direct options in the general area. Three of them are run by separate parts of the same family of which one is very close and the other two are a little further away but still within reasonable driving distance in your general area (they are not connected to each other) along with a regional factory direct manufacturer and a local mom and pop supplier that sells high quality latex mattress components as well. They are … Kokomo, Carmel or if their site isn’t working. Lafayette Anderson, Muncie

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Lafayette, Terre Haute. A local mom and pop supplier in Lafayette that supplies mattress components including 5 different firmness levels of 3" Dunlop layers, wool batting, and mattress covers (including wool quilted) that you can put together at home. The work from their home where you can go to test different layer combinations. Since these are components only, you can build a mattress without a fire barrier. As you can see from their many forum posts and contributions (see here), they are knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful.

While all of the Holders may be better value than many larger brands … I would definitely include the one in Lafayette in your research. More about the different Holders is in this thread.

There is also a factory direct manufacturer based in Jeffersonville called Bowles Mattress which makes their own line of mattresses and also manufacture Lady Americana which would also have better quality and value than most of the mainstream choices you are likely to find locally. They have several independently owned factory showrooms in the Indianapolis area including Longs in Indianapolis and Walls Mattress nearby (they have a retail locator here).

Some wholesale manufacturers that supply some of the local retailers that may also have retailers near you include …

Jamison also makes some high quality mattresses which have better than average value and they also have a retail outlet finder on their site (although the closest one is still a fair drive away).

Pure Latex Bliss also makes a line of very high quality latex mattress if you are looking in that direction and also has a retail outlet finder on their site.

The closest PLB dealer to Indianapolis is in Zionsville . One of the outlets that seems to carry them also carries Jamison (although they don’t list the PLB on their site) is a wholesale manufacturer based in Celina Tennessee that also makes some better quality/value mattresses that would be worth including in your research and they also have a retail store finder on their site. They are a wholesale manufacturer that makes Restonic but they also have a retail outlet finder and there may be a store near you where you can test them. Clare bedding makes “all latex” versions of Restonic (some regional Restonic manufacturers use polyfoam over the latex)

Southerland mattresses is an independent wholesale manufacturer based in Nashville, TN that are carried by some of the retailers in the area including and that may also be worth considering. Retailer with stores in Crawfordsville, Lafayette, Richmond, Terre Haute, IN (and others that are farther away). Carries their own line of private label memory foam and latex mattresses called Sleep Natural that may include some better quality/value options that may be worth considering as well. I would avoid the major brand and liquidation mattresses that they also carry.

I would always make sure that any retailer or manufacturer you are dealing with will provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about the quality and durability of all the materials in any mattress you are considering (see this article) so you could make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links that can compromise the durability and useful life of a mattress and make more meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

These are the better choices that are reasonably close to you that I know of.


We just bought a mattress from May (after checking out name brands like TempurPedic and Sleep Number). The factory is hard to find and it’s in a very, um, interesting neighborhood, but the beds are indeed quite nice. We’d recommend it highly. Also: I can confirm that their factory direct prices are MUCH lower than what you’ll find in retail outlets.

Hi lyh,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Thanks too for confirming that their factory direct prices are more reasonable than some of the prices at retail stores.


Hi Lyn and Phoenix,

Lyn, I’d be interested to know which mattress you selected from May. I was in there yesterday (only found through this site) and yes it is in a VERY “interesting” part of town. :slight_smile:


We are looking at their Heavenly Comfort line:

There are details on their site; however, for quick review, it is 14 inches and composed of from top down:

Gel Foam Quilt
Ventilated 5lb memory foam cushinging
4lb Gel Memory Foam
Lura-tex Foam Core
HD Base Foam

They have a new offering in the Heavenly comfort line called the “Heavenly Comfort Ortho Firm”. It is essentially composed of the exact same materials; however, not with a pillow top…just more tightly “bound” to make it more firm (that is my understanding…could be wrong).

My question:

Compared to the Cloud Luxe I thought it felt similar / just as great; however, I’m not an expert on materials. With the information on their site and what I’ve provided, is that enough to say that this mattress will last and will work for my wife and I? I am 205 lbs @ 5’11" and my wife is about 125-135lbs @ 5’5". She prefered the softer mattress and I (ever so slightly) preferred the firmer mattress.

This mattress is about $2300 cheaper than the tempur and that is with the foundation included (not included with the Tempur)…I also like to support locally made / locally run businesses; however I don’t want to compromise quality…any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!!!

Hi tabracey,

Can you ask them and list the thickness of all the layers from top to bottom (including the gel infused quilt foam), whether the gel infused quilt foam is polyfoam or memory foam, and the density of the gel infused quilt foam, the Lura-tex and the HD base foam?

Just as a pricing reference as well … what size are you looking at?

Once you can find out and list the missing information … I’d be happy to make some comments.


Thanks for the quick response Phoenix!

I called them today and this is what I got:
Gel Foam Quilt 1" ILD12
Ventilated 5lb memory foam cushinging 2.5" ILD18
4lb Gel Memory Foam 2" ILD24
Lura-tex 5lb Foam Core 5" ILD30
HD Base Foam 2lb high res 2.5" ILD38

We are looking at a King size.

Hi tabracey,

Thanks for listing the specs.

All of these are good quality materials and there is only an inch of “unknown density” foam in the quilt layer so there are no obvious weak links in the mattress and based on the density of the materials it would be in a similar quality/durability range as the Cloud Luxe. If your testing indicates that it’s a good “match” for both of you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) then it would certainly be a much better “value” purchase than the Cloud Luxe IMO.