Side Sleeper looking for Latex Mattress

I’m new to this forum and also the possibility of getting a latex mattress. I have been reading posts on this forum for the past couple of weeks and also getting pricing from online retailers.

I sleep on my side. I can’t get 8 hours sleep without my side (mainly hip area) getting numb after around 5 hrs of sleep. Then I end up turning side to side but eventually both sides become numb and sore. I am currently on a Simmons Beautyrest Corita Super Plush pillowtop mattress.
I have tried many different mattresses over the years and nothing seems to work. I’m around 6 foot 240Lbs.

I know there are local mattress stores where I could try some latex mattresses but I think that would be a waste of time. I’m sure that it will feel nice in the showroom but until I sleep on one overnight I really can’t be sure that it will work for me.

So this is why I am sticking with the online latex mattress sellers that offer very good return/refund policies plus no sales tax for what it’s worth. I’m tired of getting stuck with One TIme Only Exchange from the local stores. I figure at worst I might lose shipping charges just to try the latex mattress out at home.

So the 3 online latex sellers that really stand out to me are Habitat, Sleep-EZ and Plush Beds.
I like Habitat not only because you have 365 day return period but also because the latex 9" latex mattress comes as one mattress insead of having to deal with the 2 or 3 separate adjustable layers. Yes they seem to be alittle more expensive. They recommended a medium firmness bed for my situation. The other 2 vendors Sleep-EZ and Plush Beds you have to get the adjustable layers which sounds like a major hassle to me. I wouldn’t know which firmness to use even if they weren;t working for me. They are lower price but you could end of spending additional cash if you have to start exchanging the layers.

So I am open to suggestions comments if I am on the right course for my situation. If the latex mattress works for me it is worth the price.
I’m tired of going through mattresses. Please tell me if I am on the correct track. Thanks

Hi jet7571,

I don’t know if you are on the “correct” track or not but you certainly aren’t on the track I would suggest for anyone.

I think that choosing a mattress is all about tilting the odds in your favor as much as possible and local testing is a big part of this IMO regardless of whether you buy locally or online. In many cases there is also great value available locally as well.

I also don’t think of mattresses that have adjustable layering in a zip cover as a “hassle” at all but as a great option that can give you the chance to fine tune the mattress by re-arranging the layers or exchanging them if it’s not quite right for your needs and preferences.

Post #1 here has all the information, guidelines and steps that I would suggest when people are looking for a new mattress but of course these are just suggestions and each person is always free to follow whatever they believe is best.

Post #21 here includes some of the better quality and value online latex choices that I know of. SleepEz is one of these but Habitat certainly isn’t and Plushbeds isn’t either … although they are better value IMO than Habitat. A forum search on Habitat and on Plushbeds (you can just click both of these) will bring up more of my thoughts about both of them.

Of course each person may have a different personal value equation and different parts of a mattress purchase or the benefits and options available may be more or less important to each person but two of your three choices would not be among my final choices … and certainly not Habitat when there are so many better value choices available.


Thank you for the quick reply and the great information. Actually with the information you gave me I found a retailer not too far from me that sells Latex matresses. The company is Foam Sweet Foam. I may try to go there today.
My main concern is just buying from someone that does returns and not just exchanges.

Another question. Would it make sense to try a Latex mattress topper on my current bed? My mattress is already almost 14" thickness so it might make it too high.

Also have you heard of any hotel chains that have Latex mattress?

Hi jet757f,

[quote]The company is Foam Sweet Foam. I may try to go there today.
My main concern is just buying from someone that does returns and not just exchanges.[/quote]

I understand … and this is all part of deciding on what are the most important parts of our personal value equation. FSF is a very high quality and good value choice and I think highly of the mattresses they make and their knowledge and service. Their return and exchange policy is here.

That would depend on the condition and design of your mattress. If it is just a matter of your mattress being too firm but it has no dips, sags, or soft spots then a topper can be a good idea to improve pressure relief. If your mattress already has thick soft layers (which as you can see here yours does … over 5 3/4" of it since it’s a “super plush”) or if it has impressions, dips, or soft spots then a topper will only follow the soft spots or depressions in the mattress or add to the risk of alignment issues that goes with comfort layers that are too thick and soft for your needs and preferences. At best it would be a temporary or partial solution and at worst it could lead to spending money on products that don’t help or worse yet cause worse issues than they solve.

Not what I would call a “latex mattress” no although I certainly don’t know the specific details of the mattresses in each chain (and most are made by major manufacturers that don’t disclose this anyway).


I checked out the latex mattresses at Foam Sweet Foam today. They have things more complicated. They had 12" mattresses made up from four 3" pieces which come in different firmness. So as an example they have them setup: Medium-Medium-Firm-ExtraFirm.
These can be switched around anyway that you choose. Then to make things more difficult you can also choose all Talalay or all Dunlop materials. I think the Dunlop was also Organic. The Talalay mattress seemed to have a softer feel even with the same firmness.

I liked the feel of the medium for the most part. I’m not sure which I would choose between Dunlop and Talalay
The problem is they can feel great in the showroom but until I sleep for a full night on one I will never know if it will work.
It takes about 5 hrs in the bed until I feel the discomfort. `

Hi jet757f,

I would choose the one that feels best to you. They are both high quality versions of latex but as you probably know from your testing they have a different feel. Talalay is lighter and more lively while Dunlop is denser and a little less lively. The choice between them would be a preference.


Sleep EZ has the same configurations on their 13" Latex bed. I’m going to have to go back to Foam Sweet Foam and make a decision on Dunlop or Talalay if I do go with Sleep EZ.

Sleep EZ has the 100 Day refund. I Just want to make sure there is no hassle doing this.
I’m open to changing layers but then it starts using up the 100 days if I have to return the whole mattress.

How much do each of those 3" sections weigh?

I like the Habitat return policy of 365 days better but you seem to be paying for it. The prices are high.

Hi jet7571,

While each person may have a different “personal value equation”, I normally suggest that a 20% difference between a local manufacturer and an online manufacturer in an otherwise apples to apples comparison would be roughly equivalent “value” because of the benefits of being able to deal locally and test a specific mattress in person but of course each person may be different in the number they use or which of the different options or features offered by each manufacturer is most important or “valuable” to them.

In most cases people will have determined their best configuration well before this time but either way (whether you are exchanging layers or just using or re-arranging the layers you have) you would be “using up” the time for a refund. I’m not clear on why one would affect the other when it’s just an additional option. A refund is normally the last option and used only when there is no configuration that will work and it would be rare for someone to have to use it, especially when they’ve actually had the chance to test a mattress in person and it’s only a matter of “fine tuning” th layering if necessary. It’s an option of last resort in other words that would be by far the least common scenario. It’s always a “hassle” to return a mattress though not so much because of the cost involved but because of the time involved in re-packing it and sending it back and then having to start all over again from scratch.

That would depend on the size and on the softness/firmness and on the type of latex (Dunlop is heavier than Talalay and firmer is heavier than softer) and on whether the layer was split or a whole layer. As an example if the latex was 5 lb/cu ft then a 3" queen size layer would be 8.33 cubic feet which times 5 would weigh about 42 lbs.

I personally can’t imagine the vast majority of people taking that long to decide whether their mattress could be configured the way they liked it (and especially with Habitat which doesn’t offer custom layering that can be re-arranged or exchanged anyway so your purchase choice would be the only option you had) but like anything else if someone believed this was important enough then they may be willing to pay the premium involved either in price or in the lack of layering options.


The reason the return/refund is so important to me is because because even though it feels good to me in the showroom doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work for me. The bed that I sleep on right now feels great when I first go to sleep but after around 5 or 6 hrs I start to feel the numbness on my side. So my point is that trying it out in the showroom doesn’t really make a difference. I need to sleep on it for 8 hours before I know if it will work for me. Whether changing the layers on the bed will work is unknown at this time. So I need the option to return or I’m stuck with a mattress that is no better than the one I already have.

Hi Jet757f,

This is probably true if you test a mattress for it’s “subjective” feel in a showroom and for those who do this the odds are probably less than random chance of making the most appropriate choice (see the results of the study here). This is very different however than testing a mattress more objectively and specifically using the testing guidelines in the tutorial post where the odds are much higher of making a good choice … although they are still not 100%.

Even here though … no matter how you test a mattress … there is still some degree of risk that you will make the “wrong” choice. Then the question becomes how long will it take you to know and what are your options if this happens.

Accurate and objective testing in a showroom for the most part results in a choice that is “close enough” that only “fine tuning” will be needed. Regardless of this though … it would be very rare if someone didn’t know whether a mattress was suitable for them after sleeping on it for 30 days or so and in the “worst case” in the range of 60 - 90 days. If it turns out that a mattress isn’t suitable after this long … then if you have purchased a mattress that is “all or nothing” … the only option you have is to return it for a refund or exchange it for another mattress if either of these are an option. If the mattress has the ability to customize it to different degrees … then the odds are much higher that you will find a layering arrangement that can adjust either the pressure relief or support of the mattress that will work very well without having to return the mattress. Don’t forget that there are only two basic functions of a mattress. Even if the layers you have don’t work … then you would also have the ability to exchange a layer and with the help of a good manufacturer you would be able to use their knowledge and your experience and feedback from sleeping on the mattress to help you decide what to change. This way you would still have a mattress to sleep on with very high odds that you will find the best layering. Even if this doesn’t work … and the odds of this are very low … then you would still have the option for a return and refund just like an “all or nothing” choice.

It would be difficult for me to imagine that someone would actually sleep on a mattress beyond 90 days or so and wait a year before deciding to return it for a refund. Why sleep on an unsuitable mattress for that long? If they did get to this place they would be starting all over again with nothing to sleep on in the meantime unless they kept their old mattress for a year.

Each person of course needs to decide on which parts of their “personal value equation” are most important to them and there is no “right or wrong” in this but it’s paying that kind of a premium for a mattress which has many fewer options available and where the 365 days wouldn’t be of practical benefit anyway for the vast majority of people wouldn’t be the “best value” choice for most people. I understand the need to sleep on a mattress for a period of time to know for certain regardless of whether you have tested it in a showroom or slept on it in person for a period of time … but 365 days to me is more about marketing than it is about reality.


I’m really leaning towards Sleep-EZ right now. I just talked to Shaun again with more questions. I’m planning on the 13" with the first two layers Medium Medium Talalay and the 2nd two layers Firm, Extra Firm Dunlop.

I’m really close to ordering just have to get the courage :unsure:

Thanks again for all your help and advice. It is really appreciated.

UPDATE: Ordered the Select Sleep Organic 13000 from SleepEZ. Will let you know how it works.

So I had ordered my Select Sleep 13000 from Sleep Ez on Monday evening. I got a call the next morning from Shaun
verifying the order. After talking more he recommended going with all Natural Talalay. Med-Med-Firm-ExtraFirm. Originally I was going to have the firm layers in Dunlop.

I received the mattress today (Fri) in 5 boxes. One of them had the mattress case by itself.
I put it together by myself so it was quite a job.
What made it alittle more difficult is that my low profile foundation is below that the wood frame of my bed.
So I could not put the side of the mattress case over the sides of the foundation per the instructions.
I had to put the bottom layer down and seat it in the mattress case with many adjustments.
The other layers went up fairly easy once the first layer was down. I thought it would be difficult to zip the case around
the latex layers but it was actually fairly easy.

The mattress looks and feels great. It does feel alittle firm so I’m glad that Shaun recommended all Talalay.
I won’t know if the mattress will work for me until I sleep on it for 8 hrs.
I really want it to work because I would not enjoy trying to pack it up and send it back.

I will give my final verdict in a couple of days.

Please let us know how it works for you. I myself have been looking and haven’t made it to fsf, but will definately try next week. Of all the places I’ve been around I actually liked the old school spring with a foam topping on it. I did find a place that had a solid latex 8 or 9" bed, but it wasn’t anything special for me.

Hi jet757f,

I’d also keep in mind that it may take you a few weeks to adjust to a new sleeping surface so a few days may not be long enough for the mattress to break in much less for you to adjust to it. One of the advantages to the layering you have is that you can rearrange the layers if you need to.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Yes if it seems too firm I may exchange the top medium for a soft.
I will let you know how it works out.

I’m still have the same hip/leg soreness as my last mattress.
It happens after around 5 hrs of sleep.

I called Shaun today and he is sending a soft layer for me to try.
If I still have the problem I will switch all the layers around to see if anything works.

The soft layer was no help. Same problem.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to send the mattress back. It is a real pain trying to get the mattress layers into the boxes as I found out with the one layer I returned.

So now I am back where I started with no idea on what kind of mattress would help me.
I guess I will try memory foam and the select sleep at a hotel.

Hi jet7571,

I think you may be losing an opportunity to help you understand why you are having some of the issues you are having. Regardless of whether the mattress you have in some combination of layering ends up being the ideal for you … I think that the more “random” approach you are taking or considering may not help you get any closer to a solution to your sleeping issues. I have several suggestions that may be helpful in both the short term but more importantly in the longer term.

First … I would suggest that it may be worth considering that there may be other issues involved in the “symptoms” you are experiencing that may have little to do with any mattress. Mattresses can’t solve physiological or medical issues although they can certainly make some difference in the comfort you experience while you are working on them in other ways.

Second … I think you are making changes (and exchanges) too quickly without giving your body the chance to adapt to a new sleeping surface or layering. As you can see in post #2 here … there is an initial breaking in period and adjustment period with any new mattress before you can know for certain whether it is working for you. Your body may also need to “unlearn” what it has become used to and how it adapts to pressure and alignment issues that are unique to you and the mattresses you have slept on in the past. I would recommend reading post # 2 here and post #7 here as well.

Third and perhaps most importantly … you have 90 days to help you discover what type of layering is the closest to your ideal and help you understand more about the types of design that work best for you. Regardless of whether you end up keeping your current mattress … the flexibility of its design means that you have a real opportunity do do some re-arranging and experimenting that can give you some insights into why you are having the issues you are having.

The type of issues you are having can be because of comfort layers that are too firm but with your higher weight it is equally likely (perhaps even more likely) that it could be because your hips are flexing beyond their neutral range and firmer support layers may be helpful to prevent your hips from overextending. Your experience on the Corita and on softer layers may be pointing to this as well. This firmer support can be accomplished by some layer rearranging (with each one being tested for at least a week) and would give you the opportunity to find out how your symptoms change (regardless of whether they are completely resolved) with different combinations of the balance between pressure relief and support.

Of course what you do is entirely up to you (and the option of a refund is one of the “values” of the choice you made) but it seems to me that you would be losing a meaningful and possibly important chance to help you understand more about the design of a mattress that may help you to the degree that it’s possible for any mattress to help and that a more “random” or “all or nothing” approach that doesn’t take advantage of the layering options of your mattress and the chance you have to gain some understanding about your symptoms may have much lower odds of success and getting you to the end result you are looking for.


I’m going to take your advice and move the extra firm to the top and see what happens. I wasn’t going to do this because moving these layers around is a big PIA. Keep in mind this is a Ca King so nothing is easy.

Also I am beginning to think that it could be a medical problem that no mattress will fix. This is something that I have thought about too.

Anyway I will let you know how it works.


Hi jet757f,

I’m not so sure that is the next layer combination I would try and it certainly wouldn’t be my “advice”.

Don’t forget that you need pressure relief (which comes from the top layers and may need a softer layer than extra firm) and you need good alignment/support that comes more from the middle and lower layers. Extra firm on the top layer may be among the worst of the combinations you could choose … at least for now … because you may have end up with both pressure issues and alignment issues.

You may be making changes that are too extreme and not taking long enough to test any of them.

I agree that re-arranging layers can be a “pain” but the tradeoff of effort would be small compared to what you can learn over the next few months and the possibility that you may get much closer and learn a great deal about your “ideal” layering in a mattress. This knowledge may benefit you in many ways (both in cost and quality of sleep) for many years, may help you get of the treadmill of mattress choices that don’t work as well as they could, and IMO is well worth the relatively small short term effort over the next few months.

I would take a more step by step approach with smaller increments of change and test each one for a little longer.