looking for mattress that uses "softech micro-coils"

Does anyone know of a mattress maker in the greater Los Angels area that offers the “softech micro-coils " or nanocoils” in the top layers of their mattress?

I’ve called or looked at the websites of most companies listed here:https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/factory-direct-mattress-manufacturers-near-los-angeles-ca

and haven’t found anyone using the softech micro-coils yet.

We are very intrigued with the idea of sampling a well made mattress using softech micro-coils in the topper, as my wife and I both prefer the feel of an innersprings over foam cores, and (if the of the manufactures data can be believed) the micro coils have the potential to be one of the most durable topping materials.

PS - I thought the forum might be interested in the data in the attached graph…(sorry if it has already been posted). I know tests can be set up to favor the publisher (and it only represents one small ssample of materials) but it is certainly an interesting comparison point for those of us digging into the details of mattress construction. The test materials they selected for Poly Foam and latex for example, certainly bear out what many have experienced with the S company products.

Hi motuman,

I would certainly agree that microcoils are a durable component but I don’t think that the benefits or durability of a microcoil would be limited to the Softech coils alone and there are other microcoils that are also similar that you may wish to consider as well (see post #8 here).

I also think that the manufacturer of Talalux latex (Radium) would dispute the numbers they are quoting.

Since a microcoil is a comfort component (used over a support core) and traditional innersprings (including pocket coils) are support components that use different types of comfort layers (usually some type of foam) on top of them … the “feel” of a microcoil will be different from the “feel” of most innerspring mattresses so it’s a good idea to see if you can test them in person.

In very general terms they are good at contouring to the shape of the body and and are also good with motion separation (like pocket coils in general) they also have a very “resilient” or “springy” feel.

I don’t keep a record of all the individual mattresses that are available at the retailers that are included in the hundreds of local lists throughout the forum (it would be more than anyone could keep up with in a constantly changing market) … but off the top of my head I know that Berkeley Ergonomics has a number of mattresses that include microcoils and Spinal Care Bedding has one here that may be available at a local retailer and Custom Comfort also seems to have one here and Naturepedic also has several that may also be available at local retailers.