Original Mattress Factory

I live in the Pittsburgh area, and i recently looked at the latex mattresses at the Original Mattress Factory (OMF). I will be buying a mattress by the end of the year, and I was wondering if this company was my best company. They told me that the latex is a core from latex international with both sided latex topper.
I read in another thread that you were talking to them about customizing their latex mattresses instead of only offering the two options. Do you feel that this will happen?

Hi Mark,

Original Mattress Factory as you say has only have 2 latex options, one with just an inch of polyfoam quilting on each side of the latex core and one with an additional inch of latex and the quilting on each side of the core. OMF itself is a larger regional manufacturer with many factory direct outlets and some of these tend to cater to “averages” and change their lineup more slowly. As latex becomes more popular (it is one of the growing categories in specialty sleep mattresses) and more people look for more latex options then it would surprise me if OMF didn’t increase its options however they haven’t done so for at least several years so I doubt that they will by the end of the year. They are very open about their materials and make mattresses with good quality and value including traditional innerspring and a memory foam model. NOTE: They have now replaced their two latex mattresses with the Serenity latex mattress which is a two sided latex/polyfoam hybrid version and they have two good quality memory foam options as well and would be well worth including in your research.

Some other options for factory direct mattresses that are reasonably near you that may be well worth exploring (not all of which make or sell latex) include …

Page Bedding Co. - Western PA Mattress Manufacture Johnstown. Factory direct manufacturer. They don’t make any latex mattresses but they make traditional and gel memory foam mattresses and two sided innersprings.

Classic Bedding Manufacturing Company Conneaught Lake, PA. Factory direct manufacturer. Makes a range of two sided innerspring mattresses and box springs in low to mid price ranges.

There are also some retail stores within about 50 miles or so that sell mattresses made by some smaller independent manufacturers that may have better value and some of these may include latex mattresses that have either all latex or latex comfort layers that may be worth including in your research or testing for reference. They would require more research and some preliminary calls to make sure they were able and willing to provide the layer details of their mattresses and that they carried latex or latex hybrids (many of the websites are not specific about what they carry). I’ve listed the brands that may have possibilities depending on which models they carry.

http://thenaturalsleepshop.com/ Retailer in Cranberry Twp. Carries Savvy Rest component latex mattresses and Naturepedic which are both high quality manufacturers but are also in a more premium price range so make some careful value comparisons.

Brands Canonsburg. Carry Imperial which are a smaller manufacturer which makes some of their own springs and uses higher quality materials in their mattresses and have better value. Mostly traditional innerspring mattresses.

http://www.yelp.com/biz/barrons-furniture-somerset Somerset, PA. Carries Pure Late Bliss (latex) and a range of Imperial mattresses including two sided innersprings. The owner here is knowledgeable about materials and either knows or will gladly find out the quality of the materials in their mattresses for their customers. NOTE ADDED June 20,2016: The owner is retiring so they will soon be closing so call first to see what mattresses they have remaining if you go here.

Hope this helps … and its nice to see someone who is taking their time rather than rushing to replace a mattress quickly and encountering the stress of hurried decisions and more “urgent” research :slight_smile:


Thank you for the detailed list of stores. It will be a great help, as some of them are close to me (Carlisle and DSM). I currently have a foam bed from Bergad (foam-fabrication). It is twelve years old, and I have to have a topper on it due to the heat. It is time to move to a new mattress, and I believe latex will be my best bet.

I checked out the mattresses at Carlisle yesterday. This is a small family operation, and I spent an hour going over and checking out all of the options. The owner is very knowledgeable, and was willing to make me a custom mattress to my preferences. I am getting a 3 inch medium (24) latex with a solid firm foam core. I could of gotten a spring base, but may have had trouble getting the queen mattress up the stairs in my old farm house.
I am happy with the price and personalized treatment and custom mattress. I will let you know how things work out.

Hi Mark,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback after you’ve had it delivered and had a chance to sleep on it for a few nights.


It’s been three nights and my new latex topped mattress is great. It is slightly firmer than my previous memory foam mattress. The big difference is how much cooler it is. A big plus. I covered it with a Malouf Encase mattress protector. I should be set to go for many years!

I was searching for mattress surgery videos and came across this video on making a mattress by Carlisle Mattress Factory.

Hi jankdc,

I thought their videos were great as well and I’ve linked to them from time to time in the forum but sadly they are no longer in business and all that’s left of them are some great videos :frowning: