All latex mattresses

We are thinking of purchasing an all latex mattress online from Habitat Furnishings. Any advice, either about an all latex mattress or the company?

Hi Csoul,

If you do a search on Habitat you will find quite a few mentions of them on the forum and comparisons to other better value options as well. In essence they are a good quality products that are overpriced IMO.

There is a list of the members in post #21 here that sell online and which have better value which may be of interest as well :). There are many great options here and all of them are happy to talk with you about your needs and preferences in a mattress and have the skills and knowledge to give you very good guidance.

There’s quite a bit of information in the mattresses section of the site that may help with your research and there are some guidelines about weight/height/body shape here and about different sleeping positions here.

If you let me know which city you live in … there may also be some local factory direct manufacturers or better sleep shops near you which as you can read in this article are almost always the best local source of quality and value. It’s also a good idea to do some local testing on latex mattresses to get a sense of the type of layering that works best for you either for a local purchase or as a guideline for an online order.

Hope this helps.


We live close to South Bend IN or Ft Wayne IN. We have tried three different inner spring mattresses and are now sleeping on a Tempurpedic Allura. After 90 days this tempurpedic still seems too hard. We have made arrangements to send it back with a full refund. We are gun shy now and don’t know which way to go. I read your descriptions of comfort layers and support layers and was intrigued by the qualities of latex. I also read a complete description of organic latex on another site which lead me to Habitat Furnishings. Thanks for your help.

Hi Csoul,

In taking a look around you … these are the local manufacturers I’m aware of that are close to you in the Fort Wayne or South Bend area.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress which makes a “mostly latex” mattress that includes an option for a latex or memory foam topper and several all latex options as well. They also make a range of different types of innerspring mattresses. They are open and transparent about their materials and generally have good quality/value but I would avoid the major brands they also carry and only focus on the models that they make. (Niagara Therapy) Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, IN. They have latex and latex hybrid mattresses (with innersprings or polyfoam) as well as memory foam mattresses that you can choose your own components and design your own mattress. Knowldgeable about mattress materials and they use good quality materials in all of their lineup. Well worth a visit for those that are in reasonable driving range. Local manufacturer in Shipshewana, IN. They make latex, memory foam and traditional innerspring mattresses that use high quality materials and would be well worth including in your research. There is an article about them here Elkhart. Local factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of more “traditional” (innerspring/polyfoam) mattresses that seem to be well built and have good value in their budget range but I don’t see any latex in their options. Fort Wayne, IN. Sleep Logic. They carry latex, memory foam, and one sided innersprings on their floor and will call White Dove (who makes Sleep Logic) for any specs that they don’t have. Auburn, IN. I talked with the owner here and they used to make their own mattresses so they are knowledgeable and experienced but now they carry Englander on their floor and don’t make their own any more. They have a range of mattresses including one and two sided mattresses, latex hybrids, memory and gel foam, and traditional innersprings. Understands the importance of knowing foam specs and will call their factory in Chicago to find out any specs they don’t have available.

If you are willing to take a drive to the Chicago area … one of our members (which is a sister company to ) has some very high quality and value options and I highly recommend them. Tim is very knowledgeable, helps to “educate” his customers and has great service. What you may “lose” in traveling time you would likely make up for in terms of the confusion, frustration, and time involved in visiting several local stores and outlets and never being sure how much of the information you are given can be trusted or what you are really buying. The prices and value that they offer would also help of course :).

Post #2 here has the better options I know of in the Kalamazoo / Portage area including another one of the members here that I think very highly of, Buis Mattress in Holland, MI.

Further towards the Grand Rapids area some of the better options I’m aware of are listed in post #273 here.

If you are interested in driving towards the Lafayette or Indianapolis area some of the better options there are listed in post #2 here.

Towards Toledo and Detroit some of the better options are listed in post #2 here.

The Allura uses their HD memory foam which is both soft and firm at the same time. It is soft in terms of being highly conforming to the body shape but it is also very dense and has a slow response so it takes more “time” to soften in response to changes in movement and temperature so it can also feel very firm compared to foams that respond faster to changes in position and movement. It is also firmer than most lower density memory foams but this is only relative to other memory foams because all memory foam would be considered “soft” which is why it is only used in the upper layers of a mattress and never as a support system in a mattress.

There are some good choices in the area and a trip to My Green Mattress would also be well worth it if you are up for a drive.


Your advice is timely because we’ve been dealing with Denver Mattress all along and have until tomorrow to return or exchange the Allura for full price. We’re headed there this afternoon to try out the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe so will also try the Snowmass and Aspen. If we like the latex feel we can go ahead and send the Allura back for a full refund and then take our time to find the appropriate latex. Chicago is an easy drive from here. Thanks so much for your help. I have to say that the Denver Mattress people have been totally professional (this is our 4th try with them to find the right mattress - wish we’d found your website earlier!) and have taken back every mattress without question.

I used to work for Furniture Row, the parent company of Denver Mattress, at a fairly high level in the company. Excellent company. Honest and trustworthy to the core. They pride themselves in hiring only honest people and being very selective about it, and they don’t tolerate scheisterism or dishonesty. At the first hint of any such nonsense as part of an employee’s character, that employee is usually gone very soon. Not a surprise to me that they want to keep you happy. You might also check out Urban Mattress. A couple of my friends own a store in Denver, though I’ve never been there, so can’t say anything about the products from experience. I’d trust their families to babysit my kids, if that gives you an idea. Trustworthiness is almost enough of a reason to shop with a company in my book. Good luck with your purchase.

Hi Tel,

Thanks for your feedback about Denver Mattress. I certainly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I also agree with you about Urban mattress and in my dealings with them in both Denver and in Austin I have nothing but good things to say about their knowledge, helpfulness, and service (and there have been a few examples in the forum threads). Your comments about the value of the trustworthiness of an outlet is very much along the lines of my own thoughts as well. While I don’t think they have an outlet near Csoul (who is in Northern Indiana) … for those that have an Urban Mattress near them I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to include them in my research.

Thanks again for your comments and for adding to the information in the forum.


Do you know anything about Luxe Pedic mattresses? They tout beds comparable to Tempur-Pedic at about half the price.

Hi Csoul,

Luxepedic is a factory direct outlet for Park Place which is an old and fairly large manufacturer based in Greenville, SC and which is also a King Koil/Comfort Solutions licensee.

On the surface … they certainly look like they have good quality and value. Their memory foam is American made which means the odds are good that it is CertiPur certified (NOTE: they are now listed as being CertiPur certified). they use 2.0 lb polyfoam in their base layers which is a good quality material. When I talked with them though they didn’t know what CertiPur was and when I told him he said he would bring it up at their next “meeting”. He also confirmed that the Dunlop latex was all natural although he didn’t tell me the manufacturer of either the Dunlop latex or the memory foam.

Overall … they seem to be a worthwhile option.


Thanks for the information.