Latex mattress choices

I am looking for a latex mattress and I am 5’2 and 150 and my husband is 6’6 and 205lbs. We are looking at the factory direct lines for a king between 1000 and 2000. I went to our local store and found a Sealy Embody for $900 mattress only. Is this a viable option or should we stick with factory direct. If so, should we do individual sides for firmness/softness and could you give us any recommendations. I am lost and need a new mattress ASAP! Thanks for your help!

Hi lpearson72,

This post has a step by step guideline that will help you find your “best” mattress. In general … the best quality and value is with local or independent manufacturers that sell eithr factory direct or through better sleep shops. These are the ones with the knowledge and integrity to help you make your best choices and will educate you about the different material choices and options available rather than “sell” you on the latest story without regard to the quality of materials or the value of the mattresses they sell.

The Sealy Embody is a “latex hybrid” mattress that uses various layers of Smart Latex comfort layers over a polyfoam support core. Smart latex is a mostly synthetic Dunlop latex blend which is a good quality material but it is also the least costly and lowest quality of the different latex options available (such as blended or 100% natural Talalay or 100% natural Dunlop). Even a blended Dunlop that uses a higher percentage of natural latex is a higher quality version of latex. Natural rubber is very durable and elastic and synthetic rubber is not as durable or elastic and is “stiffer”.

Having said that … I’m not sure which of the Embody models you are looking at but even the Insightful (which is the lowest price in the lineup and which has 3" of Smart Latex over polyfoam) is generally more than the price you are looking at. If you are buying it from a reputable dealer (that is an authorized Sealy dealer) and it is not from a liquidation outlet, “scratch and dent”, floor model, or comfort exchange etc … then the price and value to me seems good compared to the normal price of a King size Embody although there may be better value available if you are looking at online sources.

The most important part of a mattress purchase like this is that your first priority is PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and not price because no matter what the price or quality of a mattress … if it doesn’t fit your own unique needs and preferences … then it is money wasted.

As you may know from reading the post I linked earlier, some initial research (scanning the overviews in the mattresses section of the site) and choosing a good manufacturer or retailer can be more important first steps than choosing a mattress. A brand recommendation has little meaning at all because it’s always the quality of the materials in a mattress that determines its quality and value rather than the label on the mattress regardless of who makes it. The better retailers and manufacturers have the knowledge and experience and will spend the time with you that can lead to the best recommendations about which type of mattress or material combinations will work best for you and your other half.

So the bottom line is that if the Embody provides all your needs and preferences, has no warning signs attached to the purchase, and is a better value than all the other options you have available (either locally or online depending on which you are comfortable with), then it would be well worth considering. The material quality is good although not the best.

If you want to look further … then if you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to point you in the direction of any better outlets I’m aware of in your area. Some of the best online choices in the country are listed in post #21 here if that’s a direction you are comfortable with.


Thank you so much for your advice. I live in a more rural area, shreveport louisiana and there doesn’t seem to be anything nearby. I would really appreciate your direction, especially online choices, since outlets will be limited (I’m assuming). Thanks again.

Hi lpearson72,

I took a look around your area and as you suspected there aren’t any factory direct manufacturers near you but there are a few local retailers that may have some better value depending on their level of knowledge and experience and most importantly on whether they have the ability and willingness to tell their customers the details of what is in their mattresses and understand how important this is. When you are unsure of the quality of a local retailer … I normally recommend that you call and “interview” them first along the lines of this article before you pay them a visit. This will give you a sense of what to expect if you go there to test their mattresses.

The online manufacturers I listed earlier will give you a good value reference point to compare with any local choices and if nothing else some local testing of different mattresses and materials can be helpful as a guideline for an online purchase.

I’ve listed the brands beside each retailer that I would include in your research (I looked at over 20 different retailers in Shreveport and Bossier City) that may have better quality/value … depending on the models they carry and of course on the local prices. Shreveport, Monroe, LA. Sleep Design, Pure Latex Bliss Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, Marshall, Mansfield, LA and others in the area. Restonic Shreveport, LA. Englander Shreveport, LA. Restonic Bossier City, LA. Restonic


You should check out Buddy’s Home Furnishings in Shreveport. They carry the Golden Mattress brand which has several good choices in latex.

Thank you so much for your help. I have found a restonic bliss firm for $2500. What are your thoughts on this mattress or is online better?

Hi Charlestonbedding,

The store in Shreveport doesn’t have any of the Golden mattresses on the floor at the moment and they are primarily a “rent to own” retailer that sells furniture groupings and don’t have much knowledge about the mattresses they sell (when they do have them on the floor).

While I do know that Golden makes some “better” value mattresses … this particular store would not be a good choice for someone that was looking to buy a mattress from a retailer that had the knowledge and experience to help a consumer make good choices instead of buying a whole “room grouping”.

Who you buy from can be just as important as the mattress that you buy.


Hi lpearson72,

The name on a mattress is not as important as the materials that are in it and the better retailers will tell you the details about what is in the mattress. Without this … there is no way to know the quality or value of a mattress and how it may compare to other mattresses.

If you ask them about the layers in the mattress … then they should be able to tell you what is in the Bliss layer by layer and then you can make a more meaningful comparison with other mattresses. Better retailers will do this for you to the best of their ability because they understand how important it is to know the quality specs of a mattress. Once you have this … then I’d be happy to give you my thoughts on it’s value. Of course I would also need to know the size you are considering and what else comes with the mattress such as a foundation etc. The best way to compare is “mattress only to mattress only”.

I usually recommend “interviewing” a retailer before I go there along the lines of this article to make sure that if I go there and like a mattress that the information I need to make a good decision is available.

So hopefully you can call the retailer and find out the specs and if you post them here I’d be happy to give you my thoughts :slight_smile:


Last question, I promise. I tried to get detailed info on the restonic. All I could find out was the core and the layers are 100% talalay latex, but my sales person didnt know anything else about the individual layers. The $2500 did include the restonic foundation. It is a king size. I’m just so limited in this area for great service. Again, thank you!

Hi lpearson,

Assessing the “value” would depend on knowing more about the thickness of the layers (or the mattress) and knowing more information than they seem to be providing you. I would also want to know the price of the mattress only (because I have no idea of how much is being added for the foundation).

I would at least find out two things … one is the thickness of the mattress and the other is I would read the law tag on the mattress to confirm there was no other types of materials in the mattress.


Okay, so not quite the last question. :slight_smile: I am about to pull the trigger on one of two mattresses and would love opinions on them since I cant test either of them. I am looking at the Ultimate Dreams Latex King size ultra plush on Amazon or the King size Talalay latex mattress with organic cotton cover from Arizona Mattress company.

Also, going back to sleeping, my husband is 6’6 and 205, side/stomach sleeper and I am 5’2 and 150 side/stomach sleeper as well. My husband prefers a firm mattress and I like it a little softer, but would rather buy a firmer mattress than a softer one. The pure latex bliss one (Nature) I tried was good for me, but was borderline soft for my husband. Would love to get any thoughts on the mattresses before I make my decision.

Thanks again!! I have learned so much on this website that has proven to be very valuable!!

hi lpearson72,

The best source for specific suggestions for a mattress layering and firmness would be the manufacturer or retailer of the mattress themselves. They have standard recommendations based on height/weight and sleeping position averages that is specific to the layering of the mattresses they make and their experience with their customers. They can also change these “averages” based on any local testing you have done that may indicate your needs and preferences are outside of an “average” range.

Every layer and component of a mattress will affect every other layer and because there are so many variables they will know best how the particular combination of materials and covers in their mattress interacts on average with the many different height/weight and sleeping position combinations in their customer base. The “sleeping style, preferences, and statistics” section of the site has some generic guidelines for different body types and sleeping positions and the “putting the layers together” section has some of the theory behind how different types of construction and layering can affect your choices as well but these are meant as guidelines only and to help you work more effectively with the manufacturer or retailer rather than being specific suggestions for any particular mattress/person combination.

Given that both of you are stomach/side sleepers … I would also tend towards the thinnest/firmest comfort layer that would provide good pressure relief on your sides so that the odds are better that you will each have better alignment on your stomach (which is the most “risky” sleeping position in terms of alignment because it can lead to sleeping in a swayback position which can stress the back and spine).

The two manufacturers you are considering are both members of this site (meaning that I consider them both to be among the best quality/value in the country) but as you know one is all latex (similar to the Nature although the firmness levels and layering is different) and the other is a latex/polyfoam hybrid where the latex comfort layer provides many of the benefits of latex but which has a polyfoam support core which is not as elastic, conforming and adaptable as a latex core and has a different “feel”.

The all latex mattress at Arizona Premium Mattress can be ordered in as a side to side split with different firmness levels on each side if you need it and Dreamfoam also has a Eurotop model with a zipper top which also allows for layer exchanges and a side to side split firmness level as well but at a higher price.

Hope this helps


Would the dreamfoam eurotop offer any other advantages other than exchanges, and split firmness? Would the increase in inches of foam in the core (8 inches vs. 5.5 inches) make any difference in durability, comfort etc? Or would we do better with the non-eurotop and a latex topper in terms of longevity and durability. Also, once the latex topper in the eurotop breaks down, could we add in our own layer to make it last longer?

Thanks again

Hi lpearson,

The three main benefits of the Eurotop are in post #2 here and a little more detailed explanation of the potential benefit for some people of a thicker base layer is in post #39 here.

There wouldn’t be any significant difference in durability but for some people that are heavier there may be a small improvement in comfort although according to Dreamfoam they would feel the same for most people.

Neither one would need a latex topper unless you chose an ILD that was a little too firm and wanted to soften the comfort layers of the mattress (the comfort layer is already latex and is the same in both mattresses).

Latex is the highest quality and longest lasting of all the foams (polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam) so this isn’t likely to happen for many years but if the upper latex layer does break down sooner than the other layers and the rest of the mattress is still in good condition then you could replace it with a new layer instead of replacing the whole mattress yes.


Hi there,

My partner and I are considering purchasing a Sleepyhead Pure Latex mattress from Beds R Us (see link below).

Any feedback/ suggestions? We’ve looked at a stack of places online and been in store to some retailers (we’re based in Brisbane) and we’re completely overwhelmed! Our main priority is no partner disturbance as we’re both light sleepers.

Appreciate your help

Hi Amelie88,

While I’m not familiar with the Australian market … I can tell you that the same general guidelines would apply there. This post and the links it includes outlines a step by step process that will give you much better odds of ending up with a high quality and value mattress that matches your needs and preferences.

In looking at the mattress that you linked … there is little information provided to make any meaningful assessment about the quality or value of the mattress. A mattress is only as good as its weakest link and the description has no information about the layers in the mattress or the type of latex it contains.

There are a few posts and threads in the forum that include several links and sources and may prove helpful for those that are in Australia. They include this thread along with this thread.

Again … while the link provides no details about the mattress you are looking at … on the face of it it appears to be rather pricey and you could probably do better in terms of value.

While latex can be very good for motion transfer (not quite as good as memory foam but better than most other options) … personal testing for this specifically with both of you on the mattress is a good idea because different types of construction and layering can make a difference as well.

I wish that I had more specific information about Australia but at least this should give you some good guidelines for what to look for and feel free to post any questions you have along the way.