Local manufacturers/retailers

Any local manufactures or retailers for natural latex in the Cleveland, OH area? Thank you in advance.

Hi Roofer21,

These are a few better outlets I know about in and around Cleveland, and Akron OH …

http://www.originalmattress.com/ Many stores in the Cleveland/Akron area. Regional factory direct manufacturer with a wide range of mattresses including two sided that have good quality and value. Has a 2 sided latex hybrid mattress and also makes a 2 memory foam mattresses. One of the larger factory directs and well worth including in your research.

Mattress Man Sleep Shop Cleveland, OH. They used to carry Symbol and Restonic. Their website is down although they are still in business but I would call first to make sure they still carry these.

http://basista.com/ Parma, OH. Englander, White Dove (Sleep Logic). Latex hybrid, memory foam, gel foam.

http://northeastfactorydirect.com/ Cleveland, OH. Englander

http://www.manta.com/c/mmgfb8m/rainbow-bedding-co Sugarcreek, OH. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make high quality innerspring mattresses of various types including latex with good value. They are in Amish country and don’t have a website but would well be worth investigating based on a long conversation I had with them about their mattresses. See this thread for some feedback about them and the attachment in post #3 here for more specific details about their mattresses.

Upland Industries Phone 330-852-2113 Sugarcreek, OH. Local manufacturer also in Amish country. Another small manufacturer that I have had a long conversation with that has no web presence and who makes mostly innerspring and polyfoam cores with various materials on top including latex. They only sell through retailers however a phone call will give you an outlet that carries them

Country bedding Local factory direct manufacturer in Apple Creek. Has no phone or website but based on forum feedback including post #4 - #6 here they are making some very good quality and value mattresses and would be well worth a visit. There is also a price list in post #5 here.

http://www.ohiohardwoodfurniture.com/products/mattress-sets Peninsula, OH. Carries a range of mattresses made by both Country Bedding and Upland Bedding (see post #6 here).

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Regional factory direct manufacturer with a store in Mansfield, OH. Also makes a range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, and memory foam. They also carry some major brand mattresses which I would not consider.

http://www.johnnysmattress.com/ Canton, Wooster, New Philadelphia, Mansfield, . Carries the whole White Dove line (including their Sleep Logic line) which includes all latex, hybrids, infused memory foam, and innerspring. Good people who are happy to answer (or find the answer to) questions about the materials in their mattresses.

http://whitedoveusa.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Cleveland who makes a range of mattresses including SleepLogic and Natures Legacy. You would need to send them an email to find any retail outlets near you that carry them but some models may have better than average value (depending on the materials in the mattress and the outlet).

http://www.metrohomeohio.com/ Retailer in Mentor, Cleveland Heights, Fairlawn, Parma, OH. Paramount. Paramount makes a range of mattresses including traditional innersprings and an all Talalay latex wool quilted mattress. I talked with Tom here and he understands the importance of disclosing foam densities and meaningful information about their mattresses but this would also depend on how transparent Paramount is about their foam densities and I would confirm this before making a purchase (Paramount has refused to disclose the materials in some of their mattresses for other members that have tried to find out but a retailer may have more success).

Brunswick Furniture Store | Taylor Furniture – Taylor's Furniture Retailer in Brunswick, OH. Carries Dutchcraft which makes a range of high quality memory foam, innerspring, and latex hybrid mattresses and will provide the specs on them as well. Also carries Boyd which may also be worth including in your research (keeping in mind that any “engineered latex” in their mattresses is polyfoam and not latex at all). Apparently they are winding down their Dutch Craft and Boyd mattresses in favor of Englander so I would be very cautious here because they may not be able to provide the specs you need for their Englander mattresses.

There are also some options in the Youngstown list in post #2 here as well that may be well worth considering for those that are in reasonable driving distance.

There is also some great information and feedback in this topic (particularly in this post and in this post) from a couple of the members here about some of the stores on this list that would also be well worth reading.

These should give you some good choices in terms of testing latex with known layering and comparing value and for others who read this other types of mattresses and materials as well.


Thank you for the info and fast response.

I just came accross Naturepedic Mattress in Chagrin Falls.

Hi jankdc,

They certainly make some high quality mattresses using good materials (natural latex, innersprings, microcoils, and natural fibers) although they are also in more premium price ranges. They are also one of a very few manufacturers that makes a mattress where the mattress itself is certified as organic as a final product vs a mattress that uses certified organic materials but the mattress itself isn’t certified (see post #2 here).

They are a manufacturer that wholesales their mattresses to retail stores though and their retail store finder doesn’t indicate any retailers for their adult mattresses in the general Cleveland area.


For anyone in the Cleveland/Akron area who wants to try some Amish-made mattresses but doesn’t want to make the long drive to Apple Creek or Sugarcreek, I just discovered that Ohio Hardwood Furniture in Peninsula (http://www.ohiohardwoodfurniture.com) carries mattresses from both Country Bedding in Apple Creek (which I visited in person and posted about back in September) and Upland Industries in Sugarcreek.

You can find a listing of some of the mattresses they sell at http://www.ohiohardwoodfurniture.com/products/mattress-sets — the Country Bedding mattresses are shown on that page (they have CB at the beginning of their item numbers), and if you click on Upland Bedding on that page, it will bring up a list of Upland’s mattresses (they have UM at the beginning of their item numbers). For many of the mattresses you can click on the “construction details” which will give you the density of each layer and general info on ILD (soft, medium, firm).

I spent a couple hours this afternoon laying on their beds. They also have absolutely gorgeous Amish furniture (amazing quality). Definitely worth a visit.

Hi a2dox,

Nice find … and thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

They had never shown up on my radar and I’ve added them to the Cleveland/Akron list with a link to your comments so that others will be able to find out about them as well.

Thanks again.