Returning a mail order mattress, HELP!

I have done an exchange on my SelectFoam Cirrus for the Regalis. It’s King size and I need to locate a bag and box to ship the old one back in. Has anyone done this before? Where can I find this stuff?

I’ve never done it before, but if I had to look I’d probably check with one of the local mattress stores to see if they had a box and bag I could have/buy.

Use the old “I’m moving and need to package it for the movers.” reason. B)

Moving truck rentals (U-Haul) usually have mattress boxes. Just schedule home pickup with FexEx or UPS.

Hi elitegreg,

Local moving companies may be another source for both (boxes or bags) and if all else fails both of them are available online.


If you prefer the hardware store, you could supply yourself there too and you don’t need a box. If you want to save a few bucks on shipping you can vacuum seal your foam and shrink it down to half of its size.


  1. Plastic Sheeting
  2. A mattress bag or a garden leaf bag

If your mattress was split King, a Twin size fits perfectly inside a dry cleaning bag with a tight knot tied at the bottom. I use 6 mil sheeting, but you could probably get away with as low as 2 mil, you’d just need more layers. If you want a box, I’d recommend something like 18" x 18" x 48". Adding a box to the mix only saves you a few layers of sheeting. You’ll still need at least a double layer to keep the latex from expanding.

You’ll some supplies of your own: a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, lots of packaging tape, saran wrap, a clean floor and some time.

  1. Roll your slab up and secure the roll with something that won’t cut the latex like saran wrap. If you have a full, queen or king piece, fold it in half before you roll.
  2. Slip the roll into a giant plastic bag. If for some reason the bag has a hole, use another large bag, such as a leaf bag.
  3. Stick the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner into the bag and just barely into the middle of your roll.
  4. Grabbing the bag around the hose securing with one hand, suck the air out. Your latex should shrink to about half the size.
    When latex no long shrinks, remove the hose with your free hand while the machine is running. Be gentle, as tearing the latex would keep the piece from being accepted back.
  5. Immediately twist the bag end to prevent air from entering and fold twisted part of the bag in half.
  6. Tape the folded twisted bag together together. The twist and the crimp will keep the air from escaping. Tape the crimp a second time, tightening it as tight as it will go.
  7. Place the vacuum sealed latex inside the sheeting and tape it up. Your goal is to confine the latex to its current size. The strength of the sheeting and tape will keep it from expanding during shipment. Tape around the top, middle and bottom as well as the ends.
  8. Now it’s simple. Slip the latex in the box. Tape it up and label it. If you have thick sheeting around the latex, you could forgo the box.
  9. If you can get parcel select through the post office, it will be about $20-35 per package. If you are in the area around MN, use Speedee Delivery as they are quick and quite affordable. Do package the slabs well though because the latex can tear easily if not protected from the rough handling it will receive in shipping.

Happy packaging,

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the great instructions … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

In this case though they have a laminated memory foam mattress and they don’t have to pay for the return shipping so they only need to package it (in plastic and a box) before it’s picked up.


Thanks Deborah,

That could come in handy at some point!!!

Want to make sure I keep track of this thread.

You may not be aware of this, but FEDEX and UPS do not pick up full size KING or Queen size mattresses. Because of size restrictions. You will have to vacuum pack it and get the girth down to 165 inches.

You will find details here: FedEx | System Down

Good luck with your return


Hi MFC Memory Foam Comfort,

They arrange for the pickup with a common carrier that they deal with so the mattress doesn’t have to be compressed, only bagged and boxed.


Hi Phoenix!

That’s strange cause I tried to get both companies to pick up mattresses in Canada, and both of them refused because of size.
Maybe its different in the USA?


Hi MFC Memory Foam Comfort,

I believe they use a common carrier not a courier (such as Fedex or UPS) for their returns.