Was just about to buy serta icomfort, now Im confused!

As an informed consumer I like to research large purchases. We were just about to buy the icomfort revolution when I found this site. Now I’m more confused than ever. We liked the feel of the revolution, but understand from this forum that we would be overpaying ($1999) for the quality of this mattress. Could you point us in the direction of a local manufacturer where we can try out good quality mattresses before taking the plunge? Our zip is 77386

Thankyou so much for your help!

Hi Dottybean,

Here are a few options near spring, Tx that may help you …

NOTE: there is an updated and more complete list for the Houston region in post #2 here.

http://www.angelbeds.com/ Stafford. Produce memory foam mattresses based on similar layering to Tempurpedic using similar 4, 5, and 7 lb density memory foam certified by CertiPur. Mostly sold online but has two Houston showrooms where they also carry some mattresses made by major manufacturers. Also carry latex mattresses sold through their sister site Tranquility Mattress. More than some independent manufacturers but certainly better value than most major brands. NOTE: they are now out of business

http://www.antiquemattress.com/index.htm Houston, Galveston. A mom and pop factory direct manufacturer that mainly makes custom size mattresses but will make standard sizes as well. In their own words … “we don’t make cheap mattresses” as they use higher quality materials than the major manufacturers. They mostly make pocket coil mattresses but can make you pretty much whatever you want. Uses Foamex foam. Doesn’t have an actual “showroom” (mainly a factory and an office) but with an appointment will set up a few mattresses for you to try.

http://www.manta.com/c/mm7czz2/gomez-mattress-co Another mom and pop factory direct manufacturer that supplies retail outlets and factory direct. No website. They speak mostly spanish. They have several “standard” types of mattress on their showroom floor but will custom build as well.

http://www.houstonmattress.com/ Houston. Factory direct manufacturer who builds a range of mattress styles and can custom build as well.

http://www.noahsmfg.com/index.php?page=mattresses-categories Regional wholesale manufacturer who sells to retail outlets. Have a retail store finder on site.

Sleep-Designs Regional manufacturer who is a licensee for Eclipse and Eastman House and their own brand Sleep Designs and Elemental (gel foams sold through select retail outlets). Sells through retail outlets. Their retail outlet finder was broken but may now be fixed.

This should hopefully help you find some good quality and value options in your area.


Thankyou for your reply. Having read a little more into your site, I am leaning towards latex. (long time lover of latex pillows, dont know why I didnt think of it for a mattress) Do you have any other places we should visit in the houston area where we can find a high quality, value for money latex mattress? Thanks again!

Hi dottybean,

The manufacturers I listed in the last post are likely to include the best local sources for a latex mattress. Unlike places like Dallas, Houston has many wholesale manufacturers but few manufacturers that are factory direct. Besides the ones I listed previously, some of the other wholesale manufacturers in Houston include …

http://www.manta.com/c/mm2d4m4/continental-silverline Restonic Licensee
http://www.goldenmattressinc.com/ Likely the same as above
Quality Mattress Company
http://www.sleepinc.com/index.html Englander and Corsicana licensee

While most of these don’t list the specifics of what they manufacture or provide to retail outlets, a phone call should confirm whether they do and which retail outlets would carry them.

There are 4 factory direct manufacturers in Dallas which I have talked to enough to know that they produce high quality and value mattesses including latex and who may also produce latex mattresses for outlets in Houston who would likely be worth a call.

http://www.citymattressfactory.com/ Who I know sends some shipments to Houston retail outlets

If you are unable to find a high quality latex mattress in Houston that suits your needs and preferences and has good value,then an online purchase using the mattress testing you have done as a guideline is often a great option for those areas of the country that don’t have the same choices as others.

There are unfortunately quite a few chain store type of outlets in Houston who seem to dominate the market there … most of which don’t have any mattresses I would realistically consider to have good value.



I was in the same boat as dottybean, but fortunately came across this website as well. This is a great resource and I’m thankful that you have it up. I’ve been hesitant to actually resign myself to spending $2,000 on a mattress because I’ve heard that they are marked up so much. Your website has helped me understand why.

Like dottybean, I think I would prefer the latex products. I live in Raleigh and have looked at the Original Mattress Factory, which appears to be more of a regional manufacturer. They offer latex mattresses starting at $1750… close to the Serta icomfort prices, but probably better quality(?).

How would I go about finding a truly local manufacturer? Can you recommend a few?

Also, I haven’t come across any discussions about boxsprings. The salesmen will of course tell you that you should buy the set, but is this necessary? I understand that I probably shouldn’t use the boxspring from my current innerspring mattress as it is, but can I simply put some plywood or something on top, and save $300?


Hi rtscout,

Yes, the OMF latex would be much higher quality and better durability as it has less lower quality foam in the comfort layers (1" of polyfoam in the quilting) and uses a much higher quality support layer (latex rather than polyfoam).

There are quite a few local factory direct manufacturers that sell latex in NC besides OMF (which has several outlets in the Raleigh/Durham area).

Original Mattress Factory (as you mentioned) is a regional factory direct which makes some good quality/value mattresses including a two sided latex/polyfoam hybrid and memory foam models as well as more traditional innerspring mattresses.

Only one of them besides OMF though are in or within 100 miles of Raleigh and they don’t make latex (although I’m including them for reference for others in the area who may be looking for better quality and value options in materials other than latex).

Southern Mattress, a Premium Economy Custom Mattress Manufacturer, Nationwide Delivery, Toll Free 1-800-227-8701 Factory direct manufacturer in Rocky Mount, NC. They sell mainly wholesale but have a factory direct showroom at the factory. They make a range of traditional innerspring/polyfoam two sided mattresses and use very high quality foams including HR foam in their higher end. Good quality and value for those who are looking for a traditional mattress … and good people.

Some of your other options that may have some “better than average” quality or value in the Raleigh area include …

http://www.greendreambeds.com/contact--find-us.html Durham. They carry Savvy Rest all latex mattresses (either Dunlop or Talalay) which can be chosen in various combinations of latex layering. Some outlets sell for more than others but they are a great way to test different layers of latex although they are in a higher budget range than other similar latex mattresses so make sure you make some careful value comparisons here as well. They also carry Naturepedic which are another high quality organic mattress manufacturer.

http://www.theorganicbedroom.com/ Raleigh. Retail store that carries some very high quality mattresses including Royal-Pedic, Savvy Rest, Berkeley Ergonomics, OMI, Hypnos, and their own private label line of Whitney mattresses although some of these may also be in more premium budget ranges so make sure you make some good value comparisons here.

http://www.furnitureconceptraleigh.com/Raleigh. Carries Englander made by GNC which makes some mattresses with polyfoam over latex and some with just latex in the comfort layers (depending on outlet and area). Check here as well to make sure there is no more than around an inch or so of polyfoam in the comfort layers of their mattresses. Englander uses Dunlop latex. More Englander retailers in your area can be found by emailing them here NOTE ADDED: It appears that Furniture Concepts is now out of business.

http://www.coopersfurniturenc.com/ Carries Restonic mattresses which make both all latex and part latex mattresses as well as gel memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Like Englander and other national brands that operate through licensees which service different areas … they can be made differently in different areas so check the retail spec sheet to make sure there is not more than an inch or so of polyfoam in the comfort layers of any latex mattress in your area. They usually use Talalay latex. More retailers for Restonic can be found here

http://puretalalaybliss.com/ is a national manufacturer owned by Latex International (now called Talalay Global) which produces much of the Talalay latex made in North America. They are a high quality line of latex mattresses and have better than average value but are higher priced than similar mattresses made by many local manufacturers. They are great for testing different latex layering since the specs are known. They have a retail outlet finder on their site here (if it’s not functioning then if you email them they will provide you with a list of local stores that carry them).

For “all foam” mattresses whether they have a latex or memory foam or even polyfoam comfort layer … a boxspring is not necessary and not really desirable as unlike most innerspring mattresses, a foam mattress is not usually designed for use on a boxspring. The best option is usually a firm slatted foundation with the slats about 1.5 or 2" apart (maximum 3"), a slatted tension adjustable foundation where the tension of the slats can be adjusted to fine tune alignment, or a position adjustable base (like the Reverie, Leggett & Platt, or Ergomotion) depending on your budget and the design of the mattress. While a boxspring will not usually damage the mattress … it isn’t necessary to absorb shock like it may be under an innerspring mattress. Some people may prefer the more “bouncy” feel of an innerspring however as long as it has a large and flat enough support surface not to damage the foam directly over it. OMF for some reason puts their latex mattresses on a boxspring which is unusual and will result in a difference in feel if the mattress is tested in the store on a boxspring and then used on a firm foundation. A sheet of plywood over a boxspring would provide a firmer base however it could still be somewhat springy with movement and it would not be as breathable as slats which could result in moisture being trapped between the plywood and fabric which could result in mildew or mold depending on climate and conditions. For a while it would be fine however I wouldn’t tend to do this for the long term.

There are also some factory direct outlets in NC that are further away that make a range of mattresses of many types (not all of which carry latex and the closest of which are near Highpoint) that are listed in post #2 here… just in case you tend to go near any of these. Some of these have good value but I would call first to talk with them to see if they make a mattress that would suit your needs and preferences and to get a sense of what to expect if you go there before taking a trip.

Hope this helps



Yes, very helpful! A couple of retailers are nearby, and there is a factory-direct store in High Point that looks like the type of local manufacturer you have recommended.

I just talked to the owner of Billibeds, whose mattresses are All-natural latex. The covers are knit cotton and wool, making the entire mattress free of petro-chemicals. It is attractive, but you definitely pay for it (the king size mattress alone is about $3200). One thing he said that was contrary to something I read was that the All-natural latex lasts longer than the blended (“Natural”) latex. Another website somewhere said the opposite.

In any case, I don’t expect I’ll be able to afford the All-natural latex. According to Billibeds, very few stores carry All-natural latex, so I probably won’t find it for much less. But I think I can find a good value in the Natural latex at one of three other stores you provided.

Thanks again!


Hi rtscout,

With Talalay latex, it is generally accepted that the blended version is more durable especially in the lower ILD’s that are used in comfort layers. This is confirmed by the actual testing done by the manufacturer of the latex itself (Latex International) who provides a shorter warranty on the 100% natural than they do on the blend. This is because of the nature of the Talalay process itself which is less dense (uses less raw material) than Dunlop. The tradeoff is that it is more elastic than the blend which along with the fact that it is more natural makes it attractive to some who are happy to pay the higher cost of the 100% natural.

With Dunlop which uses a denser raw material and which is not made in as soft an ILD as Talalay … the 100% natural is preferable and likely more durable than the blended versions. With the denser material in the Dunlop the elasticity of the 100% natural works in its favor in terms of durability. Either way though, latex in any version is far more durable than other foams.

Many local manufacturers carry 100% natural latex and the online outlets that are part of this site carry it as well in their DIY mattresses. If a particular local manufacturer has a price which is less competitive, then field testing there to find the best overall layering and ILD of the layers can be very helpful as it can act as a guideline for an online purchase which may have better value. While in general local manufacturers as a group provide much higher quality and value than equivalent mattresses made by the majors and sold by more mass market outlets, they are not necessarily all the same in terms of value when compared to each other.

Billibeds is a retailer for the Savvy Rest mattresses which are almost identical to mattresses that are sold by some of the online manufacturers of this site … but they are significantly more expensive (compared using identical materials). They are a high quality mattress that is great for testing layering schemes … not so great in terms of value when compared to other options IMO.

Unless the “organic” label is very important to you, then 100% natural Dunlop is a better value than organic Dunlop as the organic label carries a premium even though the material itself may be identical. The organic labeling procedure is expensive and laborious and has little to do with quality. A “certified” organic material may be exactly the same as a 100% natural material which has not gone through the certification process and yet it could be significantly more.

In the same way … unless 100% natural Talalay is important to you, then blended Talalay is better value and most people would have a difficult time feeling the difference in two layers of the same ILD.


I too was just getting to purchase the I Comfort Revolution…thankfully found this site. I am leaning towards the latex mattress as well - what did you decide on? I am still utterly stumped. I live in NY so I have reached out to Phoenix for some assistance. Any of your feedback would be helpful


I never would have thought there was so much to a mattress! But I’ve come to realize that the education will pay off. Phoenix mentioned Latex InternationalLatex International, so I looked them up. They have a fairly simple but helpful explanation of latex… All-natural vs. natural, and the advantage of a blended latex (all-natural combined with synthetic). They don’t say what ratio they use, but state that theirs is the optimum, and that their “Talatech® and EverCloud® latex the most consistent and durable in the world”… I would think there would have to be some truth to that in order to make that claim in their website.

I’m looking for an all-latex mattress, and my next step is to determine what I want it to consist of (in the support layer, comfort layer, etc). I found a local shop that will make it to my specifications; I’m hoping that they can get the Talatech latex from L.I. In any case, I will be able to get the mattress I want, with better quality components and a lower price than any national brand. It will take a bit more effort, but I think it will be worth it!


Very interesting - As I was under the impression that there was no such things as an 100% latex throughout the bed.
From what I have assessed there are 2 choices
Latex in the Core support layers with Memoery Foam in the support
Memory Foam in the Support with Latex on top.

Did you try this bed or buying blind? I am looking for a queen size -If you don’t mind me asking what are the price points as you entioned much less than the national brands.

I find this very overwhelming as the more and more I read - I am getting the feeling that the choices of beds are getting slimmer and slimmer with what specifications that should be in the bed and what all the national brands are selling.

I certainly wish the I Comfort was rated well as I was very interested in this mattress - as I believed that the cooling foam was a step up from all the rest and would eliminate any issues with heat and memory foam.

Hi rtscout,

Latex International (in North America) and Radium (in Europe) are the two main suppliers of Talalay latex both in blended and 100% natural although there are now some Asian producers of Talalay starting to show up as well. Latex International normally uses a 30% SBR (synthetic latex) and 70% NR (natural latex) in their blend. Radium is slightly different with a little higher NR content. Both of them are used in mattresses in North America and are both very high quality but LI certainly has a bigger market share here.

Is the local shop one of the ones on the list or was there one that I missed?

I certainly agree with you about the value of taking a little extra time and finding exactly what you want. While it can add a little effort and research to the picture … its certainly worth it IMO both from the point of view of quality and value. There’s also something really satisfying on sleeping on a mattress that you have tested and or “designed” layer by layer and that “works” the way its supposed to :slight_smile:


Hi Elise,

I think you may be somewhat mixing up latex and memory foam :slight_smile:

Memory foam is too soft and non supportive to be used in any layers except the upper layers of a mattress. It is only about relieving pressure and there is no such thing as a commercial mattress that uses memory foam as a support layer. It’s just to soft in all its many versions.

Latex on the other hand can be used in the upper layers for pressure relief (in its softer versions), in the support layers for support and spinal alignment (in its firmer versions) or in both (in an “all latex” mattress).

While taking the larger national brands and the chain stores and mass market outlets that work closely with them out of the picture certainly makes it a little more difficult in terms of choosing where to buy a mattress … between local manufacturers, high quality sleep shops, or manufacturers that sell online … it is always possible to make great choices in a mattress no matter where in North America you may live.

The most important part is to know first the difference between your comfort layer choices (for most people this will boil down to latex or memory foam although there are other less common choices or less desirable ones as well that are listed here).

Next is to know the difference between your support layer choices (for most people this will boil down to latex, polyfoam, or an innerspring although there are also other less common or less desirable options that are listed here

After that its all about how to put the layers together to fit your weight and sleeping positions and fine tuning for your preferences.

The easiest way that involves the least research is to find a local outlet that is knowledgeable and that you can trust as their knowledge and unbiased advice will replace a lot of your own personal research.



I was curious about the blend that LI uses (70/30)… thanks. The shop I spoke to was the first one on your list of companies near high point, specificallly www.bandlbedding.com. The owner was very personable and very accommodating; I hope to follow up soon with an order.

woops, I forgot to sign in… the previous post was from me :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as pricing, there’s such a range that it hard to provide any reliable information. As you probably know, Serta’s iComfort comes in four models… A quick search shows a queen size Insight (low end) priced at http://www.conns.com/serta-icomfort-insight-sleep-system-mattress-queen.html while the Prodigy I’ve found at Sears for http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_082C9093000B?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1. the Revolution seems to be the most popular, and priced a little above $2,000.

As far as local companies, I have a co-worker who was also looking at the iComfort Revolution but decided on a similarly priced mattress from http://www.originalmattress.com/ here in Raleigh (a regional manufacturer). He and his wife are very happy with it and feel they got a better quality mattress than the Revolution for about the same amount of money.

I spoke to really local company (a one shop operation that will make your mattress to order), and while you would think you would pay more for a “custom” mattress, he said he could make me an all-latex mattress for about $1,500. Even if it ends up being a little more, I’m confident that I would pay at least $500 more for a similar all-latex mattress made by a national brand.

It would seem that in this industry, buying a custom-made product (from a reputable shop) will save you money and still provide the shop with a comfortable profit margin… and that the mark-ups on the big brand names from chain stores are that high in comparison.


I really like Phoenix a lot he knows everyting.:slight_smile:

Hi joeyTOB,

You’re sure right about this. Not only will the “big guys” usually confuse people … I’d go so far as saying they (or the salespeople) will often mislead them. As a single example … they will often call a mattresses with an inch or so of latex (often synthetic Dunlop) buried inside it a “latex” mattress without showing the layer descriptions and consumers often don’t know to check the law tag. Even then it doesn’t show where in the mattress the latex is or the thickness of the layer. Then when the mattress shows signs of softening, consumers will often believe that it’s the latex instead of the thick layers of polyfoam they are sleeping on in their so called “latex” mattress.

Thanks for your post :slight_smile:


My zip code is 28409. We are new to the East Coast. Can you please help us find a good mattress source?

Hi Pea princess,

Post #5 here should be helpful :slight_smile:

Just in case you haven’t read it yet … I would also make sure you’ve read the basic tutorial post here.