new mattress article in Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports (at least the online version) just did a major article and review. You might like to see it. Two things I notice right away: They only considered 5 brands – the 3 S’s, plus Select Comfort and TempurPedic – various innerspring and memory foam models, and they glossed over latex as being a “variation” on memory foam. No actual latex mattresses were rated.

I’ve learned to take their opinions with a few grains of salt, and this time is no exception!

Wow. Just read the Consumer Report mattress “guide.” Do you think they got paid to write such fanciful PR fluff? Or do they do it just for fun? Just wow. You’re supposed to be writing an authoritative “guide” to mattress shopping, and your “advice” includes about every mattress myth you can think of. And the descriptions of the different types of beds! An intelligent 6th grader could do better. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Apparently CR’s “advice” to mattress buyers is: “We’re not gonna talk about the properties or durability of any of these beds–too boring–and all that really matters is how it feels in the showroom. Who knows what’s inside any of these mattresses anyhow and who cares? Just give up and buy a recognized name brand. If you’re a really savvy consumer, wait for a big sale and get a real bargain! And don’t expect your warranty to be honored (even we couldn’t understand the darn thing) but that’s just how the cookie crumbles folks. Besides, you should be buying a new bed every 5-7 years anyway.”

Sleepys? Really? Go to Ripoff Report and if you’ve got a few hours you’ll learn a lot about them.

Consumer Reports just lost all credibility with me. Clearly they’re just a shill for the industry.


Hi powerdog … and sleepy1,

That has to be one of the most awful “consumer buying guides” that I’ve ever read. I would say “ditto” to everything Sleepy1 said and more. It’s no better than their first one … and they just “happen” to mention the worst value and least transparent manufacturers as being the better choices?

The worst part is that with their “name” … people may actually think that it’s good advice and continue making all the same choices they have been making over the last decade.

I really thought that after their last attempt was criticized so soundly that they would at least make a half hearted effort to do better the next time.

Unfortunately … not even close. :sick:


The more you know about any particular subject, the worse the reviews in CR look. Anytime they get near technology items (cell phones, laptops, microwave ovens,etc.), I cringe. After spending a few months being educated here at The Mattress Underground, it is clear they have forgotten what information is truly important to pass along to their customers.