Savvy Rest - Sleep EZ comparison?


We are looking to purchase a new king-sized mattress and after finding this site I’ve been doing a LOT of research, as has everyone else here! We are upgrading from a 14" Novoform memory foam mattress purchased from Costco some time ago - at least 10 years ago and maybe more like 15. It does not appear to be the model they currently carry - at least the cover is way more downscale! Since my husband can sleep like a rock, on a rock - literally! - but I cannot, I am in charge of selecting the new mattress - immense responsibility! :wink: FYI, we are in our mid-fifties, he is 5’6", weighs about 150 and can and does sleep in any position, and I am 5’4", weigh about 160 and am a total side sleeper. And since we are in our mid-fifties, we are starting to experience the little aches and pains that this stage of life brings! :wink:

After due diligence, I’ve decided I’d like an all natural latex (i.e., no blends) mattress - figure this should help with my dust allergies in additional to being cooler, more comfortable and durable.

Since we live in the wilds of Ithaca, NY, there aren’t many places to check out mattresses, and in the few here I’ve found the salespeople to be fairly unknowledgeable. I was able to try out the Savvy Rest 10" Serenity - three layers of Dunlop configured bottom to top as Firm, Medium, Soft - and loved it! Loved it even more when they put the 4" Talalay topper on it! :wink: But… $4,600 is just WAAAAY out of our budget!

So to the web: Have it narrowed down to the SleepEZ Select Sleep natural latex series. I can order the 10" version configured the same way as the Savvy Rest, in all Dunlop layers. If I like it that way, cool. If not, I can add a Talalay topper separately for $570. I think I can also upgrade later to the 13,000 for just the cost of the extra Talalay layer and Sleep EZ will upgrade the cover at no charge (at least they do that if you order just a topper and then upgrade to a mattress). Or I can just bite the bullet now and buy the 13,000 for $2, 395.

My other option is to just order the Talalay topper now to put on top of our old bed and see how that goes, figuring I can use that on top of whatever we buy later and putting off the big budget purchase for a while.

My question to all of you is: Has anyone out there personally tried both the Savvy Rest and one or both of the Sleep EZ Select Sleep mattresses configured in a similar way? How did you think they compare? Did you end up buying one of these, or something completely different?

Thanks to all for the great advice I’ve already read on this site - I look forward to more guidance in your replies!

Hi lhm,

Hopefully one of the members that has tried both will see your post and chime in but in the meantime a forum search on Savvy Rest SleepEz (you can just click this) includes quite a number of posts that compare them in terms of design and materials and a few that have tried both (mostly tried Savvy Rest and ordered SleepEz).


Hello Neighbor!

My wife and I are from Itown as well and have a similar questions with the exception that we are xtra large; me at 6 foot 230 lbs, primarily a back sleeper, some side and my wife at 6 foot, 180lbs is primarily a side sleeper, some back. We are looking at a queen sized bed (it will fit our for poster frame, we hope).

BTW, the local retailer, Home Green Home, has regionally manufactured mattresses from WJ Southard, in Syracuse, NY, Naturepedic from Ohio and Savvy Rest from Virginia to compare. After laying around the displays for much of an afternoon we decided on the Savvy Rest .
One of the biggest differences we found was that the separate pillow top with it’s own cover (Savvy Rest), as opposed to the pillow top encased in the cover with the other layers (WJ Southard as tested, Sleepez not tested), although similar in layering construction and ILD, felt like we sank IN a bit better, adding to our comfort, if that makes sense.

Besides just price there are other things to consider.

Home Green Home has an October 2013 Savvy Rest promo sale worth about $500 for our queen configuration with stuff we would be purchasing with the mattress anyway. This is spurring us to decide well before we move into our new apartment due to the added value (in Breckenridge Place at the site of the former Women’s Community Center if you are familiar with Ithaca; very exciting for us) :
Free GLO organic cotton mattress pad, 2 shredded latex pillows and 1 body pillow with the purchase of a Savvy Rest Serenity.

In addition to the promo, there is the service, we obviously like the free local set up and delivery offered by the store and layer exchange made easy, as they will work as an intermediary with Savvy Rest (no shipping hassle or cost required on our part).

We will be watching this topic as we to are interested in this comparison, subscription added! B)

Hi teknikAL,

You’ve probably already seen this but some of the better options or “possibilities” in your area I’m aware of (depending on their willingness and ability to disclose all the materials inside their mattresses) are in post #2 here and includes Home Green Home.

It makes perfect sense to me. Another member described the differences well in their post here and there is more discussion in the rest of the thread as well about the effects of having a separate topper.

One of the reasons is that a separate topper has more freedom to move and respond independently and “acts” softer because it is less constrained by the other layers and components of the mattress than the same layer inside the cover. The other reason is that all other things being equal (layer ILD’s and type of latex) that a thicker mattress will also feel softer and have a greater ability to adapt to different body types and sleeping positions. There is more about this in post #14 here.

It’s also good to see that you are looking at all the parts of a mattress purchase as part of your personal value equation because less expensive is not always the “best value” depending on all the objective, subjective, and intangible criteria that are most important to you.

Thanks for your feedback.