Simmons ComforPedic Advanced Seabrooke

Are there any cheaper manufacturers out there that offer a mattress similar to the Simmons ComforPedic Advanced Seabrooke? I would really like to avoid paying over $3000 for a bed that feels good to me.

Also - Thoughts / opinions / advice on this bed by Simmons?


Core Description: 12.375" CPA Core
Layer 1 (on top of rails): 1.5" AirCool™ Memory Foam with Gel Touch™
Layer 2: 1" AirCool™ Memory Foam
Layer 3: 3/8" Plush Comfort Foam
Layer 4: 2.5" Independent Support™ Technology

Base Foam Layer 1: 5" AirCool™ Transflexion® Core
Base Foam Layer 2: 2" Flex Material
Side Edge Support: Advanced AirCool™ Edge Support
Head/Foot Edge Support: Advanced AirCool™ Edge Support

Triton® Foundation

14 inches

Hi ComfortSearch,

Before you seriously consider any major brand mattress … I would read the mattress shopping guidelines here.

A mattress is only as good as its contents and the value of a mattress can only be known if you know the foam types and quality specs of the materials in it. In this case … you are looking at a mattress that contains 2.5" of memory foam of an unknown density/quality (and density is the biggest factor in memory foam and polyfoam durability), along with about 10" of polyfoam (again the quality/density is unknown).

The price of this mattress is more than a 12" latex mattress and latex is the most expensive of all bedding specialty foam materials. It is seriously overpriced and even then you can be certain that it doesn’t even use the highest quality polyfoam much less the even higher quality materials that a price like this would indicate.

Polyfoam in the densities used to make these mattresses is a very inexpensive material and the various types of fabrications used are really a method of making cheaper materials feel good in a showroom so people will buy them but using materials that won’t stand the test of time. Even lower quality/density memory foam is relatively inexpensive compared to higher quality memory foam or other material. Without knowing the density of all the memory foam and polyfoam used in a mattress (with the possible exception of a thin layer of quilting foam) … there is no way to know the quality or value of this mattress … except that you are likely paying close to double what it is really worth.

There are dozens if not hundreds of mattresses made by smaller manufacturers or independent brands that will provide you with the two basic functions of a mattress that you need (pressure relief and spinal alignment) and your personal preferences (like temperature regulation, motion separation, fast or slow response, overall subjective “feel”, and any others that are important to you) … using much higher quality materials and selling for much lower prices.

To find these, the most important first step is to research and find the better outlets in your area where to shop (factory direct manufacturers and smaller sleep shops that carry smaller local or independent brands) and only then start to look at and research mattresses. If you do this the other way around and look at major brands or mass market or chain store outlets … then anything you buy will be lower quality and lower value. These types of better outlets will help to educate you about their mattresses and “fit” you to a mattress that meets your needs and preferences rather than “sell you” on the latest story (which will soon be replaced with the next one) in order to keep up their commissions and profit margins. They will give you the real information you need to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

If you let me know the city or zip where you live … I’d be happy to let you know of any local manufacturers or better outlets I’m aware of in your area … and in the meantime I would urge you to avoid any major brands or mass market outlets where the quality specs (type and density of foam especially) are not easily available.

Buying a mattress like this would be like buying furniture that has a nice veneer but uses particle board instead of MDF or better yet at these prices real wood. Even worse would be if they refused to tell you what materials they were using inside and there was no way for you to find out. They will all perform the same functions and even look similar for a while but their performance won’t last because the quality of the materials inside are lower and not nearly as durable. The mattress industry is one of the few industries where this is “the norm” because consumers don’t know the questions to ask or when to walk away if they aren’t answered and the major players in the industry do everything they can to replace meaningful information with advertising and marketing stories instead of real information about the quality of the materials they use.


Thanks for the quick reply Phoenix.

I live in Fort Collins, CO. I recently checked out Innomax. What other places do you suggest? I really liked the AirCool™ Memory Foam with Gel Touch on the Simmons for the cooling it provides. Are there places that have latex cores with something like that as the top layer?

Hi ComfortSearch,

Some of the local manufacturers or better outlets that are within reasonable driving distance to you (including Innomax which I’ve included for the sake of reference for others in the area) include … Ft Collins, Denver. They are a smaller national brand which has a few factory direct outlets and makes a range of memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses which tend to have better quality and value than most larger brands.

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Regional Factory direct manufacturer with an outlet in Ft Collins. They make a range of traditional innerspring mattresses as well as a mostly latex mattresses with a latex or memory foam topper. Good quality and value.

Directory of Verlo Mattress Locations. Find a Verlo Mattress store in your town. Regional factory direct manufacturer with outlets in Longmont and Boulder. They make a very wide range of mattresses including latex, memory foam, and gel foam. Better quality and value than most. Boulder. Factory direct manufacturer in Boulder that makes a range of latex mattresses with good quality and value and would be well worth a visit. Retail outlet focused on natural mattresses with outlets in Ft Collins and Denver. They carry Bella Sera, Savvy Rest, Green Sleep, Suerte, Suite Sleep, Sueno, Royal-Pedic which are all high quality latex, natural fiber, innerspring, or latex innerspring hybrids but are also fairly pricey. They would make a good testing ground for an online purchase. Bella Sera (their own brand) seems to have the best value here. Retail store in Ft Collins (and others in the area). Carry Sermaro and Therapedic which include latex, gel memory foam, and innerspring mattresses. Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, Centennial, Cherry Creek. Retail direct outlet for their own house brand (Urban organics latex mattresses), along with a range of mattresses made by Sherwood, Suite Sleep, and VI Springs (ultra premium). Good people who have always been knowledgeable and open about their mattresses when I have talked with them. Retail store in Boulder that carries their own house brand of latex mattresses made by Vymac. Open and informative about the contents of what they sell.

These are the better options I’m aware of in the area. I would suggest a call to any of them that may interest you along the line of this article and let them know the type of mattresses you prefer so they can make some suggestions about what they carry that may interest you. This will make sure they are able and willing to talk about the materials in their mattress and to give you a sense of what to expect if you visit them.

There is also a list for the Denver area in post #2 here with more options in the Denver area (with some duplication).

Just a comment on “sleeping cool” as well which is a big part of mattress marketing these days.

There are three main “technologies” being used to encourage “cool sleeping”

The first are the gel materials which work through thermal conductivity. These conduct heat away from the body to differing degrees (like putting your hand on a marble countertop) until the temperature has evened out at which time like most memory foam they will start to insulate you and can increase temperature because they are less breathable and can allow for higher humidity levels than other materials.

The second is “phase change” materials which are a form of gel which changes it’s state from a semi solid to a semi liquid and will either draw heat or release it depending on the temperature difference between it and the surroundings. These too don’t regulate humidity levels and the sleeping microclimate.

You can read more about the different types of gel foams in post #2 here.

Finally there is ventilation or “breathability” which can wick away the moisture and store it inside the fiber and away from your skin or “wick” it to another layer to keep your sleeping environment at a lower humidity level which allows the natural cooling processes of the body to work more effectively. Evaporation is the natural cooling mechanism and it works less effectvely in higher humidity levels. Humidity levels close to the skin will affect how we perceive temperature just like high humidity levels outdoors will make us feel hotter than it really is. Temperature regulation without good ventilation is “temporary” and can still allow the buildup of humidity close to the body which increases the effective sleeping temperature.

While all of these can play a 'temporary" or “partial” role … ventilation and sleeping microclimate is by far the most important. In other words … just feeling the “coolness” of a material has little to do with how cool you will sleep over the course of the night unless there is good ventilation and regulation of humidity levels. This is why you hear about so many people buying various gel foam materials and still ending up sleeping warm because the essential ventilation issue may not be well addressed even though they may have some effect.

There are many elements to the sleeping cool “equation” which includes the upper layers of the mattress, the ticking and quilting materials, the mattress protector, and any sheets and bedding on the mattress and all of these work together to regulate temperature and allow (or not) the natural processes of the body to keep itself cool. In other words … don’t be “faked out” by the temperature of a material when you put your hand on it or lie on it for a few minutes.

Hope this helps.


i am considering purchasing the comforpedic glen oaks mattress. can you please give me a list of manufacturers near me. my zip code is 43035.

btw that aircool memory foam u like - its the same as hickory springs preserve foam 4 lb i believe. There are plenty of people who carry it and you can get a bed for a fraction of that price.

Hi asianozone,

Before you consider buying a major brand or from a mass market outlet … I would suggest reading this which will help you avoid most of the worst choices when you are mattress shopping in terms of quality and value. Finding a better outlet and looking at mattresses with higher quality materials will greatly increase your odds of making better choices and not spending a great deal of money on lower quality materials.

The Comforpedic Loft series for example uses 3.5 lb memory foam which is very low quality for a mattress in this price range.

Some of the better manufacturers and outlets in and around Columbus are listed in post #2 here.


Aircool is just a trademarked name that they use to imply “breathable” and as you can see here any of their mattress materials that contribute to breathability (such as their reticulated foam or the side venting) has the “aircool” label attached except the memory foam which is NXG or NXG advanced. The original NXG memory foam was developed by Foamex/FXI and the Advanced NXG is 5.5 lbs and was developed by Hickory Spings as you mentioned.


Thank you so much for continuing to answer people’s questions, I have been lurking for a while.

I would have probably gone with a Comforpedic bed had I not found this site. I’ll instead be checking out CustomSleepDesign today, hopefully it’ll deliver on its very interesting premise. If I make a purchase, I’ll post a review later when the bed arrives.

Hi ddziabenko,

I’m looking forward to any feedback you may have whether you end up purchasing or not :slight_smile: