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Hi! No idea if I am asking this in the proper section but here goes (please let me know if I should paste it somewhere else!)….

I want to replace my 11 year old tempurpedic with a firm mattress (no longer memory foam, coiled do you call them?) that has either a 2” topper (is that the term?!) built in or buy one separately… Correct me if I’m wrong but the latter seems to make more sense, since I assume the topper will eventually flatten so you can just replace the topper rather than the whole mattress :woman_shrugging:)… Can anyone tell me what to look for if that is the set up I am wanting? I’ve barely glanced at mattress and holy cow there are a million variations nowadays!

I don’t care as much about the cost as I do finding the right mattress/set up. My handicapped daughter is fully dependent on the health of my back and I believe it’s being compromised by my current mattress. (I trust my back dr implicitly and he is recommending this change).

Thank you so much for your advice!