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Hello Phoenix,

I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a mattress yet, but getting closer.

I’ve been looking at the Latex mattresses at the Original Mattress Factory. I’m concerned with the “Convoluted Talatech® Talalay Latex Foam Topper”. I have heard that using convoluted foam was just a way to double their profit by getting 2 pieces from 1. Is there another more functional reason to use convoluted foam?

Also, I’ve been hearing a lot about seams in latex foam larger than a full. Is this to be expected with all natural talalay latex mattresses from Latex International? Does glued seams release harmful chemicals or come apart with use? I’m also worried about being able to feel the seam in a comfort layer.

As always, thanks for your help!

Hi Mick04u,

Convoluting a layer can lower costs (you can make say two 2" convoluted layers out of a single 3" layer) but it has some legitimate and effective uses in a mattress. Convoluting makes the top convoluted surface of a foam material softer and allows the use of a firmer layer that is softer on top than its ILD would otherwise indicate but then gets firmer much faster as you sink into the part where the convoluted “cones” are thicker and into the part of the layer that is not convoluted at all. In other words … it increases the compression modulus of the layer (how quickly it gets firmer with deeper compression) so you can have a softer part and a firmer part in the same layer. The transition between softer and firmer would be more even and gradual than using say a 1" layer of softer latex over a 1" layer of firmer latex where the transition would be more “sudden”.

The shape and height of the convoluted “peaks and valleys” can also make a difference in the response curve of a convoluted layer and on its firmness and how it feels.

It can also allow for more airflow depending on whether or how much the channels stay open and allow airflow to the outside environment when someone is lying on the mattress.

Different types of convoluting or sculpting in different parts of a layer can also be used to create a zoned surface with different firmness/softness levels in different areas of the material that can provide more pressure relief or support to different parts of the body.

Some examples of convoluted or “eggcrate” foam are here, and a few other examples are here and here and here.

If any of these properties of convoluted or surface modified layers are beneficial to the mattress design then it can allows for a more cost effective approach to accomplishing the design goals of the mattress. The fact that it can sometimes be less costly to produce (depending on the type of surface modification) can also reduce the cost of the mattress to some degree.

The down side of convoluted foam is that it is also a less durable material compared to the same type or density of material in a solid non convoluted layer. With higher quality foams such as latex this wouldn’t be a durability issue but with lower quality/density foams such as polyfoam or memory foam that are already in the minimum density range that I would consider it certainly could be (especially in the upper layers of a mattress vs the deeper layers of a mattress).

Yes … and not just from Latex International. Talalay is made in twin XL and queen size molds so sizes other than these would have a glue seam (and with California King size there would be two glue seams). This isn’t something you would feel or that would affect the feel or durability of the layer unless there was an issue with quality control and the sections that were glued had a different ILD (which you could feel).

The glue is latex based (not solvent based), very strong, flexible (not stiff), and is not toxic.


Thanks for your quick response. So, what are you thoughts on the Mattress Factory latex supreme?

You should have one of your mattress store members offer a free mattress for your 8000 post.
That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment.

Hi Mick04u,

It has 9" of blended Talalay latex which is a very good quality material and there is only an inch of polyfoam on each side in the quilting layer which is within the guidelines I would consider to be acceptable so I would consider it to be a good quality durable mattress with no “weak links”. It is also two sided which will increase its durability and it has good value as well.

If it was a good match for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) then it would certainly be a very good choice IMO.

[quote]You should have one of your mattress store members offer a free mattress for your 8000 post.
That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment. [/quote]

Thanks for the kind words!

I hadn’t checked the numbers for a while … and it makes my fingers tired just thinking about typing 8000 replies :slight_smile:

I have to say though that it certainly doesn’t feel like that many (on most days anyway) and it’s certainly been an interesting and learning experience. My computer keyboard and I are very good friends but sadly some of the keys are no longer functioning and one is stuck (I’ve had to re-arrange the keys and now use a USB keyboard instead of the laptop keyboard). The good news though is that I just ordered a brand new 17" laptop which should be arriving within the week so I can start working on demolishing a brand new keyboard :slight_smile:


Hello Phoenix,

Finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Latex Supreme from The Original Mattress Factory. We are scheduled to recieve Saturday. I will have to follow up regarding the comfort of this mattress.

It was a difficult purchase as this was not one of the top latex mattresses on my list, but I was hesitant to purchase a latex mattress online without having tried it out first. What made my decision was the fact that the Latex Supreme at OMF is flippable, so should increase the durability as you stated. They also have a local factory, so any issues can be resolved immediatley.

My top online choice would have to be Foam Sweet Foam.

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Mick04u,

As you know each person has a different risk tolerance and criteria that are important to them and it seems to me that you made the choice that was the best fit for your own personal value equation.

The OMF latex supreme is certainly a good quality and value mattress and I think you did well.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Hi Mick04u,
How do you like your Latex Supreme so far?