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Phoneix have you heard of this dealer
they carry the pur latex bliss line but if you go to that site and read the part about talalay vs latex it doesnt seem to equate what you say here on this forum -Warning: Do not buy from companies that import latex in solid form, all imported solid cores have been sprayed with pesticides. Only Latex Bliss Manufactures and pours their latex in the states using the Talalay process. Talalay process takes 14 hours to produce vs a Dunlop process, which takes 1 hour. The quality difference between Dunlop & Talalay process is that Dunlop produces inconsistent latex which very in feel from one section to another and breaks down much faster.-

In any event Ill check them out tomorrow… I prefer all organic but they seeem to have several different choices (they claim those are made exclusive for their company)—any downside to purchasing pure latex bliss mattresses and are there any online companies that have the same quality using all talalay?


Hi mike7,

[quote]Phoneix have you heard of this dealer
they carry the pur latex bliss line but if you go to that site and read the part about talalay vs latex it doesnt seem to equate what you say here on this forum -Warning: Do not buy from companies that import latex in solid form, all imported solid cores have been sprayed with pesticides. Only Latex Bliss Manufactures and pours their latex in the states using the Talalay process. [/quote]

That’s a whole lot of misleading information in a single paragraph :slight_smile:

Latex (or any cargo) is fumigated when it enters the country if it’s put on wooden pallets to kill the pests that may otherwise infect the forests here. See this page. I can’t imagine an importer that would be silly enough or want to bear the cost of fumigating by putting latex fores on wooden pallets.

There are 3 manufacturers that pour latex in North America (Pure Latex Bliss, Latexco, and Mountaintop foam) but they are right that only one of them pours Talalay latex.

This is also “partly true” but also depends on the type of Dunlop that the Talalay is being compared to. Continuous pour Dunlop is almost as consistent as Talalay in terms of ILD and also comes in softer versions. There is more about the different types of latex in post #6 here.

If you prefer organic latex (vs 100% natural) then you would be limited to the few Dunlop foam manufacturers that make latex that is certified organic (although there is no functional difference between organic and 100% natural Dunlop latex). You can read more about organic latex in post #6 here.

Post #1 here includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices including a link to a list of the members here that sell latex mattresses online in a wide variety of designs and with many options in terms of the type of latex they offer.


thanks for the response -regarding comparable mattresses to pure blisss — the post regarding selectfoam cloning the tempupedic is an example of another comparable company ---- are there any like that whihch compare to pure bliss latex mattresses —

Hi mike7,

Pure latex Bliss isn’t a manufacturer that is large enough or widely available enough for another manufacturer to have much interest in using them as a design target so you would be dependent on the “educated intuition” of a manufacturer to translate any of the PLB designs into the options they have available that they believe would be the closest approximation.

Your ability to exchange or re-arrange layers can also play a role in an online purchase so that you can use your own sleeping experience as a reference point and then make adjustments based on your actual longer term experience on the mattress.

The only way to have an exact match would be to use the same type and thickness of latex layers in the same ILD’s and a very similar cover and it’s not likely another manufacturer would have be the same in all the ways that could make a difference so some “translation” between designs would be necessary.


Thanks Phoenix - The only other question I have is the pure bliss mattresses use a fusion layer that is supposed to keep you cooler and warmer based on the temperature, thus it seems to make it different than any other latex mattress. I understand people trying to match the model they like. Am I to understand that when it comes to the that layer in particular there isnt a company that offers it? I couldnt find a response mentioning it in this forum.

Hi mike7,

You can read a little more about Talalay GL fast response in post #5 here. It is basically blended Talalay latex with phase change gel added to it to help give it a bit of an edge with temperature regulation compared to regular Talalay. Part of the reason for its intrduction I believe was also to “compete” with some of the gel memory foams at least in terms of peception because latex is already one of the most breathable of all the foam materials.

Sleep Like a Bear carries it (although they still call it Celsion) in all three ILD’s that Latex International makes available. also carries the Talalay GL slow response version as far as I know.


We have a Pure Latex Bliss-the nature model. We have only had it a week and a half but we couldn’t be happier. I am extremely sensitive to odors and outgassing. I expected there to be a slight smell from the mattress but I never noticed one. We bought the PLB pillows as well and for a few days they did have what I would describe as a slight lemony smell. It didn’t give me a headache and almost smelled good. The mattress has reduced my husbands chronic pain. We haven’t felt at all hot and have slept better than we have in a long time. I have no complaints at all.

thank you for the response The Pure Bliss beautiful mattress is 4300 plus tax and the topper is $499 — but I liked the feel —So many confusing reviews as to the online stores where people try to mimick the pure bliss It gets very frustrating especially when the savings can be $1500. Flobeds and the zoning mattresses seems a bit odd to me as the zones may not fall into the different heights. Their videos demonstrate how it works and the man lays on the bed but his head is further down than most people sleep. Reading these sites only adds to the confusion lol. Sleep ez seems like a good choice but they dont use the cooling gel layer like purebliss and some of the reviews dont seem that great. Is it possible to purchase a purebliss online to avoid the tax?
Its tooo bad people dont post reviews after a tear or so but I guess thats how we are wired. Once they get their beds they no longer have a need to come here

Whoa. That seems like a high price. You should be able to find a better deal than that on the beautiful. We tried that model as well but decided it was too soft for us. You will have to call around because of the MAP pricing they can’t advertise a lower price.

Hi mike7,

I agree with wavycat and you could do much better for a mattress with 12" of latex.

I would also take online reviews with a big grain of salt … most people who write reviews have little knowledge about mattresses (or what they have purchased). You can read more about reviews in post #13 here. I haven’t seen a legitimate poor review for SleepEz. There are always a small minority of customers who have difficulty finding their ideal layering with any component mattress (or any mattress for that matter) but that has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress or their service and it also doesn’t reflect the fact that the large majority of their customers are happy with the layering they end up with and are happy that they had the chance to fine tune their mattress after their purchase when it was necessary.

I think you would do well to talk with some of the manufacturers you are mentioning so you can get more accurate and meaningful information about their mattresses. In the case of Fobeds and SleepEz you will get more meaningful information about their mattress in a phone conversation directly with them than you would from spending many hours reading reviews.

As I mentioned in an earlier reply I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the gel in talalay GL latex because Talalay is already the most breathable of all the foam materials and you may be thinking it’s more important or effective than it is. You can read a little more about the many factors that can affect the temperature of a mattress (besides just the type of foam used) in post #2 here.

There are several places you may be able to order a PLB mattress online including and it may be worth talking to as well who are also PLB dealers.

Overall though … I would focus on following the steps in post #1 here one step at a time and this can help you bypass all the conflicting and in many cases misleading information that is so common in the industry and only adds to the confusion and “information overwhelm” of mattress shopping


thanks I have been looking for an online store that sells plb. I think this site adds to the knowledge or confusion, in one sense you break it down to the quality of materials which should simplify the problem. If all the materials are from latex international then simply use the ILD that you are comfortable with. If PLB has 3 layers and you know the IDL of each layer then you can go online and duplicate it. But as you can see here people ask you the same questions and many of those people have different opinions as to what they like eventually. Sleep ez uses a layering system with 4 3" layers but plb uses 3 layers but different widths. both total 12" Logically one would think there wouldn’t be a difference but there is. Maybe its more than just materials like the widths of the layers, or the quality. I was reading that healthy back uses pure latex bliss mattresses under a different name, maybe its not the same quality. Although Latex International is the main supplier maybe there are different quality groups. Why would a soft layer have a different IDL number than another company if they were from the same latex manufacturer. I read a post where you tried to breakdown the PLB mattresses by IDL and possibly come close using an online store and although they both get their latex from the same place their IDL’s are off by a few one way or the other.

As far as reviews go its logical to read what others have to say from the time they purchase to years after including the service the construction and the use. I have communicated with a few online sellers and they want to sell a mattress. If you call telling them you want to duplicate a Pure Latex Bliss Mattress they will find a way to do so or tell you why you shouldn’t. seeems to have a great price on the PLB Mattresses but are they the latest versions, are they ones that were sent back. There are so many companies online telling you how much better their product is yet they all but from the same source.

A pureLatexBliss mattress purchased from The Mattress Expert is shipped by freight from his partner Gardners Mattress in Lancaster, PA. It is brand new from the factory, the latest version. Do a Search by User Name for my posts on the PLB mattress and The Mattress Expert.


I had some of the same thoughts as you and was also feeling really frustrated. Phoenix used the phrase analysis paralysis and that is exactly how I felt. For me buying local even if I had to pay tax was worth the peace of mind of having laid on the bed and knowing exactly what I was getting. The value of that comfort level easily offset the monetary loss. I also got to feel good about supporting a local business. Along the way I had great phone conversations with a few online sellers and learned more about latex than I knew there was to learn. I also got to lay on beds in several local stores. The end result was choosing a mattress that both my spouse and I are extremely pleased with. At one point a long the way I took a couple days off from researching and thought about what my comfort level was with all the choices I had. Once I decided that an online purchase was just too stressful for me I could concentrate on my local choices and decide between them.

I appreciate the comments now im more confused You are saying the mattress expert orders from another company? In their website it says they order direct.
Wavy the price locally for the Beautiful cal king is approx 4300 plus tax ----the price from the mattress expert is approx 3800 no tax and free delivery and setup. I have already tried this model locally. I understand not wanting to take a risk with online purchases where you havnt tried the matttress but this is my point- If I tried the Beautiful and I liked it are you saying If I order it online to save approx 950 it may not be what we tried at the store
thank you )

I would definitely order the beautiful to save that much. But I would approach your local dealer and offer him/her the chance to match that price. My point was about saving money on something sight unseen that might be the same thing. Clear as mud? :silly:

Hi mike7,

A mattress is much more than just the quality of the materials because the quality has little to do with how a mattress feels and performs and more to do with how long it will last. ILD specs alone will also tell you little about how a mattress feels or performs because it’s only one of many factors that determines the feel and performance of a mattress including the type of latex, the thickness of each layer, and the type of cover and quilting and many others. You can read a little more about “matching” another mattress in post #9 here and some of the “specs” involved in how a mattress feels and performs post #7 here and post #2 here.

It’s exactly the same materials … only the name has changed. Latex International supplies the exact same materials to mattress manufacturers as they use in their own mattresses which are sold under the Pure Late Bliss name. Many manufacturers change the name of a material into their own proprietary name.

If you use the same layer thicknesses, the same type of foam made by the same manufacturer, and the same type of cover, then you would have a very close “match”. ILD’s are always in a range (for example blended latex is in a range of about +/- 2) but for the most part these types of very small differences are below the threshold of detection for most people.

If they are knowledgeable and reputable they will give you accurate information about all the many variables that may be involved and help you set “reasonable expectations” for success. If they aren’t reputable and knowledgeable they will tell you whatever they think you want to hear in the hopes of making the sale.

There are many local retailers that also have lower prices than they are allowed to post online once you are in the store. The Mattress Experts sell only new mattresses (as BobP verified because he purchased from them) . When you are talking to a retailer that is telling you “how much better” their product is then I would just ask them how and why and then use this site (or others) as a “fact check” if you need to.

I think you may be overthinking things :slight_smile:

The Mattress Expert is an online company that works in partnership with several retail stores so that people can test some of their mattresses locally and to expedite delivery.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that. If you test the Beautiful and like it then if you order it online it will be the same mattress. Where you order it from would be a matter of your own personal value equation that would hopefully take into account all the factors and criteria that were most important to you. I think Wavycat was outlining how buying locally was an important part of the “value” of their purchase and personal value equation.


I do not see anywhere on the The Mattress Expert website where it says they order direct. One of my internet shopping rules before I consider ordering from an etailer is do they have a physical address and is it clearly stated. The Mattress Expert does not. So I emailed him and asked about this. You can read more about it in this thread.

Thanks Bob for the reply — if you choose the pure bliss mattress and the model it states

FREE DELIVERY & SET-UP…Continental US…all items on this page. NO SALES TAX

All mattresses are freshly made to fill your order."

Maybe not direct but freshly made.
You state one of your rules is to have a physical address and they dont yet in your thread you recommend them.

Frankly this gets stranger the more I research. From what I understand in order to be member here from a retailer they pay a certain fee, Im sure that has to be a conflict of interest for any forum trying to give bias-free advice (which is why I think if actual owners couldreport back it would be a great service).

It gets complicated the more I read and as you can see in these forums, thousands of people are asking the same questions.
If all these companies use the same materials why are there so many different opinions.
I was going to order the Pure Latex Bliss beautiful model until I read there are no comfort exchanges, then as I thought about it I thought I might try locally a layered bed like Saavy Rest and then try to look online for other layered companies.
Maybe 6" with 3" and 3" as in the Beautiful model, feels better because its six inches not two 3inch layers. Maybe the different layers move around in a layered system. I dont know. But if its just about the materials there wouldnt be such diversity .
As i said earlier Plushbeds Sleepez Coypure brooklyn Bedding Saavy Rest and many others get the same latex from the same manufacturer yet their ILDs are different for the same labels firm med soft.
I think I read where you ended up not liking the Pure Latex Bliss model you purchased and that it was in a guest room so it was that important
What do you use currently

As I stated in the other post. he could be more transparent on his website. Before I ordered from him I emailed him and asked him about his current business, where the PLB mattress would be shipped from, and what his comfort exchange policy was. He answers emails within 24 hours or less. I also know that he has been in the mattress business a long time. When I was researching mattresses back in 2004 he answered my questions on his blog, which he still runs.

The PLB mattress was purchased specifically for our guest room. My wife and I tried out PLB’s Pamper, Nature, Nutrition, and Beautiful models. We both agreed that the Nutrition and Beautiful were too soft, the Pamper too firm, and decided on the Nature because it is a medium firm and the price. After we tried it out at home for a few days I thought it was perfect but my wife, who has an artificial hip, found it a tad too firm. We are both side sleepers.

We currently sleep on a 10 year old 11" Sealy Reflections Newport hybrid latex mattress. I classify it as a hybrid because it has ~2" of poly foam sewn into the topper, latex comfort layers, and a 34 ILD Dunlop latex core. Because of the 2" of poly foam it is a bit softer than the PLB Nature. Maybe luck, or a good batch of poly foam, it has held up well, no body impressions or sagging. Sealy stopped producing the Reflection line a few years ago.

You can try using The Mattress Experts PLB mattress prices as a bargaining tool with your local PLB mattress retailers.

thanks again I just received the following response from regarding pure latex bliss — As I stated earlier reviews are a great unbiased opinion -talking to dealers doesnt necessarily get you the straight answers— they are in business to make a living- I wouldnt feel comfortable simply buying from a dealer thats trying to reproduce a PLB mattress unless they specifically told me the specs etc… and I read reviews on others that have done this. Can you tell me what they mean"all natural wool inside a bamboo cover" means. The plb cover seemed like it was pretty good.

Besides being a latex mattress manufacturer I am also a PLB authorized dealer which means I have the Beautiful on my showroom floor. No one buys it because I can duplicate the feel for much less. You would be looking around 2 grand to duplicate on using our all natural wool inside a quilted bamboo cover instead of their plain stretch cover that has a chemically treated fire barrier underneath. Call me to discuss options.