Need help fast

We are now on our 3rd mattress in four years. Four years ago we bought a latex mattress. {layers unknown} After two years we had to replace due to deep impressions on both side of the bed. Two years ago we bought a latex bed from Habitat Furnishing skybed a 9" king. 6" layer of 24-26 latex and top layer 3" 17-19 ILD latex. After two years could no longer sleep on it due to waking up with sore backs.
Two weeks ago went to Mattress Firm and bought a Simmons Beauty Rest coil mattress. We can not sleep of this mattress to to sore backs.
Can someone tell me witch way to go! My wife and I are at ends meet on this. What are we doing wrong?
I am 230lb and a side sleeper. Wife is 160lb and a side sleeper.
What local mattress dealers do you suggest?
We are in San Antonio Texas
Open to suggestions.

Hi Wooddog,

I would guess that the first mattress that you bought wasn’t latex (the layers unknown one) but polyfoam with some latex in it. The impressions are usually symptomatic of polyfoam in the comfort layers rather than latex … even though the store likely called it a latex mattress. It could also be symptomatic of a much lower quality of latex such as mainly SBR (synthetic) Dunlop latex.

The second one from Habitat is all good quality latex but there are likely several issues about the model that you chose (besides of course the price you likely paid). The first is that the layering is almost certainly the wrong combination for you and your sleeping position and weight distribution. The second is that 100" natural talalay in an ILD that soft will soften a little more rapidly than the blended talalay and this slight softening (which would normally be well within tolerance) along with choosing a 3" layer (rather than thinner) and the softest core means that you have probably been out of alignment all along. If your weight has changed or if your needs have changed or even if your “out of alignment” sleeping position has taken a while to produce symptoms … then the “fix” would be to adjust your layering.

A “theoretical” layering that would probably do much better for you would be in the area of 3" of 28 ILD talalay over 6" of firm (not soft which you have or even medium) Dunlop. I certainly would go any lower than 24 ILD talalay on top and with your weight even this would be on the soft side.

What I would suggest as an experiment is turning the latex mattress over and sleeping on the bottom to see how that changes things. I’m not suggesting this would be perfect but that any changes you noticed over a few nights of this would be very helpful pointers to what would work best for you.

I would certainly stay away from all chain stores and major brands as even if you find a good mattress it will be overpriced and the odds are overwhelming that any mattress you buy there will have too much polyfoam in the upper layers and/or have a construction that is not suitable for you.

If it does turn out that you need a new mattress (and hopefully not) some independent factory direct or retail direct outlets near you that may be worth a visit include …

In San Antonio Independent manufacturer that makes their own line of mattresses which includes latex, latex hybrids, and others. Would be well worth a visit. (NOTE ADDED May 2017: Their web site is down so I would phone before visiting to make sure they are still in business.) Another independent manufacturer who makes a complete range of mattresses of all types including custom layering.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Regional factory direct manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses including innersprings, hybrids, and their iChoice series that is a mostly latex mattress that has the option of a latex or memory foam comfort layer. They use good quality materials and have better value than most mainstream manufacturers. I would focus on their own mattresses rather than the major brands they also carry. Retail direct outlet. Designs and sells their own private label brand and carries Pure Latex Bliss and other alternative brands that have good quality materials. Highly ethical ownership (based on my conversations with them) that is more focused on educating their customers and fitting them to a mattress than they are in selling them something that isn’t appropriate. Also well worth a visit.

In Austin Independent factory direct manufacturer who makes a wide range of latex and other mattresses. I was impressed with Bob’s (the previous owner) openness and willingness to share information with me but he has since passed away and they are now owned by another manufacturer that I have talked with that is also very knowledgeable and experienced and has some long term “roots” in the industry but for the moment they no longer have a local store. They also offer good quality and value IMO although they would now involve a drive to Houston to test their mattresses.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress See description under San Antonio.

Find a Local Urban Mattress Store Near You Austin, TX. Retail direct outlet for their own house brand (Urban organics latex mattresses), along with a range of mattresses made by Sherwood, Suite Sleep, and VI Springs (ultra premium). Good people who have always been knowledgeable and open about their mattresses when I have talked with them. Some good value. Retailer that carries Pure Talalay Bliss, OMI, Naturepedic, Savvy Rest, Posh & Lavish, Worldbed Studio, and their own house brands Austin organic and ANM direct (and possibly others). I have talked with them and they are knowledgeable and transparent about what they sell and provide good service to their customers. The mattresses they carry are good quality but some such as OMI and Savvy Rest also carry premium prices compared to other options that may be available so as always it’s important to make careful value comparisons on a mattress by mattress basis. They are good people to deal with.

Hope this helps and let me know how sleeping on your current mattress upside down changes things :slight_smile:


Phoenix thanks for the information. Unfortunately we let Mattress firm haul of the Habitat Furnishing Latex mattress.
So we have to start all over. Due to our last two mattress being Latex my wife is convinced latex is not the way to go.
Before getting rid of the Habitat Furnishing mattress we tried a 3" memory foam topper form Healthy Foundations. This made the bed worse. So I am lost on where to start over at. Seems we only have one more shot at this. Thanks again and I am open to any other suggestions.

Hi Wooddog,

Your wife’s concerns may be unfounded as it is very likely that the first mattress wasn’t latex (probably had some latex mixed with polyfoam in the comfort layer) and the second mattress (from Habitat) was a problem with the layering rather than the material. Since the latex layers on top were already too soft for your circumstances and the support core was also too soft, adding another 3" of even softer foam (memory foam) would have certainly made the problem worse.

There are only 3 types of foams used in a mattress. Polyfoam is generally the worst quality foam of all (especially the low quality/density version used in the top of most major brands), memory foam (which ranges from horrible quality to good quality) and latex (which is the highest quality and most durable of all). Any mattress that has foam in it will be one of these three.

The first thing I would suggest is to read this. Mattresses are one of the most important purchases most people make and it will affect how you feel both when you are awake and asleep for the next decade or two. If you don’t have the time to do the research … then it becomes especially important to find an outlet that has the knowledge to tell you what is in every layer of their mattress and will tell you the truth about how long each material will last and which material and which layering would be best for you. Many outlets … particularly chain stores … will focus more on selling you what they want to sell you than they will on what you need.

The “managed” environment in a store and the subjective impressions of a mattress and it’s overall “comfort” has little relationship to how you will feel on it when you get it home and sleep on it for a while … or it’s quality or durability.

I would definitely focus on the outlets I listed earlier as without good research … your only real hope of getting a high quality and durable mattress that is suitable for how you sleep and your own body profile is with an outlet who knows their stuff and is more concerned with fitting you to a mattress that is suitable than they are in selling you the mattress which makes them the most profit or commissions.


I have somewhat a similar experience to this user and was unable to Add a New Topic, so I’m posting my issue here. Thank you for what you do and I’m hoping you can help me because I’m in MUCH need of it!

I’m 5’5, 165lbs and a side sleeper mainly (sometimes back). My husband is 6’1 220lbs and a side sleeper who tosses and turns, and sleeps hot also.

We too purchased a mattress from Habitat Furnishings about 4 years ago, it was a 8" latex, 2" top talalay layer with 6" dunlop, considered the medium-firm. Originally my husband wanted to go with the firmer option, said we can always make something softer, not more firm, but I don’t like a firm comfort top plus I am side sleeper.
About 1 year ago I started to feel lower back pain when I would wake up. I also sometimes got some shoulder pinching even though the bed feels way too soft. About 2 months ago I unfortunately found out I had cancer in my ribs and had major surgery to remove 3 of my left ribs and replaced with 2 titanium ribs. Ever since I’ve been home I’ve had even worse back pain, feeling so uncomfortable, not getting a good night’s sleep and I feel like I’m recovering slower. I feel lower back pain worse and constant pain all over my back, knots, etc.

I’ve been reading this site, trying to learn, and also becoming very overwhelmed with the amount of information. I’ve tested just to feel different mattresses - Casper, Sleep Number, Purple, Intellibed, BeautyRest Black, etc. to just get a feel for mattresses.

Intellibed felt amazing but I’m not paying that price. My husband definitely wants a hybrid with pocketed coils, but I’m unsure of the comfort layer and what will provide the best comfort, pressure relief and durability. I figured it made sense to continue with some latex considering it’s resiliency.

I did see you recommended Texas Mattress Makers in Houston and considered driving out there. Instead I have family in SA and went to Cantwell - I ended liking a $3200 bed - 4th Generation 1090: Organic Fabric, Organic Cotton Batting, 2" natural latex, pocketed micro coil, 1 1/4" latex lumbar, 368 Heavy duty coil Not Pocketed - 17" total
Because of your website, I felt more knowledgeable and thought I asked all the right questions…
It felt amazing, it felt not too soft, but like I was on a cloud but I wasn’t sure if this pricing was in line with the materials. Should I have asked for density/ILD/etc? Could I get something from an online retailer for less expensive?
Also I wasn’t sure of the non pocketed primary support layer, the GM mentioned that pocketed coils can rub. He had pointed me to a few beds that did not have pocketed coils, but I told him my husband wanted pocket coils.
The PRO about this company is that they give a 365 guarantee (no full return) but they will change the comfort layer to either more soft/firm, etc. for what you need and from the initial order I would be able to order my husband’s side more firm than standard, if we wanted - no price difference. I’m on the fence on this bed, CON: not being able to fully return it like some brands offer (Nest and others) and what I’m getting for $3200.

I thought Texas Mattress Makers would be less expensive but in looking at their site it recommends the Oslo Plush $3220 - medium firm - Overall Height: 15"
Layers: 3″ Graphite Infused Latex, pocketed coil system, extra firm stabilizing base foam, Sereni Sleep® Fire Retardant Fiber; Edge Support: Quantum Edge
If I’m not buying from an online retailer that allows a full refund, I think I would need to go test these beds out but I’m really just wanting to order something and be done with it!
Do you have any insights on Graphite infused latex?

And $4320 for a comparative micro coil bed, TMM offers Athens Graphite Latex Hybrid - Overall Height: 15"
Layers: Graphite latex, high density support layer, Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coil System, extra firm stabilizing base foam layer.

So I’m back on your site, looking at Nest Bedding, Ghostbed,
Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid- PRO: seems intriguing for their 365 return, much lower price point $1599, but I thought I read that anyone over 200lbs should have >5lb memory foam which the top layer is .25" of 4lb gel infused memory foam. This bed has no latex in it, just layers of foam. PRO: I also like that you can get an internal split on the firmness.

I also considered the GhostBed - but their site only shows layer depth only, not lb/weight and again this is all foam, no latex.

I’m becoming lost and unsure of where to look next. Whether it make sense or not to make the drive out to Houston. I’m not too crazy about the other SA/ATX bedding places you mentioned in the previous post reply . Doesn’t seem like they have any of the member brands you mentioned.

Really any help at this point you can provide would be MOST welcome! Thank youuuu. My back and recovery thanks you.


This might or might not be helpful. I’ve had a Nest ASH for a little over a month. I bought it in medium firmness. Love the zippered top. Makes it easy to replace the existing foam with something else later on. The foam is a 3" piece. Not memory foam, TitanChill Endurance Foam. It’s a very fast response foam. I have not noticed any cooling, either from the foam or the cover. It certainly doesn’t sleep hot, but it doesn’t sleep cool, either. Unfortunately the foam is a little too soft for me right now, so I know it’ll be too soft in a few months, or in a year.

I thought a little first hand experience might be helpful. BTW, I love the Intellibed also, but can’t justify the price.

Hey April,

Thank you so much for adding your experience and knowledge with your Nest ASH. It is always helpful for consumers to hear from other consumers and not just experts and/or moderators.

Thank you!!


Hi there could you possibly tell me why I’m unable to post a new topic? I was really hoping for a reply from an expert and I had to post this as a reply to someone else’s post since I’m unable to post a new topic.

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We are looking at purchasing the ASH. Now that you’ve had it over a year, we wondered what your current thoughts on it were. Thank you!