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Hello, can you tell me which mattress is better or cheaper models from Corsicana. Is there a list of good mattress brands on your site

I can’t answer your comparison question. However, here is their list of trusted brands: Trusted Members

right but is listed on their Factory Direct Mattresses page, i’m just trying to find out if the mattress i have given the link to is better or if someone can recommend me a better mattress for under $300. I’m looking for the highest quality for the money twin or twin xl mattress any suggestions would be great.


Checked out their website but can’t find any details specified on their builds or the type and quality of materials used.

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Thanks to @PDXPean for linking in the TMU Trusted Member directory, our go-to referral resource, as only these manufacturers/ retailers have been carefully vetted for quality, expertise, and value, and practice transparency in all respects of their business.

Are you purchasing a set or the mattress only, dominator? To better stretch your <$300 budget towards the most durable mattress purchase for your money, some basic knowledge of how to shop for a mattress will be helpful. You may find a read of Phoenix’s"Different Types and Categories of Mattresses"to better learn of which materials would provide the most durability at lower price points, as well as “Mattress Specifications You Need to Know” for learning how to ask questions regarding the contents of a mattress helpful. Thanks for including the links in your post, I toured Spring Made’s site to check out the Sapphire Millennium you asked about, but the only details listed were “Reversable Tightop Mattress, Bonnell Coil System,” indicating a traditional style construction. Their customer service line is: (416) 736-9003. You could give them a ring and ask for spec specifics, such as what comfort materials are used, what’s the quilted ticking made of, are there any foams used and what are those, as well as the gauges of the Bonnell Coil support (the lower the gauge, the firmer the support feel). Also, consider your personal stats, such as height/ weight, body type/ profile, and preferred sleep position(s), as well as preferences for personal comfort when making firmness and support decisions. Hope these research tips will provide some thought starters while you’re getting organized and let us know how things go :wink: .


Thanks. Where can I buy high quality beds under $300. Looking for a twin mattress for bedroom.

Hi Dominator.

I can see you received a detailed reply from Sensei with some great resources.

You may also wish to read this article on value and price and this one on budget restrictions which has a special note on mattresses that cost $400 or less.

Ultimately, within that budget, you may find mattresses that use some higher quality and more durable materials but they often won’t use “enough” of the higher quality materials to be “comfortable” or “supportive.”

Some of our Trusted Members do offer mattresses in your budget, so do go through them! I can see Sensei has already linked to them in their reply.
Best of luck in your search.


Hello Sensei, I am only purchasing a mattress. Looking for innerspring or pocket spring mattress. I’m 6 feet tall, 140 pounds, average build, i sleep on my side How to Know If I Need a Firm or Soft Mattress that will provide support? What is the best mattress under $500?


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I see from your recent post #1 that you are located in Toronto Canada. Just curious about some of the earlier conversations: did you reach out to Spring Made regarding the Sapphire Millennium’s specs? To better understand what sorts of comfort/ support needs you have, what brand and type mattress are you currently using? What size is it and how old is it? What qualities do you like about your current mattress and what do you not like about it?

Unfortunately, TMU does not make recommendations for specific mattresses (read more about why in this tutorial here , particularly point #4) or mattress brands unless they are thoroughly vetted Trusted Members. I did check with our Canadian trusted members, and of them only one offers a twin mattress in your price range (MFC/ Memory FoamComfort); however, it is all-foam/ high quality HD foam, and you are looking for a innerspring/ pocketed coil support mattress. You may want to ask @Mario/MFC if he knows who may sell quality traditional mattresses in your area at a <$500 price point, you may post to MFC’s “Ask an Expert” forum here. Good luck with your research and let us know how things go.


P.S. dominator, I can see that you are anxious to receive a quicker response to your posts by the “anyone” comment that you usually add. We understand that each consumer needs different kinds of information to aid in their decision making process, and we give each post a great deal of thought, research and consideration. We generally answer each post within 2-3 days, but we are a small team and sometimes it takes a little longer. While you are waiting, other consumers may drop in and share their story if your post title is more specific to your question as well, users often make a site search based on their interests and find posts to comment on or help with in that manner. Hope this helps explain our process a little better and looking forward to guiding you down the path to a better night’s sleep ;).

Thanks, i read a comment by a moderator on your site named Phoenix recommending Dreamtime, is this their official website

Hey dominator,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: .

[quote]Thanks, i read a comment by a moderator on your site named Phoenix recommending Dreamtime, is this their official website

When you say “Phoenix recommending Dreamtime”, are you referring to this post #7? If so, the context regards the quality of the mattress product specifications provided by the manufacturer (in this case they were assessed as good quality/ durable materials. To clarify for other consumers who may be following your research, TMU does not “recommend” mattress manufacturers outside of theTMU Trusted Member program, as without proper vetting, there is no way to guarantee that they operate under the same strict best practices and transparency guidelines that the program requires of its members.

I did an online search using the term “dream time mattress CA” and found the same link that you provided, so this seems to be their official web site. The site features quite a few mattress models; however, other than a sparse list of the mattresses “ingredients”, there are no product specs for understanding the component construction nor pricing available. The site seems to encourage showroom visits, so if that isn’t an option for you, you would need to contact them either by phone: 416-741-2337 or by email: [email protected]. The above post indicates that the showroom readily provided product spec details upon request, so that is a plus and would help with your research, should you decide to work with them. I have no direct knowledge of Dream Time Bedding and without any specifics on any of the products, there is no way to speculate on any given model’s durability potential. Be sure to refer back to all of the research and shopping tips from our earlier chat and keep us updated when you can. Good luck with your twin mattress shopping, dominator :wink: !