Adjustable Beds Comparisons

Hi Phoenix
Thanks again. Would you be willing to discuss why one adjustable is a better value in your opinion. If you need to start a new thread on this it would be fine. I basically want the elevation and quietness. I would do the split king but have it synched together. I hope the dogs don’t mind:-))

Hi robbie3,

Your idea about a specific adjustable bed thread is a good one so I’ve used your last post as the beginning of it. This is a link to the post that was before it in the thread you originally posted in which I left where it was. :slight_smile:

Post #3 here also has some thoughts about choosing an adjustable bed to go with a mattress.

Some retailers that I use for price and value comparisons are in post #6 of this topic (click or scroll down).

Outside of price … these are some of the features that may be a more or less important part of the value of an adjustable bed purchase to different people …

  • Weight capacity
  • Construction quality
  • Number of motors
  • Massage options and settings and settings
  • Strength of the massage
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Noise of the massage and lifting motors
  • Warranty
  • Extended warranty (see Post# 4 & 5)
  • Support on the floor (number of legs)
  • Whether it can be used directly on a platform bed without legs (see post #2 here)
  • Modular construction and ease of any component replacement
  • Length of time replacement parts may be available (US manufacturers will tend to keep replacement parts available for longer)
  • Height of head adjustment
  • Recliner position (foot lowering)
  • Head and Neck articulation
  • Remote functions and pre-sets (see post #2 here)
  • Links to a smart phone (see posts #13 and #14 here)
  • Lumbar support adjustment
  • Underbed lighting
  • USB ports
  • Sleep tracking sensors
  • Method of securing the mattress to make sure it doesn’t move (most have retainer bars but some don’t)
  • US made (either the bed itself or the individual parts and motor)
  • Appearance

The bottom line for me (at the time) was that there were none of these that justified the across the board higher prices of the L&P models and the features of the alternatives were either the same or superior IMO so the L&P would have needed a significant discount to be in the same “value range” as the other two unless the brand itself or the country of origin was an important part of someone’s “personal value equation”. NOTE ADDED: This has changed over time since I made my purchase as new models are always being introduced and pricing changes so this is just a frame of reference that was applicable at the time but isn’t as relevant any longer with the introduction of new L&P models and pricing and the many new models from other manufacturers that have since been introduced as well.

I also talked with quite a few retailers that were familiar with many of them (and weren’t biased towards or against any because of profit margins or what they sold) or who carried the one they carried because of their own comparative research and there was fairly consistent agreement among these retailers that the L&P were not the best value compared to the other two choices I was considering (again this only applies to the choices I was making at that time).

FWIW … Tempurpedic used Reverie as their adjustable bed manufacturer (although they now have their own manufactured that are similar apparently) and Simmons and Serta use Ergomotion.

Post #6 in this same thread (just click the link or scroll down) also has some comparisons between a few of the more popular adjustable beds and links to some of the better value adjustable bed sources I’m aware of that may be useful pricing references for “value”.

For those who wish to, I would welcome any other thoughts about how any of these features (or any others that may be important) compare between these or other brands and any information or opinions about any of them.

Here are a few of the most popular manufacturers for reference. (ergomotion’s new line of adjustables)


Hi Phoenix
Just a quick update that AZ Premium Mattress Ken Hightower whom you recommend has the same price on adjustable beds as Currently he carries only the Ergomotion 100 and 400. He is getting in the reverie. What a great guy. I will update more on the Serta Bradbury thread on what I selected.

Hi robbiev3,

I agree with you that Ken is a great guy. He can be really helpful and informative as well … especially if you get him in a talkative mood with some time on his hands. :slight_smile: He’s a great resource.

I didn’t know he sold the Ergomotion though so thanks for letting me know. I hope he lists them on the site (I didn’t see them). He always has great prices for the products he sells.


Hi Phoenix again

Still trying to make the move from the waterbed. I realizing there is a lot of things to consider beside the mattress.
I have picked the St. Dormier protector so that one thing done, still up haven’t ordered mattress but have it narrow down thank to our previous post and other post onsite. Also looked into sheets and got educated on them thanks to your links, Phoenix, thanks.
So of course the more you learn the more you want to know. Since I have a waterbed a frame, foundation or something will be needed, so somehow I starting looking at metal bed frames and ended here at an adjustable bed. To start off I was wondering if there is any issue using a Brooklyn Bedding/ Dreamfoam bed with the 2.35# convoluted foam on a adjustable bed frame? Still considering an all latex mattress.
I looking at the 3 Adjustable bed you mention as they seem to be the best option and features and value.

First the least expensive the Ergomotion 400 $1099 minus 5% $1044. Lowest price, maybe motor work in increments, post 14 &15 and I thinking less programmed presets.

The L&P S-Cape $1299 at Adjustable Beds.Org, $1135 at Atlantic Beds. They say 30% lighter but, only 58* compared to 70* for the other two.

Last the not least Reverie Deluxe Only 2 presets on remote for their model.
I know they are all good and close in price but if you have any thought on the different brands or can see something I have not to help with my price/value evaluation? Thanks again.

Hi AcGolfer,

I think truer words were never spoken. This is both the challenge, the fascination, and the danger of mattress shopping (and many other areas of research). The learning curve is never ending and in spite of what people may think about the probability of finding “enough” information to make the best decision … nothing is ever really enough and the learning curve can get even steeper in many cases as you progress. Many people think I have good knowledge but in many cases I still feel like I’m still a baby and will never really know 'enough" or as much as I want to :slight_smile:

Your waterbed frame will easily be supportive enough unless you mean just the side rails, headboard, and footboard of the waterbed and not the support system underneath your waterbed. If your mattress is enclosed on 5 sides … ventilation becomes very important to prevent moisture from being trapped. You won’t be able to affect the sides (except to the degree that your mattress rises above it) but you will be able to make sure that there is a breathable layer underneath your mattress if that is necessary. If you are considering an adjustable bed then if you put something in between the mattress and the adjustable bed it would need to be flexible (in most cases a mattress would go directly on the adjustable bed which is how mine is set up).

Most types of polyfoam would be flexible enough to be used on an adjustable bed including theirs but it’s always a good idea to check directly with the manufacture just as a matter of principle. Some types of very firm polyfoam may not be flexible or durable enough to withstand the constant bending without damage.

They have a new remote with pre-programmed positions in addition to the presets that come with the standard handset (see the link beside 'remote functions and pre-sets" in your quote).

I think that this would be mainly a matter of preference including how comfortable someone was with buying American vs buying Chinese. There are certainly differences between them but most of them I consider fairly minor since they all perform the same basic function and some would be more important to others. I also think that for most people the basic functions end up being more important than the extra features. My own personal choice taking all the different factors into consideration was the Reverie Deluxe but that was almost 3 years ago and the market, prices and features available have changed since then (The Reverie has gone up and the L&P has come down). I liked the higher head angle, the stronger massage (although I don’t use it much) and the much lower cost. The massage can be somewhat noisy and “vibrating” though if you live above someone else although the bed raising and lowering is quite quiet.

Again … I think that the best way to decide is to ask the “experts” all the questions you are most interested in (some may know much more than others about some of the more technical details like weight and the specific of how they are constructed). To me … all of them seemed “strong and durable enough” and this wasn’t an issue for me. I’m still happy with the choice I made and have had no issues with it at all but the truth is I probably would have been happy with any of them.


Thanks for your reply. As far as the waterbed frame it has a solid bottom which would give no air circulation, 4" too long and it 30 years old, time to boot it to the curb.
Well since all the adjustable beds seem equal and to upgrade the remote on the Reverie Deluxe which is highest price already would raise it even more. I might as well go with the Ergomotion 400 as is at the lowest price but still a lot higher than the metal I started with. It just might take a little longer to make all thing to come together.

I don’t understand what a “wall hugger” adjustable bed would do differently than a regular one. I happen to have a wall-hugger recliner, and i understand the point and need for THAT, but would/shouldn’t all adustable beds tilt up and down without using up any additional space toward a wall?

Hi chip,

The wall hugger feature keeps the bed close to the wall as it raises the head of the bed so that your bedside table remains beside you rather than moving behind you as you are raising the bed.

It doesn’t use up any additional space … just keeps you at the same position relative to your bedside table.


Perhaps the two adjustable beds I lay on, the one at Bob’s and a tempurpedic model, were wall huggers. I can’t even really picture how a non-wall hugger would work in a bed.

In any case, I’m leaning toward buying the Reverie Essential Plus (once i settle on a mattress, that is!), since i don’t feel the need for either the masage feature or wireless remote that comes in the deluxe model. But one thing that concerns me is conflicting specs. A person at the Ojejo(sp? company told me the Plus model tilted to 70 degrees head, 45 foot, just as the deluxe model, but a “fact sheet” about each model on a different website listed the Plus as only 65 head, 38 foot (while having the 70, 45 specs for the Deluxe).

Who to believe?

Hi chip,

Most of the more common adjustable beds have the wall hugger feature where the base slides as the head is raised. Without this the head would raise and move your torso forward and put the bedside table behind you.

If I’m in doubt about conflicting specs I usually call the manufacturer to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. In my experience Reverie customer service is very responsive and they are “good people”.


thanks, Phoenix. Just emailed them…

Any other real advantages of the deluxe model over the Plus model that you know of besides massage and wireless remote?

Hi chip,

The only other significant difference that a quick scan shows me is the different options and memory settings available on the wireless remote vs the wired remote although someone that is more familiar with all the details of both may know of other differences as well.


The Reverie folks say the Plus model is 65, 38. I don’t mind much about the head, figuring 65 degrees is enough, but the 38 degrees on the feet worries me a bit.

Phoenix, do you feel you often go to the full 45 or 47 degrees (not sure which it is) on the Deluxe model?

Also, do you know or can you estimate what degree the feet are in the Zero Gravity position? If the zero gravity position is as good for people’s backs as they say, I’d like the ability to achieve it in whatever model I get, and particularly with the feet.

Hi chip,

You had me running all over the house to try and find something to measure the angle but I don’t have anything so I put the bed in the zero gravity position and then raised the foot as high as it would go and by eyeballing it I’d say that zero G is probably a little over half of the highest height … and certainly no more than two thirds. I’m guessing it’s about 25 - 30 degrees.

I rarely if ever go higher than that.

According to what I’ve read … the definition of zero G is an angle between the torso and the thighs of 126 - 128 degrees +/- 7 degrees (depending on who you believe) with the lower legs elevated above the heart. This means that with a 30 degree leg angle and using 128 as the number that the torso would be elevated 22 degrees.


Thanks, Phoenix! Sorry to send you scrambling. Sounds like the 38"ish feet on the Plus model would meet my elevation desires and the Deluxe is not needed for that, huh?

Do you ever go all the way to 70 on the head? I probably would not, but not sure.

Btw, I’m getting conflicting numbers on both models from two different people at Reverie. One girl told me the Deluxe model only goes to 39 for the feet (69 for the head).The fact that their own people can’t get their numbers straight is not terribly reassuring, but oh well.

Hi chip,

We both go up to the maximum on the head sometimes for watching TV or working on the computer or reading. It’s just the leg end that we rarely if ever use at its highest elevation.


I want this bed for TV purposes too, and maybe even more for laptop use, but I’m guessing (hoping) the 65"ish degrees on the Plus model will be enough for me. 300 bucks just to get the few extra degrees doesn’t seem necessary. (Hopefully!)

Hi chip,

In “real life” terms … I doubt that we would notice much difference between 65 and 70.


That’s what I’m hoping.