Boyd Vs Spa Sensations


I am looking at these two models and cannot figure out if there is any justification in the price difference for these in a king size. They both appear to have 7 wires and look just about identical. Can anyone help or give positive/negative experiences with either?

Spa Sensations -

Boyd -

Im thinking it might be the exact same product just private labeled differently, but I am only making assumptions.

Hi bwomp,

Most of the 14" wire grid frames are very similar even though there are probably different sources that are subsequently re-branded. Some of them have different weight ratings but they are very similar here as well (usually 1200 lbs per side).

The main thing I would be looking at is the number of longitudinal wires in the grid. The more evenly supportive the surface and the more wires there are … the less risk there would be of the wires impressing into the deeper layers of foam in the long term.

The Spa Sensations has 7 wires on each side and the Boyd has the same. There may also be a difference in any extras that they include (some have a cover and some have attachments for a headboard and footboard that come with them or can be ordered separately at an extra cost). I would say they are at least very closely comparable if not the same.


Hi bwomp,
Here is the one I looking at by Malouf. I believe it is a little better, 10 grid wires instead of 7.

Where did you see 10 wires? Pictures uploaded by a customer clearly show 7 wires on each side of the queen size frame. Unfortunately I’ve learned the hard way not to believe descriptions or pictures on Amazon.

Edited to add I think it might be the king size frame with 10 wires. Thanks!

Thanks AcGolfer,

I looked at the Malouf one a few weeks ago, but was scared by all the comments about the squeaking problems. I’m leaning toward spa sensations since I know Wal Mart has a very lenient return policy. I know amazon has a 30 day return policy, but I would have to pay return shipping. Just where my thoughts are right now. Im continuing to check ebay and I have some time since the mattress I ordered from Arizona Premium Mattress Company is still about three weeks away.

Hi bwomp,

If you have an all latex mattress I wouldn’t use either of these personally. The gaps are too wide IMO and it could affect durability in the longer term.

Arizona Premium has a new foundation that they just introduced which is a slatted wood foundation with gaps that are about 2.5" and are a very reasonable price. You can see them here (their site is still having some issues apparently but you can still see the images and description).

If I was using a grid foundation for an all latex mattress I would probably use the Glideaway with 11 wires and would add a cover to it (or even add my own cover with a good fabric) to even out the support as well.


Thank Phoenix,

Ill take your advise and go with one of those two. One more thing…if I were to go with the wood foundation, what would you recommend i use for a frame. I have always preferred that foundation, but i would like to have at some space for storage under the bed. Is there anything you recommend I could put under the wood foundation to lift it up?

Hi bwomp,

You could always use either a frame with higher or adjustable height legs something like these or these or bedframe risers that can raise the height of the frame (like many on a google search here). A set of universal bedlegs like these which come in different heights can also be attached to the foundation.



I pulled the trigger on the Glideaway Space Saver frame you recommended, which is arriving today. You mentioned I should use a cover on the frame. Where could I find something like this? And would you ever consider putting a piece of plywood over the tom of the frame?

Hi bwomp,

You can see more of my thoughts and hesitations about the wire grid type of foundations in post #41 here.

Wire grid foundations can have some good advantages including strength, cost, and in some cases storage area under the bed and can be a reasonable choice for mattresses that have a “non latex” support core. While I don’t think that any risk of damage with an all latex mattress would be an issue in the short or medium term, especially with the version you chose with more wires and a smaller grid pattern, my own personal “risk tolerance” also tends towards the longer term possibilities as well even if they can’t be completely quantified or known for certain.

My longer term concern with these types of foundations for a mattress that has a latex base (and to a lesser degree a mattress with a polyfoam base layer) are because of the natural elasticity of latex and its tendency to sink into gaps and because the physical supportive area of a wire grid foundation is much less than a good slatted wood foundation (which would have somewhere in the range of a 50% supportive surface area which is much higher than a wire grid). There could also be some issue with latex or a polyfoam support core sinking into the gaps and causing “virtual impressions” or “soft spots” under the heavier parts of the body in the shorter term as well.

If cost or the benefits of having storage under the platform/foundation was my primary criteria, then I would lean towards the ones with more longitudinal wires and smaller gaps (as you are doing).

Some of the wire grid foundations come with a cover like this or which can be purchased separately (which may also fit other wire grid foundations of the same type) which would add a little bit of extra support in the gaps between the wires which I think would be a slight improvement. If I was to purchase one of these with an all latex mattress though (where there was latex directly on the wires) and in thinking about what I would do personally … my tendency would be to either buy a good quality cover using a woven (non stretchy), thick fabric or purchase my own fabric and attach it as tightly as I could to the top of the wire grid so that the surface was more evenly supportive.

Other options that may be even better yet would include adding an inch or two of very firm polyfoam in between the mattress and foundation (or reticulated form which is more breathable) or adding a rubberized coir bed rug like this or something like the vinyl lattice here (thanks to srockrae for the suggestion).

None of this is to say that any of this is absolutely necessary and may even be an “abundance of caution” on my part and it would depend on each person’s own “risk tolerance” but it is what I would do personally with one of these in combination with an all latex mattress because of the risk of the wires impressing into the latex over the medium or longer term.

A solid surface (like plywood) is another issue that is similar with many conflicting opinions but for me, unless there was a compelling reason to choose a non ventilating surface that made the tradeoff worthwhile (such as the choice of an adjustable bed), I would personally tend to use a more breathable and ventilating support surface. You can see more of my thoughts about this in post #10 here as well.

There are quite a number of these types of platform foundations and most of them have a high percentage of good reviews and they are all rated for over 2000 lbs … but the lower cost versions also seem to have a fairly large number of critical reviews that talk about the frame or legs bending and that indicate that the quality and strength of the steel and the foundation itself isn’t as high as it could be and there are also a percentage of them that appear to develop squeaking issues over time that may be difficult to locate and solve.


Thanks Phoenix,

Another thought I had, what If I were to put strips of plywood across the wires effectively creating bed slats? Thoughts?

Hi bwomp,

I’ve never seen it done so I don’t know how well it would work in terms of how stable the slats would be on the frame but in theory at least it sounds workable to me. I would probably also consider regular 1x3 slats instead of plywood (or even an Ikea set of slats) just to avoid the glues and the possible moisture retention of plywood as well as jagged edges and splinters.

I’d be interested in how well it works if you do decide to go in this direction.


Okay great. Ill let you know how it works out. Ill be sure to post pictures too.