Comparing Latex Mattresses


I was hoping I could get some help comparing the Ultimate Dreams vs the Latex Supreme from the original mattress factory . My wife and I tried out the Latex supreme recently and absolutely loved everything but the price. Would the ultimate dreams be comparable to this? Would a 7 or 8 comfort level be similar to the feel of this mattress?

Thanks for all the help!

Hi chaoticelf13,

The latex supreme is an all latex mattress (except for the 1" polyfoam quilting on each side) which uses an inch of quilting foam over 1.5" of softer latex (@ 19 ILD) over a “medium” 32 ILD talalay latex. In other words the comfort layers are about 2.5" and with the softer support layers it would be on the soft side overall. How it feels would also depend on whether you tested it on their “standard” active box spring (which would be a softer feel) or on a rigid foundation. It is also 2 sided which is a “durability” bonus.

The Ultimate dreams on the other hand has a 4.5" comfort layer (with your choice of firmness/softness of the 3" latex layer) and the support core is polyfoam which is both less flexible and firmer than the OMF latex support core. Thicker comfort layers tend to be softer (all else including ILD and support layers being equal) and the firmer and less elastic support layer will also “come through” and affect the feel of the comfort layers differently than a latex support core.

Because layer thickness and layer softness work together and all the layers of a mattress interact together and affect how the mattress feels … these would be very much of an apples to oranges comparison. The thicker comfort layers in the UD would need firmer foam to approximate the thinner softer OMF comfort layers while the firmer support core of the Ultimate Dreams could also indicate that slightly softer would be necessary (the firmer support layers of the UD would come through more than the softer layers below the OMF). Overall I think the “choose firmer” influence because of the thicker comfort layer would outweigh the “choose softer” influence from the softer support core of the OMF.

So your preference of the OMF latex Supreme seems to indicate a general preference for a softer mattress and since Dreamfoam are the experts with their own mattresses … I would ask them for their guidance about which comfort level may best approximate the specs of the OMF latex supreme (and which competing influence may outweigh the other). This would require some guesswork because it’s not really possible to accurately “translate” one type of layering and material combination into another that is quite different for each person because there are so many variables involved and because each person may have very different perceptions about how one type of layering “matches” another which is different.

One final piece of guidance is that if in doubt between two different choices I would tend towards the firmer because it’s much easier to fine tune a mattress that is a little too firm than it is to make a mattress that is too soft firmer.


Hi chaoticelf13,

I was wondering if you bought you mattress yet, and which one you decided upon. If so, can you post your

My wife and I decided to wait until Black Friday to order the Ultimate Dreams in case there was a sudden price drop or something. We are expecting it near the end of next week. We do have the bed from IKEA with Slats ready to go when it gets here. I’ll update this thread with initial thoughts when received. So far Chuck has been great in getting back to us with any questions so if you are on the fence about something in particular that only the manufacturer could answer I suggest you reach out to them directly via Amazon.

Hi chaoticelf13,

Better manufacturers and retailers don’t need or depend on mostly “fake” sales to provide good value to their customers customers (who often believe that the savings on a “special sale” are real) and will generally sell their mattresses for “good value” every day of the year. Sales that create a sense of “urgency” or a belief that a customer is getting some kind of “special value” or somehow did a great job at “negotiating” the price are all about marketing and perception and not so much about reality.

Better manufacturers and retailers will occasionally have a legitimate sale with smaller discounts but they will be for legitimate reasons and for smaller discounts that are not subject to negotiation (see post #6 here).

For those stores who use the typical “sales tactics” as a marketing tool (and there is nothing “wrong” with this as long as consumers understand that they are mostly meaningless and see the “major mattress sales” for what they really are) … sales are mostly rotating and ongoing, based on “fake” retail prices that nobody ever pays anyway (or at least should never pay), and only change in the details and the “name” of the sale.

This video and this video by one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry (and one of the members of this site) and who has a whole series of “beducational videos” that helps to educate consumers is also well worth watching.


Phoenix. Thanks for the input. I’ll try out Macy’s or a proper mattress store. I believe plummers is a good store to go wrong with and Stern & Foster isin’t a bad brand isin’t it?

Hi navigates,

I would strongly encourage you to read the tutorial post.

There is nothing at Plummers or Macy’s that I would consider and I would completely avoid any Stearns & Foster or any of the other major brands or any mattress where you don’t know the quality of the materials inside it. The risks of this kind of “blind” purchase and the use of lower quality materials leading to buyers remorse and the need to replace the mattress much too soon is much too high in any budget range. If nothing else I would read the guidelines here (which are one of the links in the tutorial post).

I’m not sure where you are exactly but the Los Angeles list here or the San Diego list here includes the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the same areas where Plummers has a store.


Phoenix. Thanks for the inputs. I just came back from Macy’s and the prices on the mattresses were very high. I understand the major brands may not be good. I’ll hold off on the purchase and review the preferences I have. I live in Woodland Hills, CA. From your list I could see custom mattress makers.

Hi Navigates,

The Los Angeles list would include the options that I know of that are closest to you and you are fortunate that there are quite a number of smaller independent manufacturers that are often the best source of quality, value, and service in any budget range.


I purchased a top of the line Stearns & Foster “Golden Elegance” in March 2012 in Tacoma WA. It cost $3,999! Initially it was as comfortable as my previous “Golden Elegance” which lasted eight years and gave us a very comfortable night’s sleep for a decent period of time.

This new Stearns & Foster mattress has only lasted TWO YEARS and now already it feels as bad as the eight-year-old mattress. We had a warranty inspection performed and they said that there is only 1 1/8 inch of depression on each side, so the warranty will not cover it as the requirement is for 1 1/2 inch or more of damage. However, if you push down with your hand on where the pocket springs have failed in the hip region, the bed depresses several inches and is no longer comfortable in any way. Also, this mattress cannot be flipped so it was only half as durable to begin with as the old one.

I have to echo the wisdom of the forum administrator is telling everyone to stay away from Stearns & Foster mattresses (and in my opinion, also stay away from its sister companies (Sealy & Bassett).

Hi JohnB,

Unfortunately your experience is not unusual … especially with most of the major brands that use lower quality materials in the comfort layers that can soften or break down much too quickly.

The odds are good that the issues with your mattress are with the comfort layers and not the springs underneath them (a mattress will normally soften and break down from the top down).

Post #4 here has more information and suggestions about mattresses that have developed soft spots or sagging (or were too soft in the first place) that may be helpful.