Factory Direct mattress manufacturers - Dallas/Ft Worth

Can you recommend any “local” manufacturers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX area?

Hi David

Absolutely I can :). Dallas/Ft Worth is one of the beter areas of the country in terms of good value manufacturers.

I changed the thread and title to include your city so others from your area will have an easier time finding it

One of our members is located there http://www.themattressfactory.com/ . This is where I purchased my own mattress which was a queen size two sided custom built talalay latex mattress with quiltable latex and down substitute in the quilting. I chose each layer (thickness and ILD) and the quilting and they built it to my exact specs. Even including the higher cost of shipping a whole mattress out of state (it was a complete mattress and not a layered construction in a zip cover which can be shipped UPS), it was still a significantly lower price than anything comparable that I could have bought locally (in fact there was nothing locally at the time that was truly comparable).

EDIT added later: They currently make Dunlop latex mattresses which use Dunlop latex cores which is also a high quality material but since Latex International shut down their closest distribution center they don’t offer Talalay support cores any more.

Two others for reference that I have talked with and think very highly of in terms of both selection, quality and value are …


While there are others … these are such high quality/value that there would be little point in listing more.


PS: if you do decide to purchase a mattress from any of the manufacturing members here … don’t forget to register on the forum and post at least once under your username. This way if you let them know you are a member here … you will receive an additional 5% discount on what are already exceptionally high value and quality mattresses.

Hi Phoenix, what a great site you have here! I am in the Dallas area and look forward to some shopping this weekend…any further suggestions you may have are welcome!

Hi forten


Dallas / Fort worth is fortunate to have several great quality and value local manufacturers. I have talked with all of them and each is making some excellent mattresses and all of them have better value than anything you would find in a major brand or chain store. They are all “mattress people” and while they don’t all focus on “foam specs” … they all know good quality materials from worse quality and only use what their experience tells them is the best materials in each price range. They are …

http://www.themattressfactory.com/ Fort Worth, TX. Owned by Peter Duncan. This is where I purchased my own mattress which was a queen size two sided custom built talalay latex mattress with quiltable latex and down substitute in the quilting (although they no longer have the same options as when I purchased mine). They make a range of innerspring and latex mattresses but no memory foam. Good quality, value, and service and a recommended member of this site.

http://www.citymattressfactory.com/ (AKA Royal Sleep Products) Fort Worth, TX. Another good quality/value manufacturer that makes a full range of innerspring, memory foam, gel foam, and latex mattresses. I think highly of Mark the owner and they are open about their mattresses, very helpful with their customers and offer good customer service. Make sure that you check the density of any of their mattresses that use polyfoam or memory foam because some of them may use lower quality/density foam than I would normally suggest.

http://www.sleepcraftmattress.com/ Another high quality/value manufacturer located in Lewisville. I also think highly of the owners Tod and Zak (father and son) who own and run the business and they make a range of innerspring and latex mattresses (but also no memory foam). They are knowledgeable about their mattresses and also have good customer service.

http://unitedhollandmattress.com/product-category/mattress-showroom/ Denton, TX. Another “old time” manufacturer that is doing things right. They make a range of innerspring and latex mattresses, and use the best quality materials in all their price ranges. Well worth a visit if you are in the Denton area if you want good quality and value. I would make sure that you are able to find out about the quality specs of their mattresses though because based on some forum feedback they may not be as willing as other manufacturers to provide them (see this thread).

http://www.bedroomshop.com/ Arlington, TX. Factory direct manufacturer (Sleep Systems Inc) that makes their own innerspring/poly one and two sided and memory foam mattresses. Also carries major brands (which I would avoid). Will disclose all the material specs in their mattresses on request.

Some of the Dallas/Fort Worth manufacturers don’t make traditional memory foam mattresses (they are not a “fan” of the material) and there are also a few better retailers in the area that carry some of the “better” private or smaller independent brands so I also wanted to include some of the better possibilities among some of these (out of over 60 that I looked at and in some cases talked with) that offer a range of mattresses including memory foam and which may also have good quality and value. As always though … it’s important to make sure that you know the quality of the materials in a mattress you are considering because a mattress is only as good as the quality/durability of the materials that are in it.

www.urbanmattress.com/ Dallas, TX. Retail direct outlet for their own house brand (Urban organics latex mattresses), along with a range of mattresses made by Sherwood, Suite Sleep, and VI Springs (ultra premium). Good people who have always been knowledgeable and open about their mattresses when I have talked with them. Some good value.

http://www.mattressdepottx.com/ Cedar Hill, Burleson, TX. I talked with them and I wish there were more retailers across the country like them. They carry some good quality/value mattresses made by Golden and MLily and others. They understand the importance of knowing the details of what is in a mattress and will provide the specs on any mattress they carry. Knowledgeable and helpful with their customers.

https://www.dallasnaturalmattress.com/ Dallas, TX. They carry a wide range of mattresses from Savvy Rest, Organicpedic (OMI), Royap-Pedic, Pure Talalay Bliss, Worldbed, Austin Natural Mattress and Posh & Lavish. While they certainly have some great quality mattresses I would make some careful value comparisons here because some of them are in higher budget ranges than other similar mattresses.

Mattresses | Stacy Furniture | Grapevine, TX, Texas, 87051, Tarrant County Grapevine, Plano, Allen, Flower Mound. Carry Restonic Healthrest (incl latex and gel).

http://sovn.com/ Dallas, TX. They carry Berkeley Ergonomics which are a line of latex, innerspring, and microcoil mattresses which are good quality and can be customized for each person. Unfortunately though … they have higher prices than some of the other BE retailers across the country and they are listed as a possibility but may not be the same value as other retailers that have good value mattresses unless they come closer to matching the prices for the same mattresses from other retailers.

http://cantoni.com/ Retailer in Dallas. Carries a private label version of Berkeley Ergonomics (see this topic) and Vi Spring (ultra premium mattresses).

http://www.nfm.com/default.aspx Retailer in The Colony, TX that carries Omaha Bedding, Southerland, the FXI Valeo collection (which probably isn’t on their floor), and Bios which may have some better quality/value here. They told me they would call the factory to find out any specs that they don’t have available so I would make sure that you can find out the specifics of all the materials in any mattress that you consider here before you purchase it to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in the mattress. I would tend to avoid the other brands they also carry.

http://www.mattresshq.com/dallas-highland-park-mattress-store/ Dallas (multiple locations), TX. Has Dormeo, Sherwood, Sleep Designs, Mlily. Be sure to acquire product specifications.

https://www.hastens.com/en Dallas, TX. Carries ultra-premium Hastens mattresses, just in case you want to see a $50,000 mattress.

http://www.naturepedic.com/dfw/ Fiscos, TX. Naturepedic latex mattresses.


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Sorry to bump an old thread, but we’ll be mattress shopping in the DFW area this weekend. I’ve been reading this forum for a couple weeks now, and I’m going to check out some of the local manufacturers.

If I go to a retailer, what are the preferred brands for quality and value?

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Mattress Land Outlet and Stacy Furniture are both very, very close to us.

Hi william,

Since a mattress is only as good as the materials that are in it … brands mean very little except to the degree that a particular manufacturer provides their retailers with complete information about the materials in their mattresses.

Knowing the materials in a mattress you are testing is always more important than the brand label that is on it and the ability and willingness of a retailer to provide their customers with this information is also one of the most important parts of choosing which retailers are best to work with. Finding the better manufacturers or retailers in your area (along the lines of this article) is a much more important part of mattress research than anything connected with specific brands.

Having said that … there are some brands that are more important to know in order to avoid them which are the major ones such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster, Tempurpedic, Kingsdown, and any others that either don’t provide meaningful information about their mattresses (and you will know this by whether the retailer can provide it) or who consistently use lower quality materials in each budget range than smaller local or independent manufacturers who sell either factory direct or through better sleep shops.

At Mattressland Outlet I would consider any of the brands they carry as long as they can provide the complete layering information of the mattress (including the density of any memory foam and polyfoam and the type of any latex in the mattress).

At Stacy Furniture I would consider any of the Restonic mattress they carry that they can provide all the layering details of the mattress.

When you know the layering details of a mattress you are seriously considering … then you can make more meaningful quality and value comparisons with other similar mattresses.



We recently went to Stacy’s in DFW and were considering several beds. We ultimately liked one from Stacy’s “custom” line. This bed had indivual pocketed coils with latex layering. We loved it but I can’t find any information on who actually manufactures this line for them. Think the salesman mentioned “Comfort Coil” or some such but a Google search returns nothing on that name. Would anyone know anything about this?

Can we assume it’s reliable mattress based on the fact that Stacy’s carries it? BTW, the cost of this mattress was $2000 range.

Any info would be most appreciated.


Hi cjc,

Absolutely not. The only way to know the quality and value of any mattress is to know the quality of every layer and component inside it.

In case you haven’t read it … the first place I would start when looking for a new mattress is post #1 here and the information it links to. This will help you avoid the worst choices and help you focus on the better ones and how to tell the difference. The brand or manufacturer is only the company which puts all the ingredients into the cover and it’s what’s inside that is important. Any manufacturer can make better or worse quality mattresses and in many cases this may have little to do with price. One of the most important things in searching for a new mattress is find and deal with sales consultants at retailers or manufacturers that not only provide this information but understand it as well so they can educate you about real quality of the mattresses they sell.

Stacy’s carries Dormeo and Restonic which is the manufacturer of a line of mattresses called “Comfort Care” which are probably the ones you mean. Some of the Restonic mattresses can have better than average quality/value (although probably not in the same quality/value range as some of the factory direct manufacturers that are listed in the Dallas list earlier in this thread) and some I wouldn’t consider at all. Again … everything depends on knowing what is in the mattress so you can make meaningful comparisons.


Thanks Phoenix… appreciate the quick reply. However, this bed was definitely NOT Restonic. This bed is made for Stacy’s and carries Stacy’s as it’s brand name. Sales person said Comfort Coil or similar was the actual mattress maker.

I’ll keep digging.


Hi cjc,

If it has their own label, then my guess is that it’s a house brand manufactured by the same factory that makes their Restonic mattresses. It’s not unusual at all for a store to have their own “house” brand like this.

Regardless of who manufactures it though … it may be worth considering if they are able to provide you with the details of the layers inside it. Restonic also makes some latex and some gel memory foam mattresses that can have “better than average” quality/value and if they carry these on their floor and can provide you with the details of the layering then these may be worth considering as well.


Hi Phoenix,

Got some more info from Stacy’s. Seems the manufacturer is Custom Coils which has a program called “J Stowe Custom Sleep”. At least that’s what the salesman wrote me back.

The bed itself has 9" pocketed coils in a poly “box”. Then on top is the 4" of Talalay Latex (in custom inserts put inside a zipped upper part.

Hopefully this is a reliable maker and a durable product. Any other thoughts on your part would be welcomed. :slight_smile:


Hi cjc,

I don’t know a lot about Comfort Coil or J. Stowe but there is a little more about them in this thread. I had forgotten they were being sold at Stacy’s (and other retailers as well) so I added this to the Stacy’s link in the Dallas list. Like any mattress, they are as good as the construction and materials inside it regardless of who puts the materials inside the cover and attaches their label to it.

If the only components are the pocket coil and the 4" of Talalay latex then these would be good quality materials although I’m not a great fan of foam surrounds in a mattress (they are a good way to cut the cost of steel and can soften over time). this means the mattress should be in the range of 13" or a little more. If it’s thicker than that, then I would also want to know the other materials in the mattress. they are customizable on each side which is a nice feature and the layers van be removed and exchanged down the road which is a nice feature as well.

Of course their “value” would depend on price and on how well they compared to other similar latex/innerspring hybrids mattresses that are available to you including some of the local manufacturers in Dallas Fort worth.

If these are all the materials (and the mattress is in the range of 13" thick or just a bit thicker) then there wouldn’t be any obvious weak links in the mattress.


Thanks Phoenix… yes, the mattress is 13" in total. I’m sure it might be available somewhere at greater “value” than what we’re paying but at this point, I’m settling for ensuring a quality, durable product is coming my way.

You’ve been most prompt and thorough and I sincerely appreciate your help as you’ve put my mind at ease on this for now.

Best regards,

Hi cjc,

I’m glad to hear it!

Sometimes it can take some persistance when you are dealing with salespeople who don’t make it easy to get meaningful information about what they are selling but it’s worth it in the end :slight_smile:


I live in Dallas and am going to visit The Mattress Factory and maybe one other that you recommend. But I’m having a little hesitation about the Mattress Factory’s only using Dunlop latex. It seems I’ve read that Talalay is higher quality. Should I be concerned?

Hi Susaboo,

All latex is a good material relative to other types of foam and the choice between them is really a matter of preference rather than “better or worse”.

There is a lot of information on the internet which “promotes” one type of latex over another and says one is “better” than another and these types of comparisons can be very misleading because they are different and each version of latex has its own pros and cons.

You can read more about how different types of latex compare in this article and post #2 here along with more detailed and technical information in post #2 here and post #6 here.

As you can see … I certainly wouldn’t “rate” one as being “better” than another unless the specific context and definition of what someone means by “better” is part of the discussion.

My own personal preference for example is Talalay but my daughter tried both extensively and much prefers the feel and performance of Dunlop which is what she purchased … with my “blessing” :slight_smile:


I found this site last night and I’m off to visit the Mattress Factory in Fort Worth today. Thanks!

Hi MEENag,

I’m glad you found us and I’m looking forward to your feedback. There are a few good manufacturers in the Dallas area that are all good options to include in your research.


We ended up visiting 3 manufacturers in the area:
The Mattress Factory
City Mattress Factory
Sleep Craft Mattress Co.

We didn’t buy anything yet and I’m not sure what to think.
At the mattress factory we were helped by an associate that wasn’t very knowledgable (but was nice). The owner was there when we got there but left a few minutes later. The showroom is not particularly nice. We were looking at latex beds and they had two to try. One was really firm and the other was medium. We were told the medium was a Dunlop core with 2" Talalay on each side.
Next we went to City mattress. They also had 2 latex models to try. The associate here was a little more knowledgable but I still knew more technical info about latex than she did and I just started reading last night. One of their latex mattresses was just the latex core with a quilted cover. The other was a latex core with a 1" foam on each side and then a the quilted cover. We were told that the 1" foam was latex but I’m not sure that was correct.
The last place we went to was Sleep Craft. There we talked to the owner who was very knowledgable about the materials. They had a few latex models. Two of them were just 6" Talalay cores with covers quilted with 1" foam. He said that laminating two different densities of foam was a bad idea because they would wear differently and that in Europe they have been using one piece latex mattresses for a long time. They had two densities, N3 and N4 for the single latex mattreses. Their other option was a innerspring “core” with a separate latex topper. It was a little too soft for my taste. We were told by the owner that he didn’t believe that The Mattress Factory was using 100% Talalay comfort layers (because of knowledge that the only distributor doesn’t sell to the mattress factory).

Each place had a memory foam option that we tried and my wife and I both clearly favored latex mattresses over memory foam. There is a distinctly different feel.

So what’s the next step? I think we will decide between the Mattress Factory’s Dunlop core with 2" Talalay layers on each side and Sleep Craft’s single layer 100% Talalay N3 density. If the mattress factory unit is as it was described (100% Talalay comfort layers and 100% Dunlop core) then I will likely go that route. I would also like to find out more about whether layering latex is a bad idea.