WARNING: Select Foam has been removed from the TMU membership list

Hello All,

As many of you know I posted a link to a caution some time ago about purchasing from Select Foam in the online lists that include them because too many of the members here that purchased from them have experienced delays in their orders, delays in issuing refunds, and other after sales service issues where they have been non responsive, difficult or impossible to reach, and they have certainly not worked hard enough to resolve their customer’s issues in a timely manner. This is not the type of service and commitment that I would expect from the members of this site.

Over the course of the last few weeks I have noticed additional instances of the same type of poor after sales service and delays and lack of response and communication and there appears to be a growing number of outstanding issues that haven’t been resolved. As I have done many times in the past … I talked with Matt (the owner) to let him know that this was unacceptable and he told me he was just getting on a plane and promised to look into all the outstanding issues that have been mentioned on the forum and get back to me so that I could have some assurance that they would be quickly resolved. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and I am still waiting for a return phone call (see posts #23 and #25 here).

In addition to this … since a recent change in their suppliers there is now also some question about whether the quality/density of the memory foam that they are advertising on their website is what they are actually using in their mattresses and toppers and I would also want reliable confirmation that the density of their foam materials is described correctly (see post #7 here).

Overall … I am very concerned about their lack of customer service and delays and I am also concerned that these growing issues and delays may be symptomatic of possible financial issues with their company and I would encourage the members here to avoid them completely until it becomes clear that they have resolved their customer service issues, that the foam densities that they are listing in their mattresses are correct, and that their company is healthy.

Given their continuing pattern of poor customer service and delays … I have decided to terminate their membership here because I no longer believe that they “compete well with the best in the industry” in terms of their quality, value, AND service or are truly committed to solving the ongoing issues that they are experiencing.

For those that have already made a purchase, I would also strongly consider cancelling your order and if they aren’t able to provide an immediate refund (within 48 hours) I would also strongly consider opening a dispute with your credit card or with paypal (depending on how you paid) because of the additional risk that could be involved in completing your purchase if these issues are a “symptom” of financial issues as well.

I am certainly very disappointed to have to take this action because as a company they have always had real potential but their strengths as a company have been overwhelmed by their weaknesses and their inability to resolve them and giving them more time to resolve their issues is no longer a feasible option. At some point the elastic stops stretching … and breaks.

NOTE ADDED: They now seem to have gone out of business.


PS: I have made this post a sticky post so it will appear at the top of the forum (in the index view) and I will leave it there for a couple of weeks so that anyone that is considering a purchase from them will be sure to see it.

What a shame and sorry to hear that. I’m sure you agonized over this decision for quite some time but they only have themselves to blame for this.
Thank you for putting the integrity of this forum first and foremost.

Hi GW208,

Yes I did … but over time and multiple conversations it became more and more clear that it was the only right thing to do. Promises to improve and resolve outstanding issues in a timely manner need to be kept.

Thanks for the kind words and support … I appreciate it!


Appreciate what you did to keep the integrity of this website.

Hi oscarspaz,

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is disappointing to read. We ordered a Regalis mattress from them a few months ago and were planning on exchanging it for the Cirrus Luxe. This wasn’t any fault of theirs; I just didn’t realize I needed a much softer mattress until I tried the corresponding Tempurpedics in store.

While I did experience much of the shenanigans with customer service, I was looking forward to exchanging because it does still seem like they ship a quality product despite their lackluster customer service.

At this point, if you strongly recommend we get a refund instead, can someone recommend a suitable alternative? We’re looking for a memory foam mattress comparable to Tempurpedic’s Cloud Luxe: https://www.tempurpedic.com/tempur-cloud-collection/tempur-pedic-tempur-cloud-luxe.asp


Hi chrismv48,

They certainly used to ship a quality product and it’s possible that they still do but at the very least I would want confirmation that the foam densities that they list on their site are correct. The only way to do this would be to know the correct weight of the mattress so you can calculate what the mattress “should weigh” and compare it to what the mattress actually weighs.

At least some of their law tags appeared to show that the weight of the mattress was lower than it should be (see post #7 here) but their supplier (FXI) also indicated that the law tag was incorrect and that they needed to correct them (see the PS at the end of post #17 here).

If you can confirm that the Cirrus Luxe is the correct weight (they could send you a picture of a corrected law tag to confirm this before you did the exchange) then at least you could be confident that the densities are correct and that the materials are still good quality/density so the only risk you would be taking would involve the exchange process itself and your confidence that the Cirrus Luxe would be a good “match” for you in terms of PPP…

The mattress shopping tutorial includes a link to a list of some of the better online memory foam options I’m aware of (in the optional online step) and several of them make good quality mattresses that are designed to be reasonable approximations of many of the Tempurpedic mattresses (including the Cloud Luxe) which would be well worth talking to and considering.

If you want to include local options in your research as well then if you let me know your city or zip code I’d be happy to let you know about the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area as well.


Hi Pheonix,

Thanks for the quick response!

My zip code is 10001 (Manhattan). We’ve already visited quite a few of the stores here, but maybe you know of some we’ve missed.

In the meantime, I’ll ask Select Foam to send a picture of the law tag.

Hi chrismv48,

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in and around the NYC region (subject to making sure that any mattress you are considering meets your individual criteria and the quality/value guidelines here) are listed in post #2 here.

It will be interesting to see if they have been “corrected”.


Hi Phoenix,

So I decided to do the same calculation you did in this post with the Regalis Luxe. This would be another data point which we can use to determine whether Select Foam’s listed attributes are accurate.

Unfortunately, the results are inconclusive:

The weight of the Regalix Luxe Queen size mattress should be:

Top layer = 60 x 80 x 1.5 / 1728 x 7.2 = 30lb
Middle layer = 60 x 80 x 2.5 / 1728 x 5.3 = 36.8lb
Bottom layer = 60 x 80 x 9 /1728 x 1.8* = 45lb (note that the bottom layer density is not listed on the website, so I’m using your 1.8lb density estimate from the above linked posted)
Total weight = 111.8lb

Now this is where things get weird. The weight according to the law tag is 62.7lb, and the weight according to FedEx is 133lbs. 62.7lb seems way too low to be accurate to me, so I’m inclined to think the true weight is maybe 130lbs if you deduct a few pounds for packaging from the FedEx weight. The remaining ~19lb variance could be due to the bottom layer being denser than 1.8lbs.

So this seems to support the claim that the law tags are wrong. The only thing that seems suspicious was when I measured the individual layers on the mattress; the top layer was closer to 1" than 1.5". Probably not enough to get upset about though.

Please let me know if you see anything off about my calculations/conclusions!

I’ll still try to get a picture of the law tag for the Cirrus Luxe before they send it when I speak with them tomorrow.

Hi chrismv48,

Your calculations are right except the base layer of the Regalis is 8" which would result in a total weight that was 5 lbs less (using 1.8 lbs density) or a total of 106.8 lbs so this supports that the law tags are incorrect.

I used 1.8 lbs as a minimum because they don’t list the density that they are currently using for the base foam but they were using base foam that was more than 2.0 lbs previously (in some cases as much as 2.5 lbs) which would make up some of the difference as well (if the base foam is 2.5 lbs it would be an additional 15.55 lbs) which along with the weight of the wool fire barrier and the cover and possibly the packaging would make the shipping weight close to the calculated weight of the mattress (which is good to see).

If the layer was thinner then the foam density would need to be slightly higher to come to the same weight. As you mentioned it probably wouldn’t make a great deal of difference (although of course I would prefer to see accurate specs so there are no “annoying” discrepancies.

That would be great :slight_smile: Hopefully they have been corrected.


Just an update from my post here about Select Foam.

It took about 2 weeks for PayPal to investigate and refund my money. Around day 16 I saw the refunded amount back on my credit card. I am just glad it was rather painless creating a dispute with PayPal. I didn’t wait for the case to resolve before ordering a new latex topper from KTT Enterprises. Nancy was very helpful and willing to fulfill my order asap. I got my topper in less than a week; a big difference! I highly recommend KTT Enterprises.

Hi Byte,

Thanks for the update … and it’s great to see that you were able to receive your refund from Paypal.

I certainly agree with your thoughts about KTT as well.


Thanks for managing this site. I was very close to selecting a Select Foam mattress for purchase this week. I was doing some research and liked the reviews that I read about the bed. Then I started reading complaints in regards to the customer service aspect of their business. While quality/performance is great in the product you are purchasing you need to also have the customer service aspect as well because that impacts the business the most. You have a good experience and you might tell one or two people. If you have a bad experience you will tell 10 people. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I am now at a loss for what to buy. I am new to this site so I will need to read up on the information. Any recommendations on another mattress similar to Select Foam’s products but better suited in the customer service side?

Hi Getblitzed,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! and I’m glad you found us.

My reply in post #2 here to another member earlier today would be the same as my reply to you as well.

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding … and of course any other comments or questions you may have along the way.


Hey Getblitzed,

I was in a similar situation except I had already ordered and received the mattress and was instead deciding if I should return for a refund or exchange it. The mattress was too firm and it was my fault for selecting it (long story).

Anyways, I experienced many of the same customer service issues (mostly just difficulties getting in touch with them) but after considering all my options, I still decided to go with the exchange. This is due to 2 main factors: 1) While their customer service is bad, I don’t think it’s because they are trying to be malicious/irresponsible. I think they are just very busy and poorly organized/lack systems that many bigger companies have. Any time I’ve actually gotten them on the phone, it’s actually been a pretty pleasant experience. 2) There just weren’t that many comparable options available online in terms of quality. Many of the other memory foam sites use lower density foams and/or lacked the variety that Select Foam offers.

Now I’m waiting for the new mattress to be shipped (fingers crossed it’ll be here next week) and I fully plan on posting to summarize my thoughts on this experience after everything is concluded. But thought this update could be useful in guiding your decision in the meantime.

Thanks for the information. I can appreciate your comments in regards to the service issue that they are most likely experiencing. Can you tell me which mattress you ordered initially and which one you exchanged it for?

Hi Getblitzed,

While I would agree with you that I don’t believe they are trying to be “malicious” and that they can be helpful when you do reach them on the phone … after many long and “direct” conversations with their ownership over the years and with their history of delays and more recently their lack of willingness to follow up and resolve issues in a timely manner (especially when it comes to after sales service or refunds) … I think their issues run much deeper than just being busy or being poorly organized or lacking systems that larger companies have and are connected with more deeply rooted and persistent issues that are part of the company culture itself and their ongoing and consistent tendency to overpromise and underdeliver and the inability or unwillingness of their ownership to “fix” some of the obvious issues that they have experienced over the years.


I ordered the Regalis and am exchanging for the Cirrus Luxe. When I was initially testing mattresses, I completely ignored soft mattresses because I had it in my head I needed a medium/firm mattress. I was wrong :slight_smile:

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