Need cooler, but not softer

Wish I had known this site before buying a Serta Icomfort Savant (Full) 2 ys ago. Unfortunately, I can’t throw it out just yet, I need to get another year or so out of it. It’s too soft and too hot.

Right now I use a cotton mattress pad and cotton sheets (because they fit an 11" mattress)

I am roasting in this bed. I wake up at 2, 3 or 4am and can’t find a cool spot.

I’ve been reading about latex toppers and wool mattress pads, but most of the reviews I read says the wool is not cooler, and the latex makes the bed softer. Summer is coming and I have to do something or start sleeping on the floor.

Thanks for your time on this.

Hi organizer,

There are a number of things that can affect the sleeping temperature on a mattress (not the least of which is where you are in the “oven to iceberg” range) and there is more about the many variables that can affect temperature regulation and sleeping temperature in post #2 here.

The best way to track down where temperature issues are coming from would be to look at all the layers between your skin and the floor to see if any of them could be contributing to the temperature issue. Layers or materials that are closer to you and are more breathable and allow for more moisture wicking will help with temperature regulation issues while layers that allow for less airflow or moisture wicking that are closer to you can make them worse.

Your sheets are cotton so this shouldn’t be an issue unless they are a very high thread count which could make them warmer. Linen sheets are probably the coolest sleeping type of fabric but they can also be costly. I don’t know if you are using a mattress protector (or if you are using the cotton mattress pad to protect the mattress) but the “membrane type” of protectors can also affect temperature by restricting airflow through the top layers of the mattress. I would also check your cotton mattress pad to see if it is only cotton or whether there are other materials inside it (and only the cover is cotton) because this could contribute to temperature issues as well. There is more about how different types of mattress protectors can affect sleeping temperature in post #89 here. Finally the next layers down would normally be the mattress itself which includes the cover and the top layers of foam.

Your blankets and bedding and the temperature or humidity of the room can also make a difference if there are no layers underneath you that can be changed that are part of the underlying cause of the temperature issue.

If none of this solves the issue then softer or thicker layers of foam in the comfort layers can also be more insulating and it may just be that the memory foam in your mattress is so soft and thick (it has 4.75" of memory foam and an additional inch of "comfort foam) that you are sinking into it more deeply than a firmer mattress and the memory foam is more insulating around you (and it also has “regular” memory foam in the top layer) and this is part of the normal properties of memory foam so it may never be “cool” enough for you without some additional “help”.

Wool is among the best temperature regulating materials but I would also keep in mind that it regulates temperature in both directions (it’s used in the desert and also in cold climates because of this) so while it may not feel “cool” … it generally doesn’t feel “hot” either and it also helps to regulate moisture (which can trap heat) and reduce the perception of temperature that comes from higher humidity levels (similar to how temperatures feel cooler on less humid days than they do on more humid days). Wool may also reduce the amount of heat that reaches the memory foam so it can also firm up the memory foam or at least slow down the time it takes to become softer with body temperature.

In general latex is a more breathable foam than memory foam but no foam material is as temperature regulating as natural fibers so it’s “coolness” would be relative to other types of foam. Some people that are more of an “oven” will also sleep warm if they sleep directly on soft latex with no natural fibers or other breathable materials above the latex (or with a mattress protector that impedes airflow).

Other than this … materials (mattress pads or protectors) that are “more” breathable and temperature regulating that what you have in any of your upper layers (particularly natural fibers or rayon/viscose types of fibers), changing your blankets or the bedding above you, or changing the temperature and/or humidity of the room; more “active” methods of temperature regulation (such as the Chilipad here) can be a solution but outside of something like the Chilipad there may be no perfect solution that can be as “cooling” as you hope within the limitations of your current memory foam mattress.

It would also be worth mentioning that your face and head is also a major part of how your body regulates temperature and a cooler pillow can sometimes make a surprising difference in how warm you sleep as well.


just ordered the Natura wool mattress pad….will let you know how this goes.


Hi organizer,

I’m looking forward to your feedback. Which one did you order (Natura has several wool mattress pads)?


the washable, non organic, cotton covered one…

Well, that lasted one night, just returned it. now will try a latex topper…will struggle with 1" vs 2" and which firmness to get…

Hi organizer,

Just out of curiosity … what was the reason you didn’t like it and returned it (“feel”, temperature etc).


didn’t fit the bed, scratchy, even through a mattress pad, and I still sunk into the" trench"… however, out of desperation, I just did something interesting…I turned the mattress upside down and have been sleeping on the foam core bottom portion of the mattress…so far, have slept through the night 3 nights now…it’s pretty firm but not nearly as hot and there is no trench! I am debating on adding at least 1" of latex to soften it just a bit, but need to study the forum some more…I am afraid that 2" will make it too jiggly/soft…then of course there is the IDL of the latex, gosh this is complicated stuff!

Hi organizer,

I didn’t realize that your mattress had a “trench” (and a topper isn’t an effective way to “fix” soft spots or impressions because they will just follow the dip underneath them) but turning your mattress over will give you a firmer sleeping surface and you would also be sleeping on polyfoam which is generally not as warm as memory foam so both of these may be helping with temperature. There is more about possible solutions for a mattress that is too soft in post #4 here (including the solution you discovered).

Once you have slept on your mattress for long enough to know “how much” more softness and pressure relief you believe you need then post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to may be helpful in choosing a topper that has the best chance of working well for you.

Thanks for the update.


Final result…bought 1" talalay celsion from sleep like a bear…so sleeping on the firm core with 1" seems perfect for me. The question will be how long the foam core will stay firm. But now I have a much better understanding of how to find or build a mattress for me in the future. Thank you!

Hi organizer,

The quality/density of the foam core will make a difference in durability with only 1" of latex on top of it and 1.5 lb polyfoam is not the best quality but regardless of how long it ends up lasting at least you will be sleeping better for as long as it does and you’ve extended the useful life of the mattress at a much lower cost than replacing it … and made the best out of a difficult situation.

Thanks for the final update … and it’s good to hear that things are working out well for you :).


I had this problem too but i realized I was sleeping on very hot sheets and changed them to summer cotton sheets and they were cooler indeed. Have you tried that? I have heard latex works too. Hope you figure something out soon!!

Hi Stephnell,

Celsion (AKA Talalay GL fast response) is Talalay latex that has phase change gel added to it.

Based on organizer’s last post … It sounds like their problem is solved :slight_smile:


phoenix there is no Chilipad on the link you provided…do you know if it is still being manufactured or is it on this site with another name?

Hi mcp85718.

Thanks for asking… I just updated the link to Chilipad in the previous posting. They are offered on the manufacturer website Chilipad Cube here) and Amazon as some more “active” methods of temperature regulation.

Keep cool! :slight_smile:


Chilipad does not do anything about condensation buildup.
You should consider modifying your existing mattress. It will cost about $20 total.

When it gets really hot in Summer and AC is straining, I use Chinese topper made of twigs.
Google: “rattan mattress topper”
It goes right on top of the memory foam topper. Instead of a bed sheet.

The rattan topper takes some time to get used to. But it’s quite enjoyable. It’s uncomfortable, just different. I am guessing rattan is better than bamboo tiles type. It has great temperature conductivity properties and it’s fairly flexible.