latex! best value with a low budget

So after reading what probably amounts to a short novel full of information here between the main informational postings and reading others’ specific questions and answers & conducting countless (and less helpful) internet searches, I decided I need to go ahead and make my own posting, hoping to get some focus in the VERY confusing world of mattress shopping.

I am currently looking at some formulation of latex, preferably as much natural as I can afford. I am about 5’8 and 150, partner is 6’3 and 230. We both probably like something in the medium range, I think I would probably like something a little on the softer side of medium. Both are side sleepers majority of the time and change position somewhat often over the course of a night. I have pretty much ruled out anything larger than a queen for cost reasons, and don’t think we could reasonably be comfortable sharing a full. So queen size it is… I am somewhat concerned with off-gassing and also certain materials common in memory foam/ conventional bedding which is what led me towards natural latex. If cost were not a factor, I would probably prefer an all organic mattress… but what is currently also making my search difficult is operating from a limited budget that realistically would max out around $1,200 give or take a little, but ideally would much rather stay under the thousand mark. But the more I search the more I realize that is probably not very realistic when all the elements are factored in, so I am open to compromising or making trade offs where it seems most logical.

I am currently located in the 67502 area code, close to Wichita. When I first began my search I was looking into promotional sales in the area for this month… but some of those I’ve seen are at the mattress chains and I have since realized I would still probably not be getting much value with much of what was offered…

With all that being said I am looking for some guidance as far as brands and local vs. internet shopping. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi jlc110689,

Realistically your budget is a little on the low side for an all latex mattress that would fit your budget and body type outside of some of the thinner versions with less latex (which may not work as well for you with your heavier body type) or perhaps Dunlop with a higher percentage of synthetic latex. You are in the budget range of a latex hybrid though that includes latex comfort layers over a polyfoam (or perhaps an innerspring) support core which may be well worth considering. The tutorial post has a list of the members here which sell latex or latex hybrid mattresses online and if you are comfortable with an online purchase it may be well worth looking at their websites and talking with the ones that meet your criteria.

You can see my thoughts about the “fake sales” that are so common in the industry and that only change versions and never really end in post #5 here. Better retailers and manufacturers have good value available every day of the year.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Wichita area are listed in post #2 here and the post it links to.

Brand comparisons are mostly meaningless because outside of testing a mattress for PPP … a mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it and all manufacturers draw from a common pool of material suppliers and have a range of lower and higher quality mattresses. I would also tend to avoid most of the largest brands you would recognize anyway.

The tutorial post also has a link to more information about the pros and cons of buying locally vs online (in the optional step about buying online) but regardless of which direction you choose it’s always a good idea to do some local testing as a reference point to get a better sense of the types or mattresses and materials you tend to do best with and prefer.


In your price range
Spindle has one here.
Mattresses 24/7 has one (EDIT: this is no longer a available).
Ikea has two. I hear that they are firm though.
There may be others also.

What’s the best? More of the question is what would work for you?

Hi jlc110689 and jankdc,

There are also a few other latex or latex hybrid options that may be worth considering in your budget range of $1200 or less (queen size).

SleepEZ has several options here
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Arizona Premium Mattress has some options here and here and here

Flexus has a dual sided and dual firmness latex mattress here.

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My Green Mattress has an all latex and a latex/pocket coil hybrid here My Green Mattress

Sleep On Latex has two latex mattresses here.

Sedona Sleep has a two piece polyfoam/Talalay latex base mattress/topper combination here

Latex Mattress Factory has a 7" latex mattress here.

Lake Mattress has some options here
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Plushbeds has an option here

Dreamfoam (has a better comfort guarantee and a 10% discount) has some latex hybrid options (with polyfoam or innersprings)
to add to jankdc’s list of all latex or latex hybrid options that are in your budget range.


NOTE ADDED: Spindle no longer carries their 7" two layer Blue Shoal mattress (which had two 3" layers of latex and a wool quilted cover and was inside your budget range) but they do have a 10" mattress (which includes three 3" layers of latex and a wool quilted cover) although it is higher than your budget range.


Thank you guys for all this info & such speedy replies. Going to begin to take a look at some of the suggestions and links, soon enough also try and get to a few local places. And hopefully begin to narrow down what I’m looking for! I am sure without many of the detailed postings & resources on this site I would be completely lost in this so I’m very glad to find this forum!!

I have visited both Sleep EZ and AZ Premium Mattresses this past week and they both are easy to work with, no pressure, just good education. I would suggest doing a search in this forum on the companies you are looking at working with. You will get a good idea of their customer service and quality.

Good luck.

It seems that spindle is no longer offering their synthetic mattresses for sale. It’s a shame, I thought that they were a good value.

The end of our synthetic latex blend.

Hi jankdc,

I agree that they were a good quality and value mattress and it’s unfortunate to see it go but it can be difficult to change some of the preconceptions of consumers or “fight” so much of the contradictory information on the internet even if it’s not completely accurate.

I had a long conversation with Neal about this along the same lines of the page you posted and I had to go back over the previous forum posts that referred to their synthetic latex mattresses to add a note that they were now only offering the 100% natural (except in their toppers where they still sell the synthetic).

I also changed your link in post #3 of this topic and it now links to their 7" Shoal since I often use it as a reference for those that are looking for lower budget latex or latex hybrid mattresses.


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