Looking for foam mattress. Budget: Under $600

Height: 6’1
Weight: 190-200 lbs
Size: Queen
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Budget: Under $600
Current Mattress: full size Sealy Posterpedic Preferred Cason Bay Firm, anyone have stats on this? It was passed down to me.

I’ve been having some tight hip flexor pain and trouble sleeping with my old mattress, which has developed a bit of a sag.

My current budget is capped at about $600, with the top contender being the DreamFoam latex hybrid on Amazon (http://amzn.com/B00CP85P7I), however I’d prefer something a bit cheaper as I’d have to get a new foundation and sheets along with it

I’m also looking at the DreamFoam 12-in-1 (http://amzn.com/B00JGBXWVI), which I’ve heard has quality +2 lbs. poly for it’s layers. Does anyone know if this is still true? Because I believe the latex hybrid changed it’s support foam down from +2 to 1.5 lbs.

Would the DreamFoam 10-inch also be viable? (http://amzn.com/B00EPRCAVG). I am unsure of the quality/density of the 2.5" of memory foam. It is around the same price as the 12-in-1 and comes with 2 pillows as opposed to the TMU single pillow bonus. I would be hesitant to jump on this one since the 12-in-1 is customizable in case I needed something firmer.

I have crossed out the Sleep Innovation mats, Signature Sleep mats, Lucid mats, Costco Novaform, Bodipedic, and all the ones I’ve read (from this forum) that use sub-par quality foam (using Phoenix’s >1.8 poly and >=4 lbs memory standards). My budget also eliminates many options :frowning: I’d love to eventually dive into DIY mattresses, but that is for another day I guess.

I’m basically looking for more frugal options for a firm foam mattress under $600 that I could consider. Do I have to stick with mainly e-comm sites?

Thank you for any advice. This forum has helped me so much.

Hi jfmugen,

[quote]My current budget is capped at about $600, with the top contender being the DreamFoam latex hybrid on Amazon (amzn.com/B00CP85P7I), however I’d prefer something a bit cheaper as I’d have to get a new foundation and sheets along with it

I’m also looking at the DreamFoam 12-in-1 (amzn.com/B00JGBXWVI), which I’ve heard has quality +2 lbs. poly for it’s layers. Does anyone know if this is still true? Because I believe the latex hybrid changed it’s support foam down from +2 to 1.5 lbs.[/quote]

Both of these would be good quality/value options and would certainly be durable choices at your weight (the comfort layers are the most important factor in the durability of a mattress unless you are heavy enough to “go through” the comfort layers and compress the support layers more in which case I would choose a higher density polyfoam support core than 1.5 lbs but you are not in a weigh range where this would be a major consideration).

I don’t know the density of the memory foam in this mattress either so that would be the biggest factor if I was considering this mattress. I would personally tend to choose either the 12 in 1 customizable mattress or the Ultimate Dreams latex because latex is certainly more durable than the memory foam that they would likely be using and the 12 in 1 also uses 2 lb polyfoam which would likely also be a more durable material and has the additional benefit of being able to replace just a single layer instead of the complete mattress if this becomes necessary. While it would depend on the density of the memory foam in this mattress … I would only tend to choose a memory foam mattress in this budget range if cost was the biggest consideration over all the other parts of your personal value equation that are important to you and there was no way I could comfortably afford a mattress that was in a little higher budget range and durability was a less important consideration. I would also keep in mind that this mattress has only a single comfort option which may or may not be suitable for you while both of the other two can be customized to your preferences (the Ultimate Dreams latex before a purchase by choosing the firmness level of the latex and the 12 in 1 after a purchase by rearranging the layers).

My main focus would be on the quality of the materials in a mattress and the knowledge and experience of the retailer/manufacturer and their ability to help you choose a mattress that is a good match for you in terms of PPP. e-comm sites are certainly not your only option if there are also mattresses available to you locally that meet your criteria.


Do you know how the Tuft and Needle 5/10" compare to the DreamFoam 12-in-1 in terms of quality of materials? I just started reading up on the T&N Diary thread and it seems they also use 3 layers of 2+ lbs poly, so I have added it to my short list of contenders.

The T&N mat is about $100 more for the 10". How would a person of my weight handle the 5" option? Would I perceive the thinner mattress as ‘firmer’ since I would penetrate the upper layers and feel more of the firmer support layer?

Also, how does the durability compare between 5" and 10"? Would I put more wear on a 5" faster than I would a 10"?

In your personal opinion, would you say the 12-in-1 would be a safer bet compared to the TN? Due to the option of layer replacement and firmness manipulation. Also, can you think of any more foam options for me comparable to the ones I listed in my $4-600 price range?

Thanks for all your help Phoenix. :smiley:

Hi jmfugen,

Post #2 here should help to compare them.

Tuft & Needle uses 1.8 - 2 lb polyfoam while the Dreamfoam 12 in 1 customizable mattress uses 2 lb polyfoam so they are close in terms of the quality of the materials. (ADDED: see this topic for information about Tuft & Needle’s new design).

The Tuft & Needle is a firmer mattress that doesn’t have any options to customize it after a purchase (other than adding a topper) so it would be an “all or nothing” choice but they have a great return policy which allows their customers to try it and then decide whether it’s a good “match” for them in terms of PPP.

A component mattress also has the option to replace just a single layer down the road (softer comfort layers will tend to be less durable than the deeper support layers) instead of replacing the whole mattress.

In “theory” yes but they are designed to be very similar. They would be the best source of information about this since I’ve never felt either of them.

You would be compressing the 5" mattress to a greater percentage of its thickness so once again “in theory” the 10" would probably be just a little more durable although the difference may not be all that meaningful in “real life”.

The 12 in 1 can be customized to fit a wider range of body types, sleeping positions, and preferences so from that perspective it would be a “safer” bet that had a higher chance of finding a configuration that worked well for you. The Tuft and Needle can’t be customized and is an “all or nothing” choice that would be most suitable for those who preferred a firmer polyfoam mattress but if it isn’t a good match for you then it has a great return option so from that perspective it would be a “safer” bet. When you are down to final choices that are between “good and good” it would really depend on your conversations with each of them and on which one you believe would be the best match for you based on of the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

Outside of local options (and I would need to know your city or zip code to link you to the forum list that is closest to you), using a $600 upper limit in queen (mattress only), I took a quick look at the lists that are linked in the tutorial post and while I may have missed some …

Flexus has a number of innerspring mattresses (not all foam and shipping would be extra with some).

Sedona Sleep sells a polyfoam base mattress

www.addable.com/ sells a memory foam mattress.

Nest Bedding has their Love & Sleep mattress.

DouglasBed From site member Novosbed. Canadian-only. Memory foam over polyfoam layer and polyfoam base.

Christeli has one memory foam option

Some of the mattresses from Ikea may also be worth considering (see post #3 here and the posts it links to)

There are also some lower budget latex and latex hybrid options that are listed in posts #3 and #4 here that are in “relatively” lower budget ranges (although some of these may be more than your budget).

Some of the new “simplified choice mattresses” that are also in relatively low budget ranges (from $600 to $1000 queen size) are also listed in post #2 of this topic and may also be worth considering as well although most of them are also more than your budget range.


Maybe I should post this in the 12-in-1 thread, but I had a quick question on the arranging of layers. So there are three 3"? (not sure how thick) layers of 2 lbs poly with various levels of firmness. And as I understand it, firmness is not related to density, instead density correlates to quality?

So to get the firmest arrangement of the 12-in-1, I would put Firm/Med/Soft (from top to bottom) as well as use the firmer cover side on top. Is this correct? How would it feel if it was F/S/M?

Anyway, my main question is:

I usually see firmer foams in the base/support layer and a softer foam for the comfort layer. How would the arrangement of the F layer on top of the softer foams affect the wear or durability? Would the M and S layers be heavily compressed under the F?

Would I be able to get the 12-in-1 to the same level of firmness as the T&N mattress (which many people say is quite firm)? I guess that might be impossible to answer, but could I compare ILDs or something?

Sorry for these stupid questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi jfmugen,

Yes. The density of foam is the biggest factor in its durability but any density can be made in a wide range of softness/firmness levels.

This would depend on whether you are talking about “pressure relief” firmness or “support firmness” because there are different types of softness and firmness (see post #15 here). The F/M/S layering would have the firmest “feel” or “pressure relief” firmness but the support layers would be on the softer side. They also have some examples of different arrangements in the description here which may be helpful. I don’t have any personal experience with the mattress so I don’t know how any of the arrangements would feel for me (much less how it would feel for someone else) and people with different body types, sleeping positions, or sensitivities may have a very different experience or describe the same arrangement very differently. The F/S/M would be a little softer as far as pressure relief and a little firmer in terms of support.

Foam in the deeper layers will compress less than the same foam in the upper layers of a mattress because some of the pressure would be absorbed by the layers above it so a softer layer on the bottom of a mattress will compress less and likely be more durable than the same layer on top of a mattress. Firmness/softness is a secondary durability factor and there is also more in post #4 here about the many variables that can affect the durability and useful life of a mattress relative to different people.

In most cases I think that most people would use the soft as one of the top two layers but probably not on the bottom.

Even if you did know the ILD’s of all the layers in each mattress the softness/firmness of a mattress depends on other factors as well (see post #4 here). I really don’t know how they would compare in terms of “feel” but the top layers of the Tuft & Needle would be softer than the support layers and probably softer than the firmer layers in the 12 in 1 as well.


Thanks! I will look through those links.

It looks like they just adjusted the Amazon description page, those configuration diagrams were not there before. A couple days ago it was shipped and sold through Dreamfoam (so I would be able to get the free TMU bonus pillow), but it looks like it is now sold through Amazon (I guess that would remove the pillow, but I’d gain a better return policy through Amazon).

Hi jfmugen,

I just noticed them as well.

Their Ultimate Dreams latex is fulfilled by both Amazon and Dreamfoam so customers can choose but I’ve only seen the 12 in 1 customizable fulfilled through Dreamfoam. It is also available directly through the Dreamfoam site which also has a 45 day comfort guarantee and may also have a discount available as well (you can check with them or their facebook page here).


The 12-in-1 King, Full, and Twin look to be sold through DreamFoam still, but it looks like the Queen size is now default shipped and sold through Amazon, although there IS the option to select to ship from DreamFoam on the sidebar.

Hi jfmugen,

I hadn’t noticed that before … nice catch!

The Dreamfoam fulfilled version is also $8.76 less :slight_smile:

I guess that any of their customers that are ordering a Queen would have the option to choose either one.