Anyone have recommendations on pillows? Brands? I’ve always used the cheapo pillows that you have to double up as they flatten out easily.

Something inexpensive. Stopped by Sleep Outfitters that had a chopped memory foam pillows for $25. I didn’t notice any strange smells, though it had been out as a display model. Not used to the memory foam feel, but that one at Outfitters seemed like I’d only need one to sleep on. Not sure if there are good regular pillows or good latex pillows.

Was at the local super box store and looked at their memory foam pillows and noticed when opening the package they had a real strange smell as I’ve heard can/does happen with memory foam.

Hi jasonsmith,

Beyond the basic “needs” of a pillow which is to make sure your head and neck is in good alignment in all your sleeping positions … the choice of a pillow is even more of a preference issue than a mattress.

The pillow thread here though may be helpful.